Why I Love Tuning, a 900hp Civic Calibration, 🎧watch your volume

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    Milo and Tom brought out the hatch from Tennessee and we all got down calibrating this hot rod Honda, working together solving bugs reading data and pushing the car as far as it can go . This is why I love to tune. Working with friends getting pumped and excited and having some super special moments so join us now . let’s Goooo!
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    1. Jimmie Dean

      Same old same old. Everyone copying same old tired setups.

    2. RetroCNY

      These are without a doubt the best tuning videos on youtube. I've always wanted to get inside the mind of a tuner, hear their thought processes, go through the trial and error process of building power with these honda motors, or imports in general, and this is fucking fantastic. I can't get enough of it. I haven't been in the Honda game in a few years now, but with every one of these videos I watch, the more tempted I am to get back into it with something like a K20 swapped EM1 or EG on some boost. The enthusiasm Brent has is infectious. I'd love to be there in that shop with him during every pull, it'd be a party.

    3. Miltballa

      25:32 scared!!

    4. Dick Fitzinwell


    5. Dick Fitzinwell

      Man sux u guys are so far away my 89 crx needs a tune so bad

    6. Ronin

      woah that thing is Savage

    7. Alik Nielsen

      Gotta feel good at the end of the day when the pistons and rods are still inside the motor 😬

    8. Kipling Chang

      Brent I like how you operate you are not a selfish man kool operation one love bro

    9. Lawd Farquad

      That was unreal... I hope I get to come to the shop one day.

    10. Khmer Anywhere

      Massive power 👍

    11. Andrew Tuohy

      That evil scientists maniacal laugh was the best!!

    12. Rob Gieseke


    13. Anthony Nieves

      I loved the guy sitting in passenger he smiles and everything but inside he says i dont know what the fuck they are talking about jejeejej he says i wanna eat im hungry thats all jejejeje

    14. marlon aninao


    15. Fleezy503

      what is the part number of those plugs that you got on. I'm trying to buy some for my self

    16. aj200415

      God this channel is so great, Brent is the most HUMBLE man I know on IRvision and deserves his channel. I’m usually the guy who forgets to like, but I didn’t this time and you shouldn’t either!

    17. John Morton

      id love for you to tune my s2k

    18. Mike

      Thats a serious setup 👌👌👌

    19. pissed off pistons

      That car is making about 1037 hp on a dyno jet dyno...the mustang dyno is a perfect tuning tool same as every other namebrand dyno...but they read avg of 15-20% lower then the competitors brands...so 901hp on md would make about 1036hp on a dynojet..numbers aren't everything..both dynos can build same tunes lol...love your spread of knowledge so i want. To share mine on my yt channel as well

    20. Thomas Dorsch

      Solid build. Love your coil pack ignition. Clean design. Really nice work.

    21. Md shahidan Eday87

      Best guy

    22. Jlatt031

      Anyone notice when he said the guys mom had passed the camera got blurry? They say when a spirit is present it will distort the camera and make it blurry.. this was that guys mom standing there proudly with her son an their car I believe!!

    23. Chris Stratton

      All those specs and never mentions which motor it is. LOL.

    24. Jonathan JDM4forLife

      Dang that was an amazing tune... and that powerband! Love it! #BayAreaEventsMeetsCruises #NorCalEFs

    25. RENEE Berty

      This is AWESOME :o

    26. Humble One


    27. