This RedBull Civic is Going to Fly!

PFI Speed

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    We had cleetus and cars cancelled so we finished up things around the shop! The guys are working on the parking lot. Gordo, Goofybuilt Shane and Phong help me tune this wicked turbocharged v6 civic and it does not disappoint! Join us now and let’s go!! We also release the new merch!
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    1. Robbie Esplana

      Thanx much guys we are at a good starting point with 555whp -- relearn the car all over and come back for more power -- again i cant express how much i am grateful for u guys

      1. legoNerd01245

        will you post videos of it?

      2. Robbie Esplana

        @Big John most def i will

      3. Corey Sleap

        Cool car man.

      4. John Scripter

        Good to see you got PFI on the case. Been seeing it in the back ground for while now and was excited to see how it turned out.

      5. Big John

        btw throw some big rubber on it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    2. T Jeff Jenkins

      Nice work after the Cleetus butt-hook, thanks.

    3. 8Lives

      Brent I’m about to pick up a brand new fresh b20 with vtec any tips for break in period and do you do remote tuning? Would love to have you lay the foundation for my build

    4. curtis monday

      Anyone else hear that NEW turbos coming for the BULLY

    5. AjR

      Should never sensor ground to the Chassis. Why would you do that ? 11:12


      Didn't expect to hear time attack / road racing in that read bull civic. It doesn't look like it handles that well

    7. Noel Sooley

      3 day’s since the last video I’m going through withdrawals 😳

    8. Dr. Mantis Toboggan

      Nice car but why j series for time attack? Seems like B or K would keep car better balanced weight wise.

    9. Denis Teets

      Tom needs some pfi socks with thats awesome and lets get rad on them lol..

    10. Nathan Woods

      That car looks completely ridiculous...I love it.

    11. SickVick

      Now this is awesome 🤙🏼

    12. Goodballa

      2jz is one to many according to Beyonce.

    13. Doug Tond

      I can't help but think of this when you talk about your new shirt design 🤣

    14. Gas Par

      @PFI Brent. You went M.I.A. 2 days no video. I’m going three withdrawals!!! I need to see the Bully Running again. Please!!

    15. Alex Brooks

      #PFI 🔥 💪🏽 you guys should be the first one to come up with more j series support

    16. Jade Morris

      I feel like Shawn could weld the world back together. Good work Shawn you do some killer stuff brother

    17. AjR

      as someone else edited this video ? felt choppy

    18. Liten Fara

      Du U run the car in reverse gear on the dyno? I see U fixed it to the head.

    19. S N

      Damnnn Goofy sounding like a straight up Honda pro already! Good lad.

    20. jean luc Dubinator

      Id like see someone build a mid engined V6 civic.

    21. Tyler Jones

      Grinding everyday and still pumping out the vids! Everyone loves the PFI family!! Going to order a new shirt right now!

    22. Ben Packer

      That drone shot while on the dyno is killer!

    23. Samimightbe -

      Random but you need to hook up neutron engines k48 project

    24. Aaron Linder

      There are some simulators for drone flying where Gordo could get some practice without worrying about destroying the copter. Might be worth a try. Keep killing it all of you guys!

    25. Corey Sleap

      What’s the redline on the j?

    26. Corey Sleap

      Goofy with the knowledge.

    27. ReadySetGo

      hey guys james from ReadySetGo from ohio . i heard you say something about a 3000gt vr4 , well i have a few of them . i would like to come see u guys it to you guys so u can ckeck it out .

    28. Harold Hoyt

      Brent you the man

    29. xxrider69 This would be a great project for one of your hot rods

    30. Fabian Teka

      Why is my name in the seats tho😂👌

    31. Branden Childers

      Sorry pfi speed and everybody that the stupid weather ruined the cleetus and cars here in Texas this month. Our state just ain't used to y'all's weather lol😂. We're in the process of having to have our entire house re plumed inside and under🤦. won't have water for two weeks🤮. But hopefully the delay gives everyone a chance to catch up on a few things they thought they wouldn't get to bring out. Y'all are killing it as usual! My favorite channel and best group of guys ❤️🤘

    32. PHKJohnny Walker

      The #5 in Thai is "Ha" so we write 555 for Hahaha.. 😂 another quality vid boys...

