Wheels Up ! I invite you to the PSCA Import Finals! Let’s Gooo!

PFI Speed

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    They have all qualified now it’s time to for eliminations! One by one they race it out for not to win the event but the point series as well! Super proud and stoked of all these racers that come out and enjoy an event we put on for the guys like yourself good friends good racing and just good times. Join me for an absolute blast ! Blast off to Pfispeeds Psca pro and street class racing !
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    1. PFI Speed

      Almost to 400 comments and I have to say thanks for rippin with me! I love making these videos and races!! Please smash the like and comment like wild! Let’s build this channel to another level together !

      1. Rowan Julien

        @Brenton Hartkopf Wow! Took roughly 10 minutes but it actually worked!

      2. Brenton Hartkopf

        Dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn password hacker ;)

      3. Felipe Troche

        Are you able to tune a 2zzge motor?

      4. Garrett Hilton

        Need the beater tuned up so he can take Morgan down next season

      5. DERP

        LETS GO BABY

    2. osmosis 01

      47:08 the dreaded Honda 2-1 shift! No matter how many times you see it's always brutal to watch

    3. osmosis 01

      That danger too manifold cutscene though 🤣 I thought that speedo sweep looked familiar at the start of it..

    4. Brad Tremblay

      brent you the man

    5. Matty Blanchard

      Brent you kick ass I worked on Hondas for 8yrs 5 different dealers...built my own 92 prelude SI B22 ...The went to a 98 prelude si motor no turbskis just all motor and just a header....new cams bullet proof bottom end.....if it could sprout wings ...well it did I GOT DIVORCED..SMFH..GOOD BYE PRELUDE

    6. E S

      Awsome Brent

    7. Mark Rivera

      If being with or around Brent don’t motivate you to do your best nothing will. Just a super cool good hearted dude.

    8. Teknique 82

      24:27 “del sol’s got a single, but he’s here to rip! Oh! maybe not” Lmfaooooo!!!!!!!

    9. FRANKO'S EJ6

      That must be the hardest thing to over come "money shift" 😔

    10. Jason Bittinger

      Got to love Bandimere Speedway

    11. No Limit Racing

      Love the videos man. That 1-2-1 fuckin sux. I can feel the drivers pain 😢

    12. Todd Ross

      Dude Brent makes these videos so damn fun to watch

    13. Rafael Acosta

      Great video

    14. Jim Hiscott

      Correct me if I am wrong. When javi first came on the seen wasn't his hatch a D series single jingle?

    15. v0id Tank3r

      My standard type r would smoke these round a track ;D

    16. Anthony Peletsky

      Mm pick

    17. Jim Hiscott

      Steven boyd recently got his ppg straight gear set for his transmission! Now he can use all that power he has. Expect his Et's to drop soon! I am looking forward to seeing him run on a built transmission. I fallow Boyd because I built the identical motor he runs.

    18. Jermaine James

      Song in intro

    19. Central Texas Civic

      Man Brent's attitude reminds me so much of how my family and friends are in washington state. Love the content I support the channel by running pfi on my ej thanks pfi

    20. Bob Berry

      Mercia needs more people like you guys!

    21. Duane R. Kraft J.r.

      This is the best intro I have ever fucking seen from PFI

    22. Andrew Thompson

      God damn that was an early shift for mario @ 54:48 tried to grab second before he even passed the staging light. Was that 8 ft out lol ? good for him for making it that far though !

    23. pFbSpecV

      This video was awesome! I loved the racing! The bug and sohc civic was my favorite race! I was rooting for the civic!

    24. 2JDM

      Mario doing it big lets-a go!

    25. Op1 zilla

      What's more foggy your glasses or the camera, oh yea it's greese, 😆

    26. Op1 zilla

      Moving on over, Virginia is Beautiful,

    27. Turbo Bill

      Way to go Britt! Ya JYNX'D JAMIE lmao

    28. Ryan Holden

      Awesome watching you guys commentate this like a pro... Keep up the good work u guys make it happen

    29. Ryan Holden

      I mean u dont blow the welds on the intake manifold ....thats one fine way too blow 10k dollars

    30. silent347

      PFI and 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 what a combination

    31. Thor Jay


      1. Thor Jay

        Say it with me, people!!!

    32. Chris Yarzab

      Great narration. It made the video more interesting. Whoever is recording on the right side of the track needs to pay attention to what they are filming. Keep the camera up.

    33. CBrackin

      @17:53 something flys off at top end. hood maybe???



    35. Johnmicheals Burnett

      Hell Yeah that was some Rad intense racin what a Awesome last PFiSpeed psca event lov’d every sec. top notch content... Big Thanks to Everyone who makes this possible & congratulations to the winners and everybody else as well for givin it your All 👍👍 can’t wait to see next year’s events along with all the other Rad times Thanks again... OG PFiSpeed/BoostedBoiz Fan an will be for Life!!! 🤜🤛😎🔰🔰🔰💪✌️

    36. SoullessMeatVehicle

      Duddddde that intro is so dope!!! Congrats on the progress Brent!

    37. Ben Peter

      The editing on your videos has gotten so good. I remember the first video. You guys have came a long way. And im sure theres a long way to go. Keep it up guys

    38. Cesar David

      I can't wait to see Brent with millions of subscribers. He deserves it!

    39. -Kyoichi-

      8:22 ef hatch has a locash cnc sticker 👀 love to see companies from Az around the world

    40. J B

      Take a drink for every "putting in work"... :)

    41. J B

      "You guys could be twins or brothers I swear"... Brent is so wholesome lol.

    42. J B

      You and Spence should co-host the next Cleetus ppv.

    43. dylan t

      Your videos make me cry happy tears every single time...

    44. Frank Gorbea

      Mar Performance 🙌

    45. Alexis sixela

      PSCA = Plan Sponsor Council of America

    46. Ramon Ruiz

      Javi 4:37 soy un compañero de trabajo de Edgardo Davila acá en Florida. Me dijo él que vas a venir para acá en unas semanas para las competencias de Orlando?

    47. Ramon Ruiz

      I love your videos.... 👍

    48. Jared THISDELLE

      Hey hey

    49. Harry Valentín

      Nice video 🔥👍

    50. Marco Ciptla

      Dam copper pins wife is fast, gotta be a proud moment when your girl can hold shit down. One fast lx mustang

    51. Marco Ciptla

      I love that 88 LX accord, my first stick shift Honda that got me started. Crashed it coming home from Englishtown raceway in 1998, think it was a NOPI event but not 100%. Love that car being out n stretching it’s legs, we need a 1000hp AWD Lxi sedan

    52. fred rubble

      click link, instant cool music and coolest cat in colorado all pumped up! let's go, PFI Speed!

    53. boostismagic

      31:03 Just Beautiful....damn...can't stop replaying it, looks like LaLenta..

    54. kevin kissoon

      Love your energy and videos god bless brent!

    55. Myles Bartunek

      What car is the light blue one @ 14:16 ? is it a civic?

    56. Strug Life


    57. Bryan Mullins

      Such a great video Brent! Absolutely love your guys content and positivity!

    58. Sikander Ahmed

      Awesome show PFI

    59. Phil H

      Where is the Bully?

      1. PFI Speed

        It coming

    60. Jeffrey Waite

      Dude down shifted from 2nd to 1st and the car did an Endo and revved it up so high it broke the oil pump.. that’s why he had to pull over on the track. Love the videos tho

    61. Freezie Freeze

      Brent was wondering if you might know where to get replacement quarter panels and floor pans for a 93 civil hatchback.. hard to find anything for it up here in Toronto Canada..thanks man

    62. El CRX

      Sick video

    63. DK diesel

      wish brent was my dad..

    64. Boosted Developments

      What a video quality stuff man some of the best races I’ve seen love it. Keep the content coming guys!!!

