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    The 1320Dtr crew is a big pet of our psca family. They lost a good friend of theirs Shelby Henderson many years ago. Shelby had a dream to fix up his Crx, put a turbo on it and run fast in the quarter mile. Well Dan and the crew have out years into getting this little hot rod ready for this moment. So join us now and let’s make this Dream get to it’s next phase!
    Instagram @1320_dtr ,message if you'd like to help
    All motor Phong
    Check out the new website!! Pic up some merch or parts

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    1. Suzie White

      Hey, guys. Shelby's mom here😭❤...couldn't be prouder of what Danny has done with the CRX and how much all of you have helped and supported him. Shelby fought such a hard fight. In the end, the cancer and chemo won. He is there with you guys for sure. What an awesome video! Thank you! Much love!

      1. Ronald Unating

        Low OP hk.

      2. Kanye Pepper

        I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mom to cancer in 2014 it was very hard. I hope you find strength and happiness in these difficult times.

      3. Boosted EbP

        Rip Shelby and sorry for your loss. Thing is a beast for sure!!

      4. Dane Shoquist

        Sorry for your lost R.I.P shelby

      5. sharpflickz

        I am sorry for you loss mam... Rest in peace shelby

    2. ermex

      Hey Brent I have an idea. How about you guys build a cancer awareness project car and you guys let everyone who has cancer sign the body of the car. Let me know what you think

    3. Mc ef9

      Great vid!!

    4. james whiteman

      The best intro had U fist pumping the air in the batrod.

    5. pFbSpecV

      Pretty awesome video!! The ending is touching for sure!

    6. ATL GOONZ

      I seriously don’t know why any of these videos have dislikes ! this channel is definitely so underrated and I can’t wait to meet Brent & the whole PFI crew 🔥

    7. Vuro

      Oh I saw that PR flag yessirrrr Puerto RICOOOOOO!

    8. booostedtc

      Did not know factory fuel rail would flow that much or support that much hp

    9. chris greer

      Yo I know 100% that I sub to the channel but 4 some reason it said I wasn't so resubscribed , jw 2 let everyone know u might wanna check and be sure

    10. Chris Carson

      What brand injectors did you end up you using???

    11. TDI World

      It would be cool if you guys added the date to the video in text. Boost and hp/tq. Just my opinion, just video tho keep um comin!

    12. Freddy rosenberg

      Jesus man, vent that exhaust outside, it's the 21st century already.

    13. The PeaceKeepers

      Rip Shelby

    14. Jdm94Hatchy

      This video was beautiful. You guys are rad 🥲

    15. Alex Moore

      Fuck cancer I have the same mask awesome

    16. Joey R

      Awesome video, I lost my dad to cancer almost 4 years ago....and I just have to say, I really loved the outro to this vid! F*CK CANCER!

    17. CWB Gaming

      When he smiles at hondas that's how I've always been no one understands

    18. Mark Reaves

      Right before this video, watched a video of a big V8 that made similar amount of horsepower.

    19. Your Name Here

      My mom, my aunt, and my uncle all got taken by cancer, this build is awesome 👌

    20. Adam Croteau

      Fuck cancer, that's one badass CRX!

    21. Jordan Scheurer

      Hell of a group of people. God bless yall

    22. Jordan Scheurer

      Man I just wanna come hang out with you guys. Maybe bring my jeep and have yall tune it lol. Feel like I could learn so much in one day

    23. hornet919

      fucking awsome group of friends , my biggest respect guys

    24. Ryan Hensley

      my 95 2.3L 8plug danger ranger did that splutter shit when it rained, changed coils, plugs, wires COATED the new ones in hair spray etc still did that shit, changed the motor harness STILL did that shit, (when it hit a puddle of water it did that shit) but none the less 178whp NGK plugs, dont remember what cam, header (yes header 8 plugs 4 per side (fords BEST 4 banger) splash chip, 5 speed with triple disk clutch from valeo which i cant find anymore? anyhow LOVED that truck lost my license due to having some white rhino kush when i was 21 im now 31 still dont have a license back from driving an shit. sold the truck and its still running like a fuckin tank... after watching a little further, i be got dammed if it was an injector getting wet (did have a home made cold air intake without a splash guard housing) but did that shit before i swapped out... bringing this up considering i may go get the truck back bc its still at my parents setting. and the people i sold it to are now strung out and getting hard up on cash..... but yea if its a simple injector fix FUCK ME

    25. Zach Boulter

      Love seeing phong in these videos 👍

    26. lowbxxst

      7:58 Momma lankford, love that lady!!

