BULLY Is Getting Me Excited!

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    In this episode Gunmetal Josh gets his civic crank trigger issue solved. Then Jamie gets his side skirts on the Brother in Law {BiL}thanks to Javi with the island civic . Then Rob with Twisted Iron LLC comes by and runs through the Bullys Powerglide auto transmission finds and replaces all the broken parts while jamming out. The suspension gets put on and then we set the engine into the Bully and we are pushing hard and trying to stay warm.
    We show some new Flags that will be available on the website after Cleetus and Cars.
    Twisted Iron LLC IRvision
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    1. Jim Hiscott

      Not sure what look he's going for but Shawn needs to pull his damn pants up and use his belt properly. Its a bit concerning.

    2. BrapperDan

      Probably time to step up to some decent camera gear Brent. You have 300k subs...

    3. Free-me

      Yall need extractor fans..smokey more than the 4/20 lolol

    4. Jamie Ganderton

      Not only did the transmission guy know his stuff, he also seems like a real good cat. Another awesome vid. Parts Finder International.... For the WINNNNNN🏎🚗🏁

    5. Margil Serrata

      It’s exciting seeing these cars get closer and closer to making a rip down the track

    6. Daniel Carter

      What kinda anti Honda gunmetal thing is that ?

    7. Pedro Partida

      Cleetus and Cars cancelled and rescheduled

    8. Ricardo Hidalgo

      Very satisfying video let's go bully what's happening with sho nuff

    9. Josh Montgomery

      Bully is looking amazing. One of a kind animal.

    10. GOOD STUFF!


    11. Handstandman Stan

      14:05 lmaoooooo

    12. Steven Thompson

      Geeeez tom... Its tomorrow!!!!


      Let's see them rip sweet

    14. Salty Dog

      Will putting a Quaife LSD on my fwd car help in the snow?

    15. Narxoleptic Customs

      Rob is awesome!!! I wish the weather hadn't been so gross, maybe he could have ran over in the twin turbo LS gasser!!!!

    16. RATTL3R186

      Be sure to leave a like. Best group of guys in the business.

    17. mark scully

      I know it's only going to go in a straight line but that looks like some seriously unusual suspension geometry; caster KPI and maybe camber curve too?

    18. Chris K

      I fucking love the design you guys went with on the control arms. So simple. Slick as shit. And strong af

    19. Donnie Minter Jr

      It's rough, it's tough, it's bully stuff! #PFISpeed #BoostedBoiz #LetsGo #HellYeahBrother

    20. The Beast From The Southeast

      Thats badass bro.

    21. fubar1217

      Man that's lookin good! Can't wait to see this new setup doin work! Great work guys!

    22. Sam Jennings

      Bummer C&C was postponed due to weather

      1. Ron Jones

        It's like Canadia down there. Meanwhile, in California, we have 60 degrees and I'm riding my new Kawi to the disc golf course. #movetowherethefoodis

    23. Rwright_sk

      YES !!! 💪💪 can wait to see the rip !!

    24. My kiwi shed

      I can't wait to see twin turbo Todd and his crx. That thing is an animal

    25. Joe Farmer

      "10:39" And that's how I lost the privilege of using my Dad's tools. #truestory

    26. Nick

      That guy smashed that powerglide. He deserves all the subs.

    27. Auto Body Everything

      yea man you need that bully up n going now that kyle is gone you need a mascot drag car to represent pfi

    28. Phill-low

      Guys Texas is a shit show right now

    29. Ruben Ozuna

      Damn 🔥

    30. Charles Torruella

      Man please upload one today I'm so board I can't sit still .no wait, ya I can't sit still

    31. Charles Torruella

      You think the bully is getting you excited man I can't sit still I know I just drank a pot of coffee but the bully is just that bad ass

    32. echo man

      I'm sure your guys need a wood stove in ur shop

    33. Clinton Smith

      Noticed how big shot dudes have small pump on side of pan to run fluid thru a cooler to prevent burning up fluid in trans on starting line

    34. Jeff Luvvern

      the ad said, " how much have cigarettes cost you" i guarantee they cost less than my taxes you steal to pay for social programs for least valued of us or Healthcare for people that are not in my family... funny they should ask... they are depending on the low value folks to keep their agenda goin... savin lives ain't it...

