Drywalling and Then Hot Rodding a k20 powered S2000 ! such a Rad day

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    In this episode we finish up the drywall and then our friend Eddie brings down a k20a2 powered s2000 down for a rad session where we try to make 200 hp naturally aspirated at 6000ft join us now and lets Rip!
    S2000 build by Ewerkz street Status find them at . streetstatusperformance?igshid=warrsa5x0vu2
    Chaps Daniel Stone support
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    1. Manny Barreda

      This vid shows the real meaning of rocking and rolling. 😆

    2. Turbo World

      Looks a lot more comfortable, no more videos of you guys freezing to death inside!!

    3. Ramon Ruiz

      Team work is awesome guys... Shop is looking a lot better 👍

    4. MrSamcro1976

      When you hear Brent swearing that is unusual 🤔

    5. Samsonian

      I always knew Phuong was a secret ninja...

    6. TheFoyer13

      That's quite the audience

    7. BassManBobBassCovers

      Looks like a fun day to me hell yeah!

    8. grizoh

      Why dont you guys have an exhaust vent for the cars on your dyno?

    9. Jordan Escudero

      I thought forsure you guys are gonna get a big TV for the dyno so Brent can see it from the car lol

    10. Jordan Escudero

      You guys should throw down some yellow standing lines to make it have that shop look! I love watching y’all do shop hop-ups !

    11. Jdubski NC

      Put bleachers in, sell popcorn and drinks. That many people would annoy me.

    12. Jacob Burd

      White for now it be sick if you did a black an green pfi speed theme

    13. StupidShetHead

      Phong? Naw, Imma call him Jack, Jack Of ALL Trades

    14. D B

      What's the name of the song I love it.

    15. Rick Houston


    16. Steven Glover

      you should make a honda powered hill climb car for pikes peak

    17. Jim Mills

      YeEeEeEeT Phong!

    18. Ryan Green

      Put the EWP on the dyno before sending it back

    19. Peter Macdonald

      That K20 engine is completely behind the front struts, that's cool.

    20. Larry Bagley

      Damn, how many people need to show up to have a car tuned?? They brought the whole ass family

    21. Terence Noel

      Whats up with hatch in the corner and blue car

    22. Terence Noel

      Whats up with hatches in the corner

    23. Matthew Holmgren

      spray foam the ceiling, will insulate in plus make it look painted

    24. mork orson

      With the walls looking smart the doors look out of place now.

    25. marco46f

      3:56, it scared the sht out of me xD

    26. Victor S

      do you guys feeling any difference inside now with the new insulation? awesome stuff, as always.

    27. C5 RC

      Dan "Chaps" stone was a great guy i knew him close to 15 years and never once saw him without a smile on his face. I'm really going to miss that guy a lot!

    28. Kyran collier

      Lmfao, I like the edit. But it’s cool regardless phong !!

    29. Chad Hobart

      Looks like you better get some bleachers installed around that Dino 🤘🤘

    30. Bobby Bentley

      Paint that floor a light gray it will brighten it up even more

    31. Stag

      You guys really stepped up your editing game, nicely done. 👍

    32. JohnSav

      Thanks for the T-Shirt and greetings from the UK! Keep up the awesome work 😁

    33. Dog Town Kai

      When you paint you should do the first 9 ft a light grey so you can’t see hand prints and stuff on as easy

    34. H3ntairican

      It is clear phong was an assassin in his past life

    35. Street Car Culture

      Nice vid as always. Did this customer bring his whole town to watch the dyno 🤣

    36. joshs199

      That wing though..😂

    37. joshs199

      200hp a boost pipe must have come off. 😂👍

    38. att0987654321

      Shop is looking sweet, have you thought of putting resin on the floor, that would look sweet with the new walls 👌🏻

    39. reddsracing

      The team yall have is amazing. Your comrodary and flow together is inspiring. Yall living my dream. Just different kind of cars. Thank yall for the great content

      1. Michelle Fink

        This was a Street Status Performance build 🙃

    40. Goodballa

      Phong is THE MAN... PERIOD. Those dimpled ITB's are awe inspiring (Golf ball tech). Phong, if your sister fell in love with me would you mod my car for free? I'll love you either way... damnit, I fold like a house of cards.#PhongForPresident

    41. Sil3nt- 4ssassin

      So what’s gonna happen with Emilio he still gonna have a spot there like Kyle ?

    42. dustin

      It looks so much nicer with the sheet rock when u were dynoing the s2000 it really spiffed the place up gonna be sick when its all done

    43. J.R. Cuevas

      What ever happened to the rehab s2000?

    44. Neleos M

      If you want to talk about clean. Wait until you guys are able to paint the ceiling. The progress is looking amazing. 👍👍

    45. Gavin Nunns

      maybe I'm strange, but there is something really satisfying about doing a good drywall job!

    46. Chicago Vasko

      P a int the doors a black n white checker flag, yall some winner's.

    47. cntsles fabrication

      I can get you sound/dynamite for the door's if your interested but you got to let me know ASAP or we lose out on it because I'm in the hospital myself and don't know when I'm going in for surgery and be MIA myself after surgery

    48. Michael Reagan

      Jamey getting down on the lift

    49. Drummin003

      Washer challenge? I'm game to play. Of course, I'll using a nail gun from 3 feet away.

    50. Chris Shank

      You guys should cover the back sides of the garage doors with Milk board or Frp. To give them a cleaner look with the nice look of the drywall. The milk board should be easy to clean since it's plastic..

    51. Daniel Merzetti-Grieve

      The shop is looking good boiz🤘

    52. Alberto Einstiner

      What happend to the rehab S2K

    53. hogie48

      Brent you really doing us dirty and time lapse over Jamie doing an Austim Powers in the lift lol?

    54. Jared THISDELLE

      Nice shot phong

    55. Jo Gon

      #washerchallange !!!! yo much love to the NA family!!

    56. Dalton Strang

      When your best friends car end up at pfi 😂

      1. Michelle Fink

        We built it

    57. John Haus

      K swap the scissor lift

    58. Sean Creswell

      you should check out the house wrap sold at 84Lumber for the garage doors .

    59. Blaznmax 88

      Gta hook up a cold air intake tube that goes through garage door like they do with the exhausts

      1. PFI Speed

        I was thinking the same

    60. tato kay

      Yes a rear wheel drive Honda!

      1. Michelle Fink

        And she’s a beast. This build was created at Street Status Performance in Denver.

    61. Dukesofhazzard


    62. Blaznmax 88

      And dude iam a nissan guy but love hondas but those s2000s are a masterpiece that doesnt get enough credit

    63. Blaznmax 88

      Dam rip to him gta stay positive tho ge qill not be forgotten iam sure

    64. 89 Hybrid

      Seems like nobody has ever seen a strap break and then the car comes off the dyno. People way to close to a car doing over 100 mph.

    65. Max Power

      Honestly expected another hundred horses out of that car

      1. Michelle Fink

        We have about 3 additional upgrades for the car because we too believe it can make more. It’s an all motor street status performance build.

    66. daniel smith

      A lot of people there for a 200hp car lol

      1. Michelle Fink

        We had brought two cars to be tuned and we built both. A lot of homies believing in one another’s work a d respecting the passion and time.

    67. D's 392

      My home track.... man.... definitely going to miss him

    68. 802 Garage

      Why do I love shop upgrade videos so much? Great work guys. Looking amazing.

    69. Dan Bernstiel

      I didn’t know that many people lived in Colorado!

    70. Colin P.

      I don't know ow why, but I'm actually relieved to see you guys using the score and snap method rather than the circ saw.. I don't have to yell at my screen any more🙂

    71. Jacob Toy

      Did i catch a Haiyah in there?? hahaha Shop is looking FUYOHHH!!!!

    72. Chris Schubert

      All those people showed up, to watch a s2000 make less power than stock😆

      1. PFI Speed

        Stock only make 170 here 💪🏼🤩

    73. TrAvy_K_Malllo

      I NEED TO KNOW!!..... Does the backside of your building now look like a porcupine with all the screws going through the siding? No judgment, I just wanna know 😂

      1. TrAvy_K_Malllo

        @PFI Speed my contractor brain was just goin crazy, I had to know lol

      2. TrAvy_K_Malllo

        @PFI Speed Thanks for the reply!! I’m so glad, I should have had more confidence in you! Lol shop looks awesome

      3. PFI Speed

        Lol I’ll have to show you. But no it’s like 5 layers thick now lol

    74. XOZ Industries

      I’ve never seen so many people happy about 200 horse power

      1. PFI Speed

        Our elevation it’s some work, and they feel honestly super fun

    75. michael blacktree

      Note to self: never get on Phong's bad side. 😉

    76. K24SwappedEM1

      Don’t mess with Phong y’all 🏹

    77. K spaz

      Remember if you can check out the fundraiser and help out the stone family. The memory of you will never be alone or collapse, you’re In are hearts forever MR.stone aka chaps

    78. Danny from the beer store

      That's some next level Mr Miyagi skills right there.

    79. sampel

      also I noticed when fong was screwing the drywall in place he really cranked the screw but if you break the paper with the screw you lose the holding power of the screw anyways so just another tip from a guy who does this kinda thing either get a drywall tip witch is made to not allow you to break the paper being that it only allows you to screw it in to the perfect depth almost every time lol or just be careful when screwing the drywall in place disclaimer no I'm not being a dick or a smart ass just trying to help

    80. Nate Kelly

      Drop tarp everything and go nuts in there with an airless paint gun. It’s going to be sweet however ya do it. Nice work guys.

    81. sampel

      next time try adding some water to your bucket of mud and it wont be such a mess just a tip also much easier to put on the wall when its thinned out

    82. Penny Copperhatch

      Brent...PLEASE...PLease for the love of Music don't use that song again haha....Annoying for the eardrums....Nuff Said!

      1. Penny Copperhatch

        @PFI Speed The Auto-Tune voice sounding music on the TimeLapse...lol

      2. PFI Speed

        Which one lol I used 3, you know I gotta change it up 😂

    83. FR3CO917

      Phong being a ninja right at the strt !!!

    84. redwalsh87

      Those are some monster pieces of sheetrock, good job guys!

    85. Chad Parker

      So how many times will the bully be rebuilt before sho'nuff I'm not a real big import fan but your sho'nuff is slowly converting me

      1. Chad Parker

        @PFI Speed right on I was joking about that I enjoy a lot of your content but sho'nuff is a whole new level of awesomeness

      2. Michelle Fink

        The import was built at street status performance. It’s not a PFI build.

      3. PFI Speed

        Engines going together right now

    86. Bubba Ray Lindy

      Sure, give the shortest guy the saw 😂🤣

    87. James Mathew

      50 tries later Phong got it LMFAO

    88. Finnegan

      So glad he put 2JZsupra in his instagram handle. Never wouldve known what was in it

    89. Jeff Froment

      Brent if those garage doors are all metal and you're going to paint them. Make sure you use a paint called D.T.M. ( Direct To Metal ) you get it at Sherwin Williams. That's your best option especially if you want it to last. I'm a painter and I've been painting for 23yrs. Trust me it's worth buying the D.T.M.. Also gotta put a turbo on that S2000 then it would rip.

    90. c edwards

      Poor dog

      1. Michelle Fink

        She’s fine. Thanks for your concern though.

    91. J Dub

      There is an Angel Munoz from Colorado that races dirt track stuff. Not the same guy is it?

    92. Skwisgar2322

      5:53 as someone who used to install flooring my first reaction was "son of a....typical effing drywaller!" They were the bane of our existence. Either making a mess on the subfloor and not cleaning it up, or spilling mud on our freshly installed flooring...

    93. ZBruh

      Shop looks better! Even if I did cringe at the way you put the drywall up lol 😆

    94. Juan Pereda

      Phong master

    95. Jon Hop

      Why did they go K20 and not K24?

      1. Michelle Fink

        It’s a k24 It was built at Street Status Performance in Denver

    96. Red Dog

      Well that drywall be safe when Kyle comes back

    97. Matthew Leno

      Spray the ceiling flat black..trust me you don’t want to paint it a light color as it will get nasty dirty. Dry fall flat black and maybe a PFI flick !

    98. Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies

      Y'all have learned some things about drywalling since last vid. Still chuckling about you using a circular saw to cut drywall board.

    99. Dan Baker

      Too bad Kyle is in Florida, you wouldn't need a saw for them window holes. He could just use his Kyle DNA and broke through by hand!

    100. Jeffrey Bamford

      Race in peace Daniel stone..