Dyno Bay Gets Insulated! Looks So Different!

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    In this episode, we get down to business and get working on the shop. We insulate it and start getting the dyno bay set up so that we can get the noise down. huge shout out to you all for your support and the guys that jumped in to help!
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    1. pFbSpecV

      It looks awesome!!! Big upgrade to the shop!

    2. Ruben Braekman

      Won't the drywall cause even more echo? 😅

    3. Poole's Performance


    4. Barry scarlett


    5. QUAP TROT

      What’s the R value of that rigid foam

    6. Deaconphish

      If you can dodge this hammer...

    7. ronald graham

      If you flip conoco, you gotta flip honda letter to say houpa. 🤣

    8. edgar ruiz

      Add double layers of drywall for optimal sound proofing

    9. Floppy Donger

      nice upgrade, but with the door i would have just cleaned up that concrete cut at the bottom and lowered that whole door right to floor height .

    10. Barnicle Bill Baxter

      GREAT JOB GUYS AND GALS ... Good friends make tough shit easier .... Love y'all

    11. Matt Constantino

      Shop rehab merch ? Put all the funds towards shop upgrades?

    12. the strip / Milwaukee WI car scene

      Did you guys use sound proof drywall if that a thing...

    13. kennyschopperz


    14. sewiv

      They're going to hate the light switches behind the door they flipped.

    15. AE20B Anthony Espinal

      good job guys!!

    16. Get me more BOOST

      "my wife's civic is the only thing i have with a muffler" i fucking love jamie

    17. John Z

      @12:42,, "don't fight it dude,, get a BIGGER hammer!"

    18. Matthew Meuleman

      do you own the bilding

    19. andrew stevens

      My wife looks over and says she could kill someone in that room and noone would hear lmao

    20. Alaskan Repairs

      We need to get Brent and the crew to 1m subs... Im so surprised hes not there, with the content quality he produces he should be easily.

    21. michael Honea

      I'm digging the new intro!

    22. Everyday DIY

      Looks great!

    23. Carl Skaggs

      Ceiling too!

    24. SlowV8Fiero

      Wherr is Pedro?

    25. R1100Srider

      There better be a camera on that door when Brittany walks in.

    26. VW Nut 67

      As someone from the UK, what does Annexing the building mean?

    27. Steven Sahai

      Where is the rehab s2000?!

    28. Kevin Keener

      Does anyone have an update on the s2000 project they were helping with?

    29. Asylumental

      I'm an insulator for trade, and I use that iso-board all the time, that shit itches worse than modern day pink insulation... and it hurts to paper cut yourself on that stiff fibre-paper on the top and bottom of the sheets... lol. Also that stuff is NOT cheap, I applaud you guys for going all out and going with some of the best material available... it is also waterproof, which is its made use, insulating behind pipes and sprinkler boxes, because its expensive so we minimize how much we use it lol (You should definitely use a knife to cut it and not a saw, as the debris it kicks off is pretty terrible for your lungs)

    30. Aaron Castro

      Poor hondaru.....

    31. cobrasvt347

      That's looking awesome 👍

    32. Thelma Hattingh

      i just heard the best line Brent said. "Team work make the dream work". wow its beautiful.

    33. Eric teipen

      Use egg crate foam on top of that stuff and you'll be amazed at the reduction in noise. I added egg crate foam inside our Moose Lodge social quarters "Bar" 120ft by 75ft and it's unreal how well it works... It's cheap too......You don't have to line the entire building just 50% or less on all 4 side walls and the ceiling. Try to use equal amounts.. I promise you that it'll be 80% quieter outside with the foam added......Don't waste your money on name brand "Acoustic foam" All they're doing is selling you egg crate foam at a jacked up price.....Hope you guys see this..........

    34. Rick Snell

      Boy in blue needs to take his hands out of his pockets.

    35. Aido Wilson

      Huge improvement guys! gonna look great when its all done

    36. The SJV Workshop

      Should have dropped the door to the bottom and filled the top brother 👌🏻🙂

    37. Will C

      Best intro on IRvision, always gets me going

    38. Chris Via

      ISO board stuff works great for sound and heat

    39. John Fletcher

      For your home shop if you don't think you'll have enough insulation to do the whole thing start at the top and work down. Insulation up top will help more than insulation on the bottom.

    40. Nacho Slave

      So now the curb appeal is a bunch of screw ends and rusty drip lines.

    41. Harryrcb

      Love your channel but have concerns for you and your boys. I have not seen or heard you mention exhaust fan system. It really important that you consider getting one. Every vid I watch I see exhaust fumes in the background. A friend of mine died from lung cancer working in a poorly ventilated shop. Please make sure that doesn’t happen to you guys. Keep up the good work

    42. Jody Meyer

      I bet you could feel it getting warmer in there as y’all got further along Hell yeah bro 😎 looks awesome

    43. Dub Tub

      looks great boys!

    44. Oscar Del Toro

      Insulated lungs so covid doesnt stick!!

    45. Boomscadeight

      12:50 "that looks pretty good" guy on left touches his butt thinking "what, this?"

    46. Alvin Ajong

      Bring the door down to to the floor and insulate the top if not Britney will still hear the noise.

    47. Nick Connors

      Looking great! Epoxy floor and graffiti murals on the garage doors interiors would finish it off nicely.

