The Phoenix Rises! Phong’s Song

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    In this episode phong brings the Phoenix to the shop and we dive in to fire it up. This project Saul Salceda from mission critical cylinder heads had been building before he passed . We bought the car and now ALL MOTOR Phong has built a wild ride. Join us for this awesome moment!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش ماه


    1. Anderson Dick

      Man, it is so awesome to watch this car back to life!!! I remember like today when we did first installed FuelTech on it about 2008!!

      1. Thomas Joseph

        The cylinder walls and pistons have a much much tighter tolerance then street cars.

      2. Thomas Joseph

        Fun fact, F1 cars, their engines are ceased until the oil gets heated up and warms the block. That's how they can run insanely high compression ratios. This could come in handy when looking to solve blow by when you guys or Kyle,.. whomever tries to push more than 35-40lbs of boost.

      3. Justin Mackiinnon

        @Murilo De Oliveira E Silva 0

      4. PFI Speed

        @jcnpresser we have some road racing projects coming up with it as well 💪🏼 look for Team Kelly Racing . Some rad things going down

      5. jcnpresser

        I’m pumped to see some more on fuel tech, great for drag race applications it seems.

    2. pFbSpecV

      So awesome! So happy for phong! How did you guys do a distributer on a k series tho?

    3. Indika Jepara

      How do you guys compete with electric car?

    4. Patrick Baitman

      Sounds like a CB750 four!

    5. T.J. Furness

      LOVE the overlay of Phong when y'all presented The Phoenix to him and seeing it after. He's a man of his word.

    6. JaH RaH

      Amazing work man!!! Pure love!

    7. Hedgepeth Racing

      What exactly is it? I love it. He put so much thought behind everything!!

    8. LogicBeforeAuthority

      Phoenix rising AKA unsubscribing. If you don't know what I'm talking about you need to do some research. Here's your hand free Masonic, new world order, world domination. Shameful, so so shameful.

    9. LogicBeforeAuthority

      "Phoenix Rising". Ok so you clearly are a Freemason! So sad, such a big fan of your channel and I suspect cleatus and some others are the same. You guys have no idea what your championing! It's not only death in destruction and chaos to the world but also to your family. All selling out for money! Shameful! Whether you rethink your thinking is up to you but you're going to have to live with what you are championing!

    10. Travis Gustin

      Absolutely sick can’t wait for axles and dyno day

    11. Travis Gustin

      I had subtitles on and he said the camshaft was retarded and it blanked it out lol damn.

    12. DML media

      What engine oil does Phong use in this little beast, its green?

    13. Nolan Boyer

      Song at 10:45 is Tiger tracks, by Lexica

    14. jose mendez

      All of a sudden every one following ehhhhhh

    15. N Hodgson

      So awesome! Such a great job on this video too with Phong’s narration about getting the car. Congratulations!!!

    16. It's just Niko

      Phong and Brent. Some of the most humble people I have ever come across in this community along with my local mad man. This is what made me get into cars like I did. Nothing but love fam. And keep it rocking guys. Phong Sir your passion is intoxicating thank you all

    17. xTheArteest3x

      That ending sound clip hitting a little different

    18. MadAdventure

      Nice work guys. The guys from Fueltech are awesome and easy to get access too. I also installed FT550 and FT500 on both of my cars, a twin turbo C5 Corvette and Golf GTi 1.8t.

    19. welshmunn

      Nice to see the na cars getting some love :)

    20. Fareez Aidil

      why not use k20a coil plug??why use cable plug??

    21. Lot_Boy_Kev

      Hell yeah boyz!!!

    22. James G

      Good clean work!! The work you would pay for.

    23. Ricky Bobby

      This is what I've been waiting too see!

    24. Lenwe

      Congrats phong!!