    33. MR.WOLF's

      Tom is suuper baked!

    34. WXOOXDS09

      Put them pro fronts on the damn rings lettem eat

    35. WXOOXDS09

      I smell a little pro front grudge race coming at cleetus and cars lol

    36. Eric Marshall

      Brent I know you are so busy with you killer work but can you please take 5 minutes to help me out with a question about my build it's a 92 civic hatchback with a DZ6 and I please need some help with my injectors about my resistor box please if you could just take the time to help me it will be greatly appreciated it is 2:00 a.m. and I am currently watching one of your videos I religiously watch them but please I am asking you from one car guy to another for a couple quick questions about the resistor box for my injectors I am currently doing a 3582 turbo Vitara Pistons 75 mm bore Brian crowler springs stock cam block guard adjustable cam gear 70 mm throttle body a skunk2 performer intake if you could please take the time to either email me at or please call me 240-452-7600 I'm currently living in Martinsburg West Virginia and have been building this car for over a year saving and pinching every penny I have so I humbly ask you to please shoot me an email or give me a call please to help me out it would be greatly appreciated

    37. BighomieJ5x -

      I soooooooo wanna see what a C-Series would do in a civic 3.2 vs 3.2

    38. Ralph Menta

      Brent and Shane sound virtually identical. Like father like son...... Looks good fellas

    39. Ipalomares Palomares

      Hey Brett great job on everything you do very very motivational. Question im about 15 from your shop. Am I able to check it out

    40. Mitchell Price


    41. Jun_v

      Dog rod is good camera man!!!!

    42. Samuel Rubio

      Good lord. Shane .those glasses are thicker than my inpala 60 headlights😂😂

    43. Mike C

      I love the intro man! Shits groovy, Sets the vibe.

    44. NHKD

      That a beast of a ek civic

    45. brian meattey

      The red bull is a crushing veihicle she gonna rip but another great vid godbless

    46. Dolfie

      Shane's becoming a serious engine builder,nice job.

    47. Joe Bolognese

      MAN THIS IS AWESOME!! You guys are the greatest group of friends to watch on here!! I love the “ole heads” you guys are humble as hell, it’s so cool to literally see the Pro FWD Class all just sitting side by side, they look TOUGH! Hell yea guys love the content thank you to all of you!!

    48. Adam Chapman

      I always like the J series engine I know the rods are thin but easy fix.

    49. Gouin Loud

      "The calm before the storm" 😉👏

    50. Vince

      Sensor ground to chassis does not seem right at all... how did that not give issues?

    51. James Kendrick

      Ol phong knows them motors getter done goofy sounds good

    52. 9990 0000

      Damn i love you guys you guys are family❤👊🏾

    53. Call me Trent

      Sounded so much smoother and clean once the manifolds were welded shoo wee!

    54. Todd Weber

      I noticed in the video the alignment is way out. causing pulling to the right.

    55. Trey Griffin

      Dam he aint even press the gas and got 500+ 🥶

    56. Rich 6547

      Brent you should be a proud father goffey dose good work!

    57. Asuka Play

      WoW on the Red Bull civic

    58. Chevy Racer

      The Drone shot are awesome I love that view. Watching the car wiggle around Just the power. Very Cool! Thanks Gordo

    59. William Jericho

      I cant beleive they call dogrod fat like its his name, poor dude

    60. TheCheeseMan

      that car would driver alot better with a 4 cyc and not the heavy ass v6......on the road course....

    61. John Smith

      Mid mount that engine and it'll be even better

    62. Luke James

      Just droped a order for some pfi goodies. 2352🙋‍♂️🇦🇺

    63. Matt Brooks

      All the PFI Speed family working to make the shop run like a shop should! Then you have Phong and Tom who’s able to be around and man you never see those guys just standing around! To EVERYONE out that way stay warm guys!

    64. John Hagemeyer

      Goddamn I need that car in my life.

    65. JaH RaH

      Brent your awesome!

    66. Hartbeat 860


    67. 88wrongway

      Whatcha going do with that 1st generation Civic?

    68. James w

      Waiting for the "sauce boss" t shirt with a can of 100% bully approved PFI brand dyno sauce on it!

    69. Mark Norman

      12J - two J series inline or side by side would be hectic

    70. Do it for Brock 05 05 brock


    71. Chris Starnes

      Boys everyone knows the best white liquor or as you all call it moonshine is made here in NC mountains Wilks County to be exact

    72. Daryl Nicklen

      Good on you Dog Rod Finding that leak was the key to getting it right. Goofy Built, Brent Tuned, Gordo Fault Finder & Shawn Fabrication. Team PFI now " That's Awesome " Stepping it up at PFI you've always been fast but the quality finish on the cars has moved to another Level.

    73. Chilli Dude 911

      This is Awesome!

    74. StupidShetHead

      NO DJI INDOOR IDIOT! I fly and do this for a living.. trust me..

    75. indi grace

      Built by GoofyBuilt...tuned by Brent..nice work fella's and the Kodak moment was sweet..🔥❤️

    76. Rob Gieseke

      I live in Baton Rouge,how do y’all need ?

    77. joshs199

      I have a 03 J series Accord. And I'm building a 32 for it. Love your videos. 👍🤘

    78. ch3no2killz

      If your talking the "Twist" it would be "The Mashed Potatoes"! Hot Potato is a game, showing my age again )

    79. hyper

      V6 is rowdy in the tiny civic 😳😃

    80. G_Force

      What a nice guy Brent is... Encouraging his son and everyone around him.. true definition of a family man I reckon...

    81. Deonte Alexander

      I've seen many of this car's phases. The coolest one by far. Awesome to see Robbie's car in you guy's hands.

    82. Steven Plaskett

      Another video on that shitty dyno yeah awesome

    83. Andrew Stoffel

      I love big engines in small cars 👍 But that must be a nightmare when you get to a corner!

    84. AJ

      you need to come out with a shirt just like that one but in blue/purple like your thumbnails that says "Lets get rad!"

    85. crane63

      awesome build goofy, cool drone shots gordo... hangin with the speed crew

    86. Jorge De Santiago

      Dang wanted to buy the shirt but y'all only go up to 3x .... Oh well guess it's not meant to be

    87. Kova

      Gordo killing it with the indoor drone shots!

    88. patt20b

      I tell ya goofy you are be coming to be one kickass Mechanic lad. Cool bananas. Cain hard guys.

    89. patt20b

      Hey what’s the o ring like on that crapy blow off valve? Because they always leak. I don’t run that style anymore.

    90. Ray Ryan

      Great job.

    91. patt20b

      It’s a hot one here in Bundy Qld Australia it’s 37’ for here that’s hot. I was trying to do some rust repairs on the Rx7 I just sold to one of my best friends and it is hard to handle when ya not used to that hot of weather. The rx7 is a 1980 and I have a 800plus hp fd 13b with a Gt40 on it. She will be nice I’m finished. It will be up on my channel in the coming weeks. Cain hard guys.

    92. daniel smith

      Vacuum leak explains the long crank

    93. ck fpv

      Dam y'all pulled the exust hosings welded them up put them back on before they were at rm temp DAM thats a good team

    94. GT Godbear

      Can a J series bolt up to a K series AWD transmission? That would be cool to have an AWD J series Civic.

    95. JCannabis

      i loved this so much. the father son duo, the j series content, ugh. hit the right feels

    96. ck fpv

      There's my boy GOOFY LETS GO

    97. Andrew Allcorn

      the drone shots are sweet cool perspective

    98. Rick Scott

      These guys are a team and definitely know their shit. Let's goooo !!!

    99. Todd jones

      K48 Brent -

    100. IndyHelis

      When are we getting an update on the s2000?????????????????????????

      1. Cesar Pineda

        I’m just saving more money