I Nearly Rolled my Integra While Phong Fixed the Phoenix

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    In this episode phong gets the Phoenix back together and we had to take the Dirt cars out to our neighbors little track! While out there I nearly rolled the Integra! Yikes! So join us now and let’s Go!
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    1. Micah Good

      The Phoenix is one wicked ride, and yeah can't wait to to see it make a pass

    2. scion1818

      Awesome! Freedom Dirt Factory Track!! 👍👌

    3. FourLeafClover

      Brent is awesome. I wish i had a friend like him. His buddy picked out a car from the field and no doubt it was brent's car that he gave his friend and probably will help build it and then tune it. That's an awesome friend! badass! I want a friend like that to help me build my 6 bolt 4g63T laser rs. Hell Yeah Brother!

    4. Kevin Keener

      As much as everyone hated to see phones motor get hurt, you can’t tell me everyone wasn’t excited to see him work on this motor!

    5. Tou Vang

      Wow that's a beautiful CRX 😍

    6. Kay Bee

      Hahhah Brent I almost rolled my integra the same way, came up on two wheels and I bailed and hit a ditch.

    7. Nate Hamilton

      I love how everyone doesn't matter who they are jumps in at that shop. You guys seriously have THE best team. We gotta get my car going soon bro. I am getting excited it's getting faster and faster. You guys are amazing keep it up PFI ... God bless you Brent and the whole PFI TEAM.

    8. phong Wong

      Holy Buddha the sound of that ITB...

    9. Bruce Poole

      Don’t know anything about these cars but man it looks sweet and sounds so good

    10. Richard Massesy

      Link for Samantha's Chanel is done say dns server can't be reached

    11. Frin DLee

      Here in Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia they have it where you can dirt track "circle track" cars like that, they actually have a class you can enter for it.

    12. Tim Smallsreed

      The tractor aka skid steer/skid loader. Haha, yeah country boy here. At least it was a Bobcat so if you would have called it a Bobcat that would be fine. It's so annoying when people call all skid steers Bobcats...Bobcat is a brand man! Great job on the rebuild though! Team work makes the dream work!

    13. huidc2

      I'm late to the party, but you guys are 👏 helping Phong get that car going again is amazing.

    14. Tbr420420

      The dynamic of everybody on this channel is heartwarming . it’s nice to see everyone work towards everyone’s goals.

    15. Honda Land

      if you stand on the engine stand you dont have to worry about fighting it

    16. xxxg0t3mxxx

      we just got a nice 350 in the shop today that we have to machine down im not a chevy man id rather work on my teggy!

    17. Jakob Doke

      I believe 225-65-15 cooper cobras will fit on the integra. Its what i ran on my 93 integra dirt oval car

    18. Kendizzel belgrave

      He need to put back the stock 50 Degree cam wheel

    19. LickMeMate OG

      I just bought a 03 honda civic hatchback and I want to build a narly motor for it but I want to buy the motor and build it on the side and put it in the car fully built where would be a good place to get a motor online

    20. scott tim

      Woooo so stoked for this build in the lanes!!!

    21. Doug Tond

      Can you guys PLEEEASE build a super legitimate awd rally car????? I've often fantasized about an awd Accord rally car... either 4th gen 2 OR 4-door... or maybe even a 3rd gen Si hatch 🤘

    22. Nostalgia Now

      Hell ya looks like fun! Glad to see you all having some fun with my old blue hatch, perfect car for that!

    23. C W

      13:55 sounds like a quote from the joker! 🃏

    24. Ryan White

      I think it is awesome your wife is engaged in your life phong. Absolutely beautiful thing!!

    25. overbehindunder

      An advert on this video was a 2hr35m video of rain sounds... wtf?

    26. Upfuktheshut 2020

      Bro I will send you a tv for the dyno right now

    27. patrick patrick

      The racing was epic

    28. patrick patrick

      Love how everyone had chopsticks but Phong.....lmao

    29. Bob Gaudet

      I was hoping to see how the car did on the Dino it looks and sounds great

    30. Flat Out North

      I dream to have a wife like phong.

    31. MrSamcro1976

      The phoenix rises from the ashes

    32. howardsen666

      So much silikon 😂😂😂 enough for 4 covers

    33. John do

      Such a good technician Phong is.

    34. Rusty Nutzz

      The background music is RAD.

    35. RockettMotorsports

      Y’all got one HELL of a set of berms out there lmao

    36. Benjamin Cleminson

      You guys need to edit footage lol

    37. Turboobsessed

      Phuck Yea Phong!

    38. BasedAnomalies

      I love how pfi is one big family, you can feel it as you watch it and there's not another channel I watch that that gives me that vibe.

    39. Hecht Speed

      Everybody has chopsticks accept fong hahaaha

    40. Ricardo Vargas

      Sorry for the misspelling on PHong name

    41. Griffin Breck

      I'm interested to see how long that piston lasts

    42. Johnathon Kelp

      Needs some of the new 4P timing chain guides 💪

    43. Ben Pratt

      Look at y'all divin in on that little beast getting ready to rip. Its awesome!!! Love this channel. Im a legally blind guy livin in Perth Western Australia that can't have a license, but want to go racing. Follower for life! Peace out

    44. neil dantino

      Twisting wrenches on a Sunday not always a bad thing at all!

    45. Travis Gustin

      Not a fan of cvt trans but i feel like a wrecked newer accord or civic with a. Cvt would bode well in the rally racing

    46. hank trager

      Long time fan, Mann y’all should help slower than u out. Has a badass truck, just doesn’t get the appreciation in views as he deserves. And he has a hot driver “driver mod” 😂💯

    47. Donnie Minter Jr

      Phong's wife right there helping him either by filming or handing him tools all with a smile on her face the entire time, we should all be lucky to be so blessed! #positivitypaysoff #AllMotorPhongSpeed #PFISpeed

    48. Ty Foster

      All motor phong and abusing some Honda’s in the dirt. What’s not to love?

    49. Timothy Radi

      الحمد لله على السمع و الأبصار و الأفئدة. Alhamdulillah for sight, hearing and heart.

    50. Kareem G

      Man I love watchin y'all work together. Watching the story behind these cars means a lot

    51. Daniel Sanchez

      This aint for fun this is freedom 500 practice!!

    52. Potato HEAD 1993

      Phong needs a heater in the oil tank so he doesn't half to take it out every time. I think it's called an emertion heater

    53. Kyle R

      link to song around the 8min area please..

    54. Kevin Faherty

      the little "ya" thrown in here and there in sound dead spots is SPOT on haha .

    55. MAXCFM

      Glad they took the piston out to file it down! (good time to check that bearing also) So they don't get trash all in the engine.

    56. Dan stein

      Jetski grader. Now ive seen it all. Lol

    57. Bubba Brown

      There is something so sweet to the sound of a built all motor 4 cylinder

    58. Bubba Brown

      Phong said a bad word

    59. DEAN IS HERE

      It's like the freedom factory on a pop can budget !!!

    60. DahakaCL

      I love Samantha

    61. Shertrendyme Tv


    62. Adam Chapman

      Awesome work there is nothing wrong with the piston you just added a few cc 😆. Thanks for the post keep up the great work from Canada

    63. welsh kraken

      Yes the Pheonix is back !

    64. Guy Outdoors

      Wheres all the snow there? We have over a foot still in upper NY state.

    65. Aaron Coy

      Let's go!!!!!

    66. BeatJumper 👽

      i love how brent bashed the limiter whilst sideways

    67. Steven Van emmenis

      Dud seriously !!!!

    68. 1UsedDj

      Titanium can have defects in the metal due to metal phase... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_case

    69. lee hearsey

      great effort guys, expect nothing less of course, and I'm sure its already on the list, but please change that 'junk' fuel fitting, do not want to see this beauty really have to rise from the ashes!

    70. Dean Fuller

      Awesome hokie 80s music!

    71. Tony Ross

      Let's go pfi

    72. Tony Ross

      That rally track is awesome

    73. Deleted

      that little cartoon pic was too fuckin funny lol

    74. bloodshot5

      The jetski behind the bobcat LMAO

    75. DJ WRAITH

      So happy he got it back and running and in one day what a HUSSLE! YEA PHONG!

    76. Ryan Nedela

      Woohoo, such a Rad video!!! You guys really show that teamwork, and friendship, go a long long ways!!! And on a Sunday, to boot!!! Thank you for your time and wisdom, and yes Tom that means you too!!!! Let's Go!! P.S. AND THE BACKROUND MUSIC:):)

    77. Guinness AFA

      Anyone know the name of the music ?

    78. Tyler Jones

      Windchill here in Dickinson ND is -40°f! The high today is -8°f lol. Keep having fun boiz!!

    79. Tyler Jones

      Lesssgooooo boiz! Keep them coming!!!

    80. Melvin Olthof

      Jetski works sweet😅😂

    81. AZ_3kgt

      Got a question for phong. How long does a set of aluminum rods last on an n a built honda? Doing a bit of r&d for an n a built 3000gt.

    82. Pim S

      Lets GO

    83. DJ WRAITH

      That song for the time lapse is FKN FIRE!@8:02

    84. Luis Ruiz

      LOVE what you guys do thats a team💪👍

    85. MaNNeRz Laguna

      Phong running meka Nikal fuel pumps and shit 👌

    86. IconickGG G

      "i'm not crying my eyes are just watering"

    87. HOpesaNDreAms joe hall

      Showing much love to yall Brent. Jamie. Shaun. Goofy H day is coming in April would love for yall to come out let it rip at the track at Maryland international raceway

    88. Aido Wilson

      Sounds Happier this time =D

    89. DrugTalk 101

      The tractor??! Haha 😂 love it!

    90. Solo_EM1

      I absolutely died when I saw you pack the dirt with a jet ski... this channel is amazing.

    91. Chris Vigil

      No not the ef civics

    92. chris devine

      I want to know more about that track!!!

    93. Mr Black

      Samanthas dreamy

    94. Tyler McIntyre

      Such a humbling group of guys, and gals. Y'all seem to have wayyy too much fun. Thanks for letting us tag along.

    95. Green Thumb

      Almost flips the Honda on a 55 gallon drum and saves it

    96. Ninos Garage

      I love phong!!! He is the best!

    97. Deric McGuffie

      Brent makes you feel like your at the shop with them. Jamie's 2injector deal was on y'all's ass.

    98. Vin Dejon

      Many hands make light work, just awesome guys. Big Up!

    99. Ralph Menta

      The rally track racing should be mandatory for anyone in anger management. How can you not have a smile on your face while racing basically carefree.

    100. JesseFpv

      I'm digging Sams style lol