    27. castmaster84

      Brent and the Colorado boys are some of the most knowledgeable Honda gurus in the world. PFI is instrumental to the Honda game.

    28. Playing In The Road

      Why hasn't Lifetime picked y'alls channel up yet? Drama here, there, and everywhere. That damn crx must be running on 100% estrogen.

    29. 1Castle

      Good vibes here!

      1. iBOOST BUILT

        Agree 👍

    30. sharpflickz

      Rest in Peace Shelby

    31. Ryan Hogan

      Can’t you guys get a windshield washer pump and sprayers , fill the tank with “dyno sauce” and keep that attached to your dyno remote., ?

    32. Kerry Dorsey

      Thanks for the C awareness, guys. It helps every single victim.


      Bring tears to my eyes great job Brent. i was betting on 715HP still. 👍🏻

    34. Samuel Rubio

      Lets not forget panchy .waz a cool dude

    35. Samuel Rubio


    36. Samuel Rubio

      The last pull i said 7.24....that was 7.26..

    37. Macdaddy

      Fenbendazol is what cured my cousins stage 4 esophagus cancer. Get the word out. Fight cancer like a parasite.

    38. Doc.Cali

      Race in paradise

    39. Jim McCabe

      How much H.P. do you lose through the drive train? Is it less loss through front wheel drive than rear drive ?

    40. JBRUNETJ

    41. Xxstanc3don3xx twitch

      Hondas are very addictive. They make such cool looking cars and engines are solid. Keep up the good videos Brent. Been here since day 1


      holy bushings lOl

    43. Todd Purcell

      Jaime so crazy!🤩🤩

    44. earl steves

      RIP Shelby

    45. Gold Plated Junk

      Papa Brent knows best!

    46. Rick Scott

      Hey y'all, I've never met Brent in person, but the fact that I'm down here in New Port Richey, Fla. just a little north of Clearwater Tampa Bay area I'm making meeting him and Garrett aka Cleetus Mcfarland 2 people on my bucket list I'm wanting to meet. Even though I'm 71 & not feeling a day over 30/35, I'm still young at heart. I never miss any of either one of these guys posts. Keep up the great work you guys do as well as many others I've met online through y'all, Boosted Boyz, KSR, and Fasterproms, to name a few, and you have a viewer for life. 😎💯

    47. AppleGuy670

      After watching you guys for the past few years I wanted to know of all the Honda engines is the K24 the ultimate power king?

    48. AppleGuy670

      Brent looked irritated by Jaime lol you guys are funny

    49. Mtesahole

      Hell yeah

    50. Ninjewk20


    51. clean87sedan

      This has to be the most heartfelt tuning video I’ve ever seen on IRvision. Thank you Brent & the guys at PFI for being such a big part in the Honda racing industry and making sure everyone leaves the shop more than happy.

    52. Abec777 Hondatech

      What turbo on the crx?

    53. George Bilyarski

      Please tell Red Honda Guy to run his s.s. braided line away from the engine. Heat rises and that just looks awful!

    54. Caleb Sandersier

      That injector machine is SICK!!! Man I would give anything for the opportunity to work for you guys... talk about dream job...

    55. Kirt Danielson

      Where are you guys? Amazon didn't scuttle you too?

    56. shaun coudrey

      You’re a legend Brent 👍

    57. Lary O'Grady

      Y’all are bad ass keep it up but big mikes double bet and all for the charity. For sure! Add a link so we can donate also.

    58. mookie wilson

      great job.

    59. David Blanck

      What a legendary episode. I can't tell you how much these tribute cars mean to me. So epic, and thanks for sharing.

    60. Levi Taylor

      Cuz he is real.

    61. Kris Nicholson

      Kirkey seats look like an paramedic backboard/stretcher bent in half by a fat guy.. 😁

    62. Slow_CR_ 24v

      Boiz f*ck cancer I’m 22 I’ve been having problems the past 2 years since since about a month or 2 before my daughter was born and these past couple weeks have gotten worse and worse and I’ve been seeing a bunch of drs. Well finally seen a GS and he went over a few things and got some ct scans and said I have some cancerous like properties on my prostate and it’s not like it should be along with my kidneys acting up very badly. I go tomorrow to another specialist and try to get some game plans together, I hope one day if I can ever get my truck back together that I can build another Honda and come hang with pfi and the boiz that’s been my dream since I got into the Honda game and watching their channels. I hope all of you have a great year and keep your head high and live everyday like it’s your last you never know when it’ll be your time or you get bad news like I have. Much love PFI fam ✌🏻✌🏻 wish me luck

    63. twitch.tv/cdrfox29 braden

      What do you think of skunk racing Brent

    64. Peter Manship

      check front wheel bushings, because wheels move during execration , which could make car hard to steer / control.........beautiful car very sweet build

    65. danny williams

      Screw cancer its taken so many close people to me. My great grandma, my best friend in elementary a few months after my grand ma my uncle beat it and die less than a month from a blood clot. My mother beat breast cancer with out her I would have noone. Cancer really really sucks! Praryers goes out to all that have suffered from this crappy disease!

    66. Nofuxgvn _e38

      This is so hard to comment... my wife lost her 5 year daughter to brain stem cancer ... She is one of the strongest women I have ever come across to overcome a mother having to burying her daughter I’m so glad god put her in my life... guys god works in Mysteries ways, god has now blessed our family with 2 beautiful girls.. I always tell her god took 1 away but replaced her with 2 Beautiful girls that reminds us every day of our little angel ... I’m sorry for such a long comment but I scream this loud and clear for everyone to hear FUCK CANCER !!!! FUCK CANCER !!!

    67. Juice the purple stuff 316

      What's with that Dodge in the background ?

    68. Thelma Hattingh

      well i was crying.

    69. 2k Baby

      what do you guys use for injector tester fluid?

    70. Swift_


    71. Jason Tancer


    72. GAT

      Bet Brent has shifted a honda a billion times by now. That curve tho I've never even touched a turbocharged crx but this thing makes more rice crispies than my bald eagles. That is cool.

    73. Dan God


    74. Rick Styla

      Let it eat brother..#Hondagang

    75. Jerry Huscher

      Brent is such a nice guy


      Hes looking down smiling guys . Life is too short live it to the fullest.

    77. Christian Grytten

      PFI Speed. The only channel where 100 ads is ok. Just to support❤️

    78. john dodd

      Lost my Mom at 45, cancer,brother at 42 cancer! I feel your pain....

    79. synseer 84

      I forgot how much I liked this channel!💯💯💯

    80. Logan Wolfe

      My favorite CRX now

    81. wish bone

      hope lily the cat is okay...been a while!

    82. Mr fantastic

      Where is the S2000??

    83. iaen valley

      All Turbo Phong ! kidding.... lol

    84. Ginja

      The Love in that room was epic lads. Sleep well Sir your car is Amazing. I lost my Mum and Dad to that horrible disease, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, not that I have any and I truly hope that we will wake up one day and stop paying useless people megabucks to just look good or take their clothes off and give that money to the Doctors, Scientist, and nurses that will save us and are looking after us putting their own lives at risk especially at the moment.

    85. Dr. Rob

      Good shit man great video

    86. eXViLs - 8B008B

      wow, already on 300k+ subs.. i remember you guys having just few thousands

    87. Asylumental

      *300,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!*

    88. GOOD STUFF!

      Nice tribute, GOOD STUFF!

    89. Ian Norton

      My heart goes with you guy's also. F ___cancer. From the other side of the pond 🇬🇧

    90. maney rivera

      You guys are truly genuine people.. God Bless... #truckcancer 💪💪💯💯🙏🙏🙏

    91. mopartshemi

      Brent!!!! Please i have to know what is going on with that 80s dodge ram first gen i have a 88 w150 and i have always seen that in the background cheers form Windsor Ontario Canada RIP shelby

    92. eaglebrink

      I'm from over the big pond, and even i can feel Shelby be there!!!!! What an awesome vibe!!!! RIP Shelby and to H#L with cancer!

    93. Francisco Garcia

      Brent showing love and boosting that little monters crx nice channel 🙏🙏🙏👍

    94. chris emery

      Nice work Brett I'm sure your friend is smiling down on you,well done.

    95. Corey MacPherson

      This was a great video. RIP Shelby, your REX is a Ripper. And on a side note for some that may be being affected by the C, I have heard some really interesting things about the cancer fighting abilities of MMS, Miracle Mineral Supplement/Solution. Also has good Virus fighting abilities. In fact it is supposed to help remove many many baddies from your body. I hope this info helps someone. Thanks PFI!!! You guys are just awesome!


      This was emotional and inspiring at the same time 😭😕 rest in peace Shelby, this was really inspiring, when I eventually build my racecar I will remember this video

    97. Salvador Gomez

      Since I have watch these IRvision channel all you guys always been really humble and good people god bless everyone 😎🙏 & Fuck cancer ✌

    98. Aaron Coy

      Brent you and your crew represent what the car community is supposed to be. We all appreciate it!

    99. S.C Papa Ray

      My dad died at 41 with cancer. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone. I know how you feel. And God bless you!!

    100. T B

      Corona 26:13