    48. Danny Evans

      I don’t know if anyone has addressed it, I’m also only half way in so I don’t know if you guys brought It up. Without seeing the building I don’t know for sure. But the panels on he exterior walls might have ran screws out the other side? Not a huge deal but might want to seal the screws. Or maybe not 🤷‍♀️😂 I’m sure the insulation will be nice either way

    49. Anthony Lee

      What about the ceiling

    50. Daniel Sumner

      Love seeing all your progress, onwards and upwards 👊🏼 super excited to see sho’nuff finished and rippin

    51. Joe Piscapo


    52. Ernie Leithes

      Great family always on hand to lend a hand.

    53. The Ed

      Quiet and keep the Colorado winter out

    54. Bobby Bentley

      Just paint that floor a bright grey.hell yeah

    55. Bilop Person

      Love watching all your videos from Australia mate. Keep it up and stay safe. PFI for days

    56. Jesse Godinez

      Pfi stick to cars Construction is not your cup of tea

    57. Hobbit Onsite

      I have never seen a dude's hair grow so fast.

    58. Mr. Fox 420

      What the name of the cat? It's so cute pony hair style

    59. ABeans07

      Do the ceiling

    60. Broo_sh

      Just Build Garage Cat a Little House In that Insulated so he can relax by him self time to time

    61. William T.

      I insulated my garage using the same kind of rigid foam board. The circ saw blade used to cut that foam is expensive at around $45.00 and I use a old hacksaw blade with some duct tape around one end to hold on to used to do finer trim work instead of a box knife. Good stuff and it goes up fast, lasts a long time. Your shop is looking rad now.

    62. Broo_sh

      Insulated in wall gonna make sounds also much better no more old garage echoboost

    63. Broo_sh

      ou yeah little shop work jiiihaaa

    64. echo man

      Itll be warmer as well",PUT A WOOD STOVE IN THEIR.

    65. Fool Ratio

      i must see this completed NOW!, my OCD is killing me Brent.

    66. Krid Selot

      is the insulation directly srewed to the outside wall? what system is used to hang em?

    67. Howard Lesner

      1:82 I stopped my work with the help of 𝐠 𝐫 𝐞 𝐚 𝐭 𝐞 𝐚 𝐬 𝐲 𝐩 𝐚 𝐲 . 𝐜 𝐨 𝐦 #great 0:92

    68. Tyrone Waughtal

      Plz epoxy the floors !! U will not regret it

    69. RedneckTipsByScott


    70. Saul Prokopavicius

      Now that's upgrading, chur and warmer :) thanks from me too for all your vids :) futuristic

    71. One Austin

      Get some boot dog. Those latter's are tuff with just shoes.

    72. Less Talk, More Delicious

      Love the cat!

    73. Seekquence Tuning

      @brent. What’s your thoughts on 10 gens ?

    74. jamie Stewart

      You guys deserve all the support to help you guys grow! Awesome guys!

    75. Goaty McGoatface

      the shop is gonna look totally different, all professional-like I can't wait to see what kind of art goes on these walls

    76. ramairgt2

      So rad to see this all coming together. Love shop overhauls and updates.

    77. Munch Kin

      Hondaru looks soo sad hanging out.

    78. Brandon

      Fun fact for Brent cus I know likes to be a knower of things. That insulation is made here at a manufacturing plant in DeForest, WI.

    79. Ajs garage

      Sam needs her own channel lol

    80. tyler238

      Damn that looks clean! Can you notice a big difference in noise now?

    81. patawic

      Dont forget to do the ceiling. It will definitely help as well.

    82. Allen L

      Great seeing Javie helping out, get that Island Civic back storming the strip.

    83. Aaron Hines

      If he already took out the jam for the door why didn’t he just move it down while he was at it?... that would have gotten rid of your huge gap at the bottom of your door

    84. Pablo Escarbar jr

      Sounds good too man amazing how it sounds through. Headphones

    85. California Riverside

      PFI " Home of the Really RAd Rides" I'd contribute to that cause.

    86. WXOOXDS09

      thick Rubber skirt maybe on bottom of door or foam siding?

    87. WXOOXDS09

      What kind of circle track stuff have you gotten into @brent

    88. WXOOXDS09

      Two step proofing the walls lol ggs

    89. Ronin

      bunch of Legends

    90. Cesar Hernandez

      Even the sound of your voice seems different inside the shop!

    91. Joel Dirnberger

      Why don't you just lower the whole door frame. Wouldn't it be easier to fill the gap above the frame than trying to add to the bottom of the door?

    92. Zentesuken

      Damn dude Brittney is kinda expensive

    93. Ronin

      you're welcome mate

    94. BOOSTED NZ

      Do those srew Pentwater to the outside how are they sealed up?

      1. BOOSTED NZ

        Oh ok cool thanks

      2. PFI Speed

        They don’t go through the wall just into some 2x6’s

    95. chris bear562chris

      the shop looks amazing

    96. james rodriguez

      That dyno room is gonna be a lot warmer also, good shit I love seeing the PFI crew keep on doing better and better

    97. CrazyAssPotter

      Jamie can say what he wants, we all know he flipped the door to punk his wife. Lol

    98. Null S

      @18:12 :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    99. Null S

      Great job, you should consider lining the roof above the dyno with sound deadening foam like they use in music rooms, or recording booths.

    100. brian meattey

      That's cool love it and allways nice to have the help when needed and ya got alot done for sure .godbless