Shooting for the Moon! Civic Rips and Fire! Let’s Rock

PFI Speed

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    We get James Hot Rod civic on the Dyno and get to figuring it out. We chase and fic issues while also testing a new gt3584rs pulsar turbo and boy does it impress! We have some serious fun and enjoy this rad ride!
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    1. Jason Heller

      Lol..thats nuts...that things gonna be 850+ probably...

    2. Bob Berry

      Spread the love!!!!

    3. BoostedSedan

      What cams are those?

    4. pFbSpecV

      I cant wait to do a built motor on one of my builds and make real power! Nice work!!

    5. SID

      Shave ya grot. It’s pubic hair.

    6. Phil

      Can't believe I missed this video somehow, also I always knew the dyno sauce was a spray glue I just wasn't sure which one.

    7. UFO Sorcery Engineering

      8:21 VTEC Solenoid is not connect

    8. Boost Junkie

      Who are these 22 loser's who thumbs downed this video?? I demand explanations!!

    9. Roger Fleury

      I see the ear protection headphones I sent to your shop have all been lost or grew legs and walked away!

    10. Jason Monahan

      Sure sounds old F1 cars during Metallica intro..just awesome

    11. 32baeza32

      I love that truck @15:01 😜

    12. Rich H

      Fuck yeah Brent this is how you do it!!

    13. 4GsRacing

      I love how PFI keeps the upload editing fresh! Never know where the journey is going to take me when I click on the thumbnail or notification!

    14. James Hartline

      Two cats outta the bag? Dyno sauce is spray adhesive (duh) but your turbo vendor is Pulsar from eBay? Trying to find myself a GTX3582R but they range from $350-$700 and I'm not sure why.

    15. Erik Larson

      @34:40. Introducing Brent Reynolds!

    16. Bearmite

      Consider doing a thumbnail from 01:04 😎

    17. keyman1969

      Fucken loved the intro! Fun how you see some absolutely beautiful fab work on here from them and other professionals......then you get to see Customer fab work. Which is hilarious at times.

    18. Philmore Gordon

      Holy mojo that was without vtech😳

    19. K Shep

      Dont shave yo lol grow it for a bit

    20. Ray Godfrey

      I have 2016 dodge dart 2.0 want to add turbo I was told a fiat abarth will mount rright up I'm looking for 400 hp

    21. SC_ FG2

      Man that pfi inlay is sick i remember when you got it and when u guys put it in. Shit I remember when you were putting the dyno on. SHIT I remember when you were tuning the hatch when Kyle built it In his garage lol

    22. SC_ FG2

      Damn why you give out the dyno sauce secret lol

      1. PFI Speed

        I’ve done it a few times lol. Just watch the questions come back. 💪🏼

    23. Gypsie Wandererッ

      Goofy rockin that Rittz sweater! White jesus!

    24. Wes W

      The thumbnail did not suck! She's a ripper!

    25. Caleb Dorn

      This was a great video and oh ya I love the thumbnail pic by the way😂🤙🏽

    26. Trent Crompton

      Looked like the vtec solenoid wasn’t plugged in 🤷‍♂️

    27. David Blanck

      Is there ever politics in his videos? I always considered this neutral territory lol. Hell yeah! I thought the dyno sauce was 3M super 90. I am glad I was right.

    28. Wes LoGiudice

      Jamie, my wife says you nailed the thumbnail!! 👌👌

    29. TC Jerzy

      Dude if that wasn't the most fucking badass intro ever, then I don't know what is!!!!

    30. GonzoBuilt


    31. A & A Boosted Performance

      Could sell your spray sauce on your site??

    32. Raul Chavarria

      Omg the intro!! I love it

    33. GankMan

      31:13 ive never heard Jamie so dissapointed :D Is this the first time Brent explained Dyno sauce? :O

    34. Rear3chelon

      You should let thong move into Kyle's Bay boys!! 😁👌🏼

      1. EgHatchB20Vtec

        Who's thong? You mean phong

    35. Brett Gump

      Watched this yesterday and at the time thought you didn't seem your usual self. Just watched Kyles video and understand now the sombre mood everyone was in 😕 You're awesome Brent ✌❤

    36. Joel C

      Dyno Sauce Reviled! And you didn't burn down 12000 acres during the process!

      1. PFI Speed


    37. Taco Jay

      That intro 🔥

    38. CrazyAssPotter

      700 on the small lobe.... Jeez, bet you won't push 73% duty on the big lobe lol yes that's a challenge.

    39. John Doe

      I thought about you guys when I was watching good morning America because it was already showing a chance of snow in your area. That's crazy, its way too soon for snow. I couldn't handle that

    40. Carlos Deleon

      Car is a beast and it probably has another 100-150hp left with the Vtec

    41. Alex Gibbs

      Awesome video, sweet edit 👌 thanks for letting us hang out

    42. Scott N

      Sounds like the low pressure walbro 450 with part nimber ending in 267. They are designed to relive pressure between 80 and 90 psi. You can modify them to run more pressure

    43. Daryl Nicklen

      F That little things going to be a weapon . I was impressed by what it was and no V-Tech, Radical.....

    44. Scott S

      first 30 seconds was awesome!!!

    45. Pete's Creative Recycling

      700 on the small lobe?! Holy shit!

    46. SlowRB20s13

      I hope u keep you head up man. Could hear it in your voice in kyles video. Rather upsetting.

    47. Chris Bunting

      Thats it Brent, we came to win boys. Its the racer in you, we race for fun but we race to win. Good luck mate.