    25. Bakah T

      Great job Phong

    26. Rigoberto Zavala Lemus

      I have a 87 nissan cylinders 8 spark plug at toyota clinic lincolnton that won't start

    27. Undead Exile

      Probably not the best place to rant but if i see one more F***ING NINJAMAS commercial im going to drop a virus into youtube's servers.

    28. NS Sherlock

      Sounds like a Briggs and Stratten at the moment, sure it will crisp up nicely.

    29. Kieran Taane

      Phukken awesome Phong 🤘🏽

    30. Chris

      The all motor Honda Final Boss

    31. Willie Gamer

      Phong making the rest look like amateurs 🤣 so lit!

    32. JazzedHellcat

      So if an axle breaks it can take out the steering rack? Also, do you not use dielectric grease to help spark plug wire removal?

    33. Fuqq Yew

      Prayoonto headed. Let’s fuckin go phong

    34. Cooper Johns

      We’ve all been waiting for this Phong. You did an absolute amazing build. Can’t wait to see it at the track!🏎🏎🏎

    35. Patrick Querry

      This dude is a nut! Can I hang out with jhong!

      1. Patrick Querry


    36. Love Overeverything


    37. sintwoOone

      Beautiful jobs. You guys are great. Brent your the fucking MAN!

    38. Tim Wolf

      Why no vtec?

    39. Joe Carini

      Am i the only one that can’t help but dance with Lil Brent on the screen when he’s tuning? Okay good it’s not just me

    40. cade webster

      I cant wait to see it with the front on

    41. James 2Tall

      i got chills when you walked around the front of the phoenix

    42. Beards N Gears

      Can't wait to see this thing on the dyno!! 🔥🔥💪💪

    43. Sentient Dogma

      First time seeing this All-Engine Honda drag car and I must say holy moly. Cargasm.

    44. Lucifer II

      Pro stock crx

    45. Abstrahere De Vanitate

      Buttermilk biscuits here we go....

    46. Adrian Meredith

      What a stunning quality build, and a great humble owner.....

    47. Foster chance

      imagine drivin this as a street car lmao everytime u start the shit up at the grocerystore huge flames shoot out lmao

    48. Bo Mikael Linus Andersson

      Phong, Your car is sick man! It's super cool! Can't wait to see it run down the track bro

    49. Cory P.

      Good stuff!! I wonder if there is a good way to install an aux oil tank heater onboard the car. Somethung that can plug into a generator or an aux battery while at the track.

    50. Kerry Dorsey

      Phong is a phlippin’ genius! His approach and attention to detail SO impressive. But get the man some earplugs!

    51. Rasta Dread

      Maan Phong an his mad all motor skills man respect brother, can't to see it ripping down the track

    52. _johnpm

      Love the Sir Mix a Lot intro

    53. Charging Sloth

      The first car I bought back in 2000 was a 91 crx, congratulations on the awesome build! Cheers

    54. its me Brix

      Dude phong is fucking amazing man, this car is absolutely beautiful

    55. Weezay Jitt

      Phoenix is clean!

    56. redwalsh87

      Pre-heating the oil is F1 style, very cool build!

    57. Honda Freak

      Love the red. Is that Milano red? Body kit is superb 👌


      What’s the power good for? 400+?

    59. Derek Curtis

      Sounds so mean!

    60. Honest Built Performance

      I almost bought this car. Glad I didn't.

    61. Keriesen Pereira

      Watching from Antigua #268

    62. gree

      Running on 2

    63. Dan I.T. GUY

      Wow! So Fresh and So Clean Phong! You Guys are So much Fun to watch! The Phoenix Has Risen!

    64. gree


    65. Opus Wolf

      Let me see that Phong...that phong phong phong phong phong (sorry :D)

    66. Wilfredo Ramos

      What a beautiful car. I can’t wait to see the car running.

    67. Vijeth Vj

      Sick build 🔥

    68. NvSrAgE679

      That is such a nice car!

    69. Bob Sillas

      a Phoenix has a knot of feathers on the back of its head it look like there is a small bump back there just enough to get by look good

    70. Justin Malone

      That phong, phong, phong, phong, phong... I like the way your v-tec goes Make those throttle bodies goooo

    71. Walter Thomas

      This video is so sick loved the editing!!!!!!!! You guys Rock.......

    72. kingcementer1

      Thanks Brent I’ve officially been introduced to my posse on Broadway!!!!! I need a Brent playlist.

    73. Steven Thompson

      That's beautiful 😍. Phong is such a inovative guy,...

    74. Matt M

      damn thats crazy af build, and i cant even get my k20 ek running

    75. I

      that distraction technique on the base map definitely worked....

    76. Johndeerejoey

      The little dancing brent is the best thing ever hahahahaha

    77. Milbro

      Is this the same engine as in his other crx or a new one?

    78. Brandon Lebron

      Looks great.


      "Cat paw looks so cool" phong look at what you built 😍

    80. Ralph Menta

      She is pretty sharp. I am used to seeing "Phong fixes" which are creative band-aids, but this car is pure perfection. Nice work

    81. Thomas Murphy

      The Phoenix is Badass! Way to go Phong! 🔥

    82. 20vTouge86

      Confused as to why they have a turbo style exhaust on a non-turbo car.... wouldn’t it need back pressure to get more ponies?

      1. 20vTouge86

        Also quite obvious it’s only running on 3 cyl? hmm

    83. Shawn One

      Phong! And PFI. You made me cry 1:08 into the video! Thank you so much. Beauty.... Perfection.

    84. Andrew Young

      Love the tuning background vibes 🤟🏼

    85. Gypsie Slayer

      Do you think it'll do a burnout? wink wink Can't wait to see it take flight? Awesome car for an awesome dude. Brilliant!!

    86. Sloppy Mechanics

      "he has so much attention to detail" AutoZone plastic crimps on things have to get my comments in somewhere, love what you guys do

      1. Sloppy Mechanics

        @PFI Speed the rest is all so good i am just grabbing at threads!

      2. PFI Speed

        😂🤣 he wasn’t sure on the wiring lol. It’ll be solid, you rock brother! Love what you do

      3. Ray Massey

        I really want you to tune my s10 I’ll pay good do you answer your emails

    87. MrZcotty

      why was it down a hole?

    88. Anthony Roman

      just pure. so happy to see phong's insane creation come to life. it really has been a long time coming. and hes so humble, just makes me respect him that much more. cant wait to see her rip!

    89. Jeff Omalley

      Dude that is so funny the Goonies reference lmao. I was just saying this like yesterday or like the day before on one of the video with him that I swear he is the kid from the Goonies he is such a friggen genius lol.

    90. Super milsim dude

      I love phong so humble and a great builder its crazy to watch you and others all grow as you spread the love and i appreciate what youve done for the honda community little know how involved you were Brent and i also had the pleasure of meeting you at wcf 2018 at the one guys red sfwd b series crx pit and you were an awesome guy it was a memorable night for sure

    91. Nate O’Reilly

      That thing is beautiful!!

    92. Super milsim dude

      Remember kids All motor= naturally aspirated n/a = nitrous assisted

    93. 227chevyguy

      Show more of the cat 🐈

    94. Jarred Pender

      who ever is cutting onions, stop. This is a beautiful machine...way to go, cant wait to see you send it Phong!

    95. jeremy Malcolm

      Phong phong phong phong phong let me see that phong

    96. 513hondafreak

      I think Brent had sex with phong's car 3 times before it came out the trailer lol love it.....

    97. blasthammer1

      i have a 1967 Oldsmobile Toronado that i plan to turn in to a drag car some day its a FWD muscle care with a 7L 425 v8 that's mounted like a RWD configuration

    98. Kevin Christensen

      Man if I don't Ratchet soon sh**s going down

    99. Kevin Christensen

      That 2.3 Ford looks Familliar

    100. Kevin Christensen

      I think