Big Laughs Bully Progress and We Style up with Great Friends

PFI Speed

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    As you saw in the last video stress and things going wrong had us on edge. But all it took was a great friend showing up with a troubled car and spending the day fixing issues and hanging out to lift spirits and making us rejuvenated. Strat from Style Up Garage is a long time friend and I’m super proud of his success. He brings down an rsx to play with that had issues the Bully gets steering rods and the engine out back in and the intercooler is looking rad. Join us now for an awesome day and chill at the shop with us
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    This is Awesome

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    1. Jared THISDELLE

      Too rad 😎

    2. Penny Copperhatch

      Did RicerMiata Roknuckle build this RSX??.....Some ghetto build stuff going on....LoL

    3. Robert Holland

      You thought about doing the air to water on the Bully?

    4. Luke James

      2:34 that Sony headunit life lol🙋‍♂️🇦🇺

    5. Silas DiStefano

      Can you give some detail on the adjustments you are making between each pull? Even basic, this is what I'm seeing and I'm doing this because. I look forward to all the videos, thanks

    6. Goodballa

      Is Phong Yoda without makeup?

    7. fluffpantss

      @ 24:12 "lily el gato"

    8. lloyd holt

      Mr Murphy was in your shop today. Perseverance won the day. Just fixing all the little gremlins. Great job.

    9. JSlaughtMMA

      I just moved to Denver and bought an 02 rsx, definitely looking at getting tuned here

    10. Wahn Burnskill

      Bully coming along,looking good. Nice shop kitty

    11. james dalton


    12. The Honda Resource

      Tom reminds me so much of my pops. I bet it would be fun just to hang out with you guys for the day.

    13. Joel Jones

      I c wut udid there...intercooler is looking rad. Nice

    14. trent adams

      One thing I've noticed... Every time and old friend meets Brent for the first time in ages and they always hug him.. this just shows how loving that guy is

    15. Jbray DA9

      That's a fat bill for this tune I bet.

    16. Chantal DeBellefeuille

      6:13 w h y 🤚🤛

    17. Stephen Byers

      Love the work yall do and how humble yall are and Brent your a awesome tuner best of luck to yall

    18. Vanessa Camp

      Exhaust leak sounds pretty critical. Better do a full tear down and inspection. JK poor Kyle.

    19. Ron Carroll

      We want Sho Nuff we've seen the bully many times

    20. William Iannuzzi

      I always feel like I'm hanging out with you Guys! All of you are awesome and thank you!

    21. dontmatteranyway28

      Gonna be running the bully next season?

    22. Junior Soliz

      I wanna be like Brent when I turn 45 😁

    23. Nte 35050

      So stoked to see the bully allmost finish cant wait see some low 8s passes!!!!!

    24. Mika Hochisard

      Yeah I always think about chihuahuas because one of those things that you just think about you want to get behind And mount a Chihuahua wawa if nobody's looking

    25. MikeOrkid

      Picture this. They get the Bully finished and running and it just works. No more pains in the ass. I have a hunch.....

    26. Robert Elam

      You Brent definitely get the energy and love you put out! Like all the dudes around you literally will drop everything to help as I see you do far to often..if anyone deserves a 1mil subscribers on IRvision its you!

    27. Jeffrey Bamford

      You don't need to rush now it's been postponed ..

    28. Sam Jennings

      Y’all are getting some extra time. Hope it pays off in the long run

    29. Jeffrey Bamford

      Rons tube chassis car is sick az

    30. Pgamer TBP

      The vibes at pfi speed are sooo over the top

    31. Jared Spear

      Man y’all have been killing yourselves to get ready for Cleetus N Cars. Sucks to work so hard and then get the news. Hope y’all weren’t traveling already!! It’s been a rough week here in the south but the things that got rushed thru will give you the time to ensure everything is right. Maybe Phong can get his head fixed as well and be 100%!

    32. Cesar Hernandez

      Love seeing the progress!

    33. Bryan Schwinn

      Chris Stapleton is a great artist. I love Tennessee whiskey

    34. junior doswell

      I thought Kevin at ksr said Cleetus and Cars was pushed back till March?

    35. wagonbldr

      Shop Cat checking out the seat to make sure its safe.

    36. Wheelit King

      Dear people....stop bringing Brent POS builds please....he's a tuner give the man a break lol

    37. Marco Ciptla

      Love me some PFI, hey Brent or Jamie why don’t people build more RSX’s.? They are cheaper n more around and already have a K.

    38. Jaime Purcell

      Hey brent, i have a 5th prelude... what would you do?? K swap or J swap???

    39. ykram20

      1 2 3 I don’t know who else to be

    40. Casey Gillis

      I be so scared to hit the brakes in the bully. SHOWNUFF need a freakin front front wheelie bar🤷‍♂️

    41. Asuka Play

      Nothing works better than team work

    42. Jay Rodz

      Brent 44 but u look 30 dont worry we ain't going to live forever stay humble 👍

    43. skype uchiha

      Shawn is the 🐐

    44. Jay Rodz

      Where is Toms K swapped boat 🚣 great video tho Brent

    45. joshs199

      It's funny this video was posted right after Cletus and cars. Was postponed for another month. That's awesome you guys have another month to tighten up all these cars.😁👍👍

    46. Olsonite77

      everthings lookinn radd

    47. joeandkristen08

      I hope I'm as cool as Brent when I'm 45 still looks good and a awesome human being love you guys

    48. Andrew Stoffel

      Another fingertight special!

    49. Rusty Wells

      I don't think anyone has any idea what's coming the crew that Brent has of old school and new school drag racers are going to set the world on fire I know what's about to go down and all I can say is you better buckle up because you're in for the ride of your life brother!!!

    50. Op1 zilla

      Keep it pushing guys, we waiting on some good racing this year

    51. SRT_Sean John

      Man you guys are freaking awsome!!! I wish I could get my car tuned with you guys!!!

    52. Lorenzo Diaz

      She was cute!

    53. LanceCatchem

      Hey brent do you know a hmong guy named victor?


      Some times its good it find the simplest problems last cause you never know what you might find just looking

    55. HOpesaNDreAms joe hall

      Cant wait for the bully and sho nuff

    56. Barry James Towle Jr

      Brent, use your phone to record videos again, the gopro isnt your style!

      1. Barry James Towle Jr

        One of my favorite youtubers!

    57. Stance Nation

      I feel more home here watching you guys than I ever have in my whole life . Thank you so much . 😔

    58. McWillies

      That's crazy as hell Brent is 45... or 32 😉. Seriously lookin good buddy, keep the videos coming! Am I crazy or did that guy's girl just lay down on the ground and offer to hold the light? She's definitely a keeper!

    59. mbsnyderc

      A girl who crawls under a car to hold a light for you is a keeper.

    60. Dustin Brown

      I have a light just like that Jamie and it's my favorite one

    61. capnslyfox

      Turbo tucked looks good

    62. _RedStormOne_

      Love The Music. #RSX

    63. Meat Popsicle

      Don't rename the car, rename the cat Bully :D

    64. Goaty McGoatface

      15:41 Phong is hilarious "it's a 10 and a half now"

    65. Bobby McCraw

      Nothing like a good ole Honda door key chime reminder sound

      1. PFI Speed

        Morse Code for H

    66. Garage Philosophy

      They could very easily leave all the trouble shooting and fault finding out and make it look like everything was good and got tuned in a couple runs but that’s what I love about PFI they keep It real !!

    67. Corey Cleary

      He's a bully thats what they do beat you up.😂

    68. Smokey

      What would be sickkkkk is to see all the shop guys come together and help the wizard Shawn get his car built! Shawn puts in so much fab/technical work in its time to show him some love!

    69. Brayden

      Toms car is literally the definition of H series dreams!

    70. Smokey

      Brent nothing weird brotha but you look great for being 45 brotha...must be all that e85 and Colorado air👌

    71. Andrew Travers

      Is Houston closed due to weather?

    72. Ron Buckner

      Yunno with the extra length on Bully you outta make the hood look like a Rolls Royce.

    73. eskimo

      bought a shirt!

    74. Brent Kaplanez

      Brent have you changed your camera? The viewing is not the same. Not sure i like it too much👍

    75. Jlamarche

      Whats up with Shonuff? I cant wait to see that thing running.

    76. Hedgepeth Racing

      Chick knows what she's talking about..

    77. James Mathew

      Damn Phong had me laughing my @ss off ten in a half now LMFAO

    78. mookie wilson

      hey lots of stuck at home covid hours these days: so do us a solid and use a non fish eye/ non gopro when you have an angle in the shop please.

    79. ben hunt

      Who are these individuals putting a negative rating on these videos.. Suck the fresh air up, and grow a pair.

    80. ben hunt

      I love you Brent.. I would of hit the roof, with the amount rediculonous that went into that rsx. If you don't know what your doing don't touch it 😂🙄.

    81. Vett Man

      Dude the Shop looks Great.

    82. delwine nales

      I'll be embarrassed if I owned that car

    83. Devin Byers

      from what ive seen on other vids cleetus and cars is moved to march so you got a little extra time to get stuff done

    84. Jason James

      Another cool video! Does anybody know someone in southeast Michigan that does the stuff that PFI does? Got me wanting to build a Honda... SMH... 🤦🏼‍♂️

    85. Adam Reynolds

      Jamison ,on point ,been there done that and the tee shirt is worn out

    86. MindCrime

      does the Bully's intercooler have a fan? does it cool well facing up and out of the airflow? why not air to water?

    87. Jason James

      Dude brought a SMOKE SHOW with him! Wait, there was a car in this video? Dang it, gotta rewatch it...

    88. BryDuhBikeGuy

      Another awesome save.Bully's getting really close.Shaun's killing the build !

    89. ETM

      You guys are leaving kinda early for Cleetus and Cars aren't you? It's been postponed until the 27th so you have like a week to finish your cars it was postponed because of the weather so it works out for you.

    90. that ek dude

      Hey Brent I just wanna say thanks for taking time out of your life to put these vids together for us after busting your ass all day long for us to enjoy and learn. 🤙🤟

    91. Chris

      I hope style up garage didn't put this turbo kit together. So many things half assed and just thrown together lol.

    92. Deric McGuffie

      I love it. Let's go boys! We got yalls back.

    93. Dylan Peterson

      Give that girl her crown! 👸🏻 😍

    94. grecsy

      loving the short intro

    95. Onmy grind

      What is the song at 2:22? And can get more on what Ron Berganholtz was saying about Pro FWD coming together?

    96. Alamo Pottery

      Shawn is the hardest working dude in that shop. He is always at it and always smiling. He never gets involved with the shenanigans. I hope you take care of him Brett. There aren’t many guys like him out there.

      1. Jbray DA9

        I bet he gets paid pretty damn good. Dude is literally a genius when it comes to car building and I'm sure many other things.

      2. Punisher84

        Obviously he does

    97. Big Red

      The brunette in the dyno testing was smoking! Love me some pretty women!

    98. Dylan Watkins

      People manual swap Supra’s why would you ruin that car with an Auto? Cause it’s a little faster down the track? It’s blasphemy!

    99. Shenanigans & SXS's


    100. My favorite Martian

      Talk about ages...During WW2 a fighter pilot in the pacific heard another pilot who said he was lost and wanted instructions on how to get to them. It was a 50/50 chance it was an enemy pilot. So the Marine pilot answered him," I'm going over to another radio frequency, meet me there and I can tell you. The mystery pilot asked , "What frequency?" The Marine pilot said,"Take Jack Benny's age, put two zeros behind it and subtract 4,000. That frequency." and he changed the channel.....Pretty soon he heard, "Hello? Hello? anyone here?" The marine pilot answered and guided him in. (Jack Benny was a famous American comedian who never changed his age, right up to his death. He was 39 years old for almost 45 years......