    48. Jamie Ganderton

      700 horses on the small lobe...... What's gonna happen when it GOOOOOOOOOes.....??🏎️🏁 Awesome content Brent. Watched last three vids in a row!!!! You gonna shave a Bill Hickock? PFI FOR THE WIIIINNNNN. Let's GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    49. yizzer2

      LOL unplugged ECT sensor.

    50. Lance Uppercut

      "V-Tec kicked in yo!! Wait, what?! It didn't?!?!..." That thing is gonna be insaaane the next time you guys dyno it! Can't wait to watch.

    51. Amir Pomen

      Horrriey shiet... 700hp on small lobe...that thing will be a riot if it was on vtec!

    52. Michael Navarro

      Boostedboiz, PFI and cleet. Hands down the best of friends, combined is what dreams are made of. These gents will make anyone’s day. I’m kinda happy for Kyle... but don’t want you 2 too be in different places. Whenever I watched PFI vids Kyle would be there helping out. Whenever I watched the boiz Brent (you) would be there helping out. Not sure why I’m so hung up on this. Wow, I’m commenting as I watch. There’s Kyle. Dyno sauce reveal, vtech wire missing. 🤯 I was smiling ear to ear the whole time.

      1. Michael Navarro

        Oh. Sick thumbnail Jamie 😊👍

    53. james whiteman

      Can't wait till VTEC kicks in . Love the flames😍😍😍😍music, opener, Perfect..............better quality then some tv I've seen. Support PFI and cop some merch Bois. From Australia

    54. Fry

      PFI Bay Freedom Factory 2020 #PFIBOIZ

    55. TheDJ007Dude

      Love this video. Can't wait to see what it makes with vtec hooked up.


      708HP ON THE SMALL LOBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. joshs199

      Brent.. "James whants answers...Not more questions". That's called having integrity. We need alot more people like Brent in the world...!

    58. VB ALL OUT!!!!!

    59. finn benham

      back to back no vtek vs vtek cant wait for the vid

    60. James Mathew

      LMFAO yeah no $h!t I'm guessing an 80whp gain with just adding v-tec to the equation

    61. BANDIT Grizzy

      Shave??? NEVER!!! Winter on the way plus ya gotta have the flavor saver ;-) keep it goin .. LETS GO!!

    62. Mark Carrillo

      What size turbo?

      1. James Shropshire

        Gtx3582 gen 2

    63. Kenny Allison

      I like the beard Brent, makes u look like a manly man! Lol

    64. echo man

      Gauge is leaking guys

    65. Bobby McCraw

      829 with vtec @ 3500

    66. Shenanigans & SXS's

      Thanks for the rockin TUNEs Brent

    67. Jovany Rodriguez

      Ya the vtec is disconected

    68. Patriot

      Dyno sauce revealed!

    69. Charging Sloth

      Best intro ever

    70. Sean Tinston

      Winning is the only option!

    71. sean carroll

      That was HEAVY!!! 8500 on the low lobe wtf

      1. sean carroll

        @PFI Speed who needs vtec, lol

      2. PFI Speed

        9400 on the last one !

    72. HELLO

      That beard is mean !

    73. FG2 K20Z3

      Spoiler alert Brent reveals what the "dyno sauce" really is 😱😱

    74. Blotted

      I knew it was 3M Adhesive Spray :D. just by seeing how it looked coming out of the nozzle, way back in the early days of the channel.

    75. Dee10

      WTF??!!no friggen way... also what turbo?

      1. OM

        Pulsar GTX3584RS

    76. Trevor Frazier

      The turbo manifold gets hot quick on 2-step. How much timing you pulling to get those pops and bangs? Can't wait to see the next dyno sesh with Vtech

    77. Jesse Sward

      Hey Brent just wondering what’s the go to turbo combo on a civic? What are the basic things you would need?

    78. Dustin Houser

      Clean shave brent > bearded brent

    79. Randy Helzer

      Bring the snow to Tulsa with you please we have a had no real snow in years

    80. Marco Ciptla

      Thank you for the daily uploads, look forward to these everyday.. you guys rock some shit out n have awesome hotrods.

    81. Dylan Haga

      Dig the intro. Just jamming!

    82. Kris Kirtley

      Editing on point Brent! Props man

    83. David Vaughn

      Same boost it’s gonna put down 792 on the high lobe free tune I get it right Brent ?

      1. PFI Speed


    84. Advanced Mechanics

      708 on the small lobe. 😮🤯

    85. T.J. Burch

      Thumbnail was sick! Nice work Jamie!

    86. adams

      awesome song in the beginning

    87. Jake

      What's the song playing in the beginning? It's rad

    88. Tony Duran

      708 no vtec? Wow. Hurry with that follow up.!

    89. ultramegamike5000

      Holy shxt all that without vtec

    90. River rat

      Shave when you and Leroy win.

    91. Phresh 2 spec

      Vtec 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    92. Romeo d Iracheta

      Damn 700 no vtec

    93. The Steele

      beard is a win and heavy tunes work aswell

    94. Sandkei

      Goofy quit IRvision? No videos for 2 weeks :(

    95. lee woodard

      This day will be known as the day the secret of the spray was revealed. Can't wait for the big lobe. Can't wait to see you getting to work on Leroy again soon.

    96. Erik English

      Thank you Brent! Keep up the great work. No need for political bs in the car world.

    97. ky1e

      Good intro

    98. Aaron Warren

      Love the 2step scenes

    99. ObstinatusSomnium

      I am diggin the beard Brent.

    100. JAYR PRADO

      Trump 2020