    35. My favorite Martian

      You can cut down friction in both forward gears by only installing 2 clutch plates in reverse. The reverse plates rotate in all forward gears and causes oil drag because they do not pull apart very much. Two plates have enough grip to load/unload and back up on the line without the drag penalty. (Just don't do any burnouts in reverse.)

    36. Outside the box bike shop Cambodia

      wow this guy sure knows is transmission 👍

    37. The Beast From The Southeast

      This video just shows why i like starting new projects. You can make sure yourself that all the parts are in top condition piece by piece and its just satisfying knowing you got one badass unit and its clean. Top work guys. Masterpiece👌👍

    38. Diogo Samuel

      Nave entertanto tá na pista 💪

    39. Roger Fleury

      420th YES SIR REE!

    40. Lee Forget

      something (the old bearing) tells me that shaft coming out of the trans into the diff is under pressure as the engine doesnt have enough support or the mounts arent in the right place height wise. Great job with the build guys. I really like the move of the suspension.

    41. Emil Magday

      Bully gettin some loveeeee

    42. derek rajza

      GOD forbid the bully trans has an issue, people are gonna be like its because you threw the clutches into the basket like a basketball blaming it on that without a clue what they are actually talking about lmao

    43. Ronin

      such an awesome bunch of people. i subbed to twisted iron. I'm so freakin excited bully it's done right. good job everyone

    44. Do it for Brock 05 05 brock


    45. harass8

      That was a great episode 🙌🏻

    46. 402CarKid

      Brent, you should get this Coca Cola backpack! It's insulated like a those fabric coolers. herschel.com/shop/backpacks/classic-backpack-xl-coca-cola?v=10492-03927-OS

    47. DJKaii

      I really hope this lights a fire under all the other Pro-Front racers out there! Awesome job everyone, wish I could make it. Probably in the near future. Take care all! Massive love from the Hawaii Fam!

    48. Op1 zilla

      All our Pfi Pro front friends 4-Life, we ready to see u all race, let's GO!!!

    49. Maverick Buckley

      Why you need wheelie bars for your wheelie bar Car?

    50. RFB VLT

      twisted killed it love his work

    51. Craig Shantz

      2:31 spotted a wild metigulous in the house!

    52. Frank Geimer

      Damn Brett, the Bully is looking great! I can't wait to see him in action!! You and Tom need to go side by side.

    53. David Macadam

      Shawn killin it! Looks clean AF!

    54. Dee10

      doing work!

    55. Shertrendyme Tv

      Just look at how humbled Brent is. The Pfi guys are 👌👌

    56. joeandkristen08

      6° with shorts on gotta love it 😀

    57. Cap'n Jay Greybeard

      Bully is looking great with the new paint

    58. TheTuttleCrew

      The best of the best!

    59. scratchaddict

      Brent, when u gonna show Todd’s CRX breathing some fire..

    60. 05GDF

      Holy shhaat,you guys are working 💪 🙌

    61. bramsercu

      Jamie holding the shopcat at the end is a vibe 🙌🏻

    62. Summer Rancher

      Are there mounts near the front of the engine?

    63. RiskyPlays

      is the motor only held up by the trans adaptor bracket?

    64. What I DO

      PFI family going to make some records!!! Tesla motor with long extension cord 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    65. cmsracing

      That bushing that was "pressed" into the adapter housing went in awfully easy. I wish you had put some green Loctite on it to prevent it from spinning in it's bore.

    66. Nate Hamilton

      It's so awesome watching you guys work together. I can't wait to see these things get on the dyno. You guys keep up the amazing content. This family says, stay safe and God bless.

    67. T Meyer

      Liking the raw clips pfi, good way to learn instead of the wow factor which is entertaining too just keep it up this is why we watch!

    68. Daryl Nicklen

      It's Rough It's Tough It's Bully Stuff. WOW Brent This time it's full on fabrication The Realization Of The Dream. I for one are interested how this goes as long as it shows promise on maiden outing then it can be tweaked to make it Killer. Thanks to all the PFI team Tom and Helpers for making Brent's BULLY what it always was meant to be.

    69. Tony K

      Fire me up!

    70. Street Car Culture

      Bully looking fresh

    71. 85vk rob

      need to do a k swap honda city turbo

    72. Magia

      Daaaang I aint never seen a Bluetooth car.

    73. Ben Sommerfelt

      No its hard to push everything everyday! Lets goooooo

    74. Ben Sommerfelt

      Love the see yea tomorrow!!! But need everyday. Motivation brother!!! Crew is great!!!!! Wish i would have gave it my all!!! Lets gooo!!!

    75. Daniel McCutcheon

      Ready to have my speakers blown as you light the tires up lol

    76. David Blanck

      Have you named the shop cat yet? No offense to you all. But, the video is always better with shop kitty footage. Ask Rob Dahm lol. All kidding aside, I'm so pumped about all these builds!

      1. PFI Speed

        Her names Lilly 🤩

    77. Bobby McCraw

      How much to make me that j series crank trigger wheel for my j

      1. PFI Speed

        Hit up sales@pfispeed.com and let’s get that done for you .

    78. B!g D

      Is Phong going to Cleetus and Cars with the Phoenix?

      1. PFI Speed

        Yes he is

    79. Nelson Acosta

      You guys are awesome...👏🏼 much love and respect keep rising (PFI Speed) 🏁🏎

    80. matt Rusch

      Stock frictions and stock steels in the trans? I would have went with some kolene steels and some stage two blue clutches or the high static brown clutches but hey if it works it works normally a stock clutch can’t handle the amount of power you’re throwing at it even with the pressure cranked and a clutch or two added to the pack

      1. matt Rusch

        @PFI Speed fair enough wasn’t dising the builder or anything like that just my input with my transmission knowledge! Love the channel keep up the great work!

      2. PFI Speed

        We will be back into it soon. It was a Saturday and called in a favor 😂

    81. Skip Schepleng

      Epic . What more can you say

    82. C.S. Allsman

      Okay, suck up the dust and turn Tom loose on getting the front ends done for both of them. Once he's done working his magic you will be set to go.

    83. Rick Houston

      Killin it

    84. Jason James

      Turning and burning!!!!!! Brent and crew..... Go home and sleep!

    85. Michael Pierce

      You guys are knocking shit out!!! Wat cool cant wait to see these cars rip.

    86. diego trujillo

      Tesla motor and will set up the track with power line to connect to it like a train

    87. WannaGoFAST 322

      Hello everybody I hope everybody is good 😌. I love the videos and information about Honda’s. I am a Chevy guy at heart but since I have been watching your videos, I am really loving the Honda lifestyle. It’s a great group of people and different lifestyles coming together. It’s so magical how a vehicle brings so many great lifestyles together and everybody is working together with all of there knowledge. Which helps everybody succeed as one. I really appreciate what you guys are doing, please stay safe and strong.

    88. Bubba Ray Lindy

      Commented too soon. I felt so much better watching him soak the clutches 😂🤣

    89. Boosted Foolz

      What does pfi stand for???

    90. T Jeff Jenkins

      So good to see your progress on "Bully".

    91. rushking19

      It's comings together and it looks amazing I can't wait till I all together

    92. Logan Wolfe

      The whole PFI team is just awesome

    93. Hemi Richie

      Awesome Job guys 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    94. Jonathan Medina

      Please tell me you’re going to sell those flags!!!!! I need one!

    95. scott fritz

      Why would you put the clutch pack together dry?

      1. scott fritz

        never mind

    96. Floppy Donger

      i wish i was as high as tom rn. much love PFI

    97. Andika Baskoro

      Can't wait bully ready to go!!!

    98. Shua daddy

      Do the tesla motor convert for the he'll of it when an if you get the resources to get

    99. Brad W

      I'm going to join the other commenters giving Tom props today and say: Tom is the BEYYYZZZZTTTT (Thats twangy "best" FYI).

    100. james styler

      I would love the pro front to make a come back big enough for 2 classes pro front all motor pro front forced induction