    65. glen chamberlain

      Hello I am a novice tuner and I have a question for Brent and the guys because I know you guys spend a lot of time with Japanese makes of vehicles I have a friend who has a 1994 vh45 engine he would like tuned and I am just wondering what I will need to do it because hp tuners software does not support that vehicle. I will be happy to give you my email or anything you guys would want if you're willing to answer my questions about what software or hardware I will need to tune this vehicle thank you guys

    66. Triptech79

      30:52 that sound of that transmission! Absolutely love it

    67. Blotted

      what kind of H pattern are they using they doesnt allow them to clutch in?

    68. Asher Morales

      34:50 I heard the car start breaking up and I was like “damn he could’ve won that”

    69. Asher Morales

      That single cam runs some of the smoothest 8’s I’ve ever seen

    70. Nicholas

      Heres comment number 400. Keep it up bro. I got a turbo Trans Am I wanna put on your Dyno. 🤙🤙

    71. Lawrence

      what a wild day!

    72. Asher Morales

      Brent do you know if that blue em1 that won is the old vibrant performance coupe?

      1. Asher Morales

        Jamie srt4 pfispeed NICE! Glad to see the car still making passes

      2. Jamie srt4 pfispeed

        Yes it is. Morgan won it in the raffle

    73. David Blanck

      How about Brent giving all the up and comers a shout out? You can't ask for a more genuine guy! Thanks for this great content.

    74. welsh kraken

      19:19 on what planet is that teal green? its BLUE :P Also, i would love to come race.. but as im in Sweden its a bit far :D

    75. jcnpresser

      The best import racing ever!

    76. Handstandman Stan

      Warning, danger to manifold! lmao 27:08

    77. Jonathan Tullberg

      That was a great video. Its incredible how fast this channel grew and improved. You guys bust your a$$. And I seriously appreciate it. Ty

    78. Joshua Camacho

      What set up does the white Delsol have known it's a d16 but what have he done to the motor.

    79. that ek dude

      Man I tell you what people are gonna have their hands full when it comes to Brent and Sho'nuff when he's done.

    80. Mike Gonzalez

      Love the footage buddy buddy🔥🙏🔥🙏

    81. Kevin S.

      I feel like Brent needs a microphone, and a camera guy following him around.

    82. Kevin S.

      Sketchy Vert!! I've been wondering where his car's been for PCSA. I guess when the domestic cars are doing 4's, I get it.. LOL

    83. JrVtec

      The whole time after seeing goofy's twin i was hoping they'd stand next to each other brent made it happen lmao! GO PFI! GO RACING! GO EVERYONE! In my opinion EVERYONE WON because they had FUN!

    84. Gabriel Hernandez

      787 area code

    85. Gabriel Hernandez

      PFI out here looking like 1320 lol

    86. FastChevy Z28

      Oh so that's a backwards wheelie

    87. Gabriel Hernandez


    88. Biffles

      So bummed that I had to miss this. At least I get to watch it with some sweet Brent commentary!

    89. Jdogs garage Get Er done

      Nice event Brent goooooo

    90. Jdogs garage Get Er done

      That dude in the Delos had a smile for days

    91. Aaron Warren

      Where can I get one of those digital clusters that’s in the Honda’s

      1. Aaron Warren

        PFI Speed I can’t find it on the website

      2. Aaron Warren

        PFI Speed cool💪🏽

      3. PFI Speed

        We sell them at Pfispeed, 💪🏼

    92. Jeffrey Derksen

      this video is amazing

    93. CarGuyTim

      46:45 you’re welcome. Subscribe to my channel lol

    94. Matt Hurlbert

      Is it just me or should brent be an announcer on tv for these drag races an even bigger races.. he would be pretty good at it..

    95. stlmikie

      Your commentary is great Bret. Thanks for sharing.

    96. R h

      Let's go dude

    97. Jose Dwanx

      This gonna be the new race week , aka Honda week!

      1. Jose David

        How so?

    98. Pidjnr

      Man...Brent's enthusiasm for drag racing and life in general is so infectious! Been having a pretty shitty time recently but a PFI video makes it all so much easier

    99. A E

      48:02 dude thinks he has oil pressure after that major mis shift."let me check my oil pressure" oil pressure ima head out.

    100. Apoxolypse

      Thank you Brent for bringing us this awesome action. Keep up the Great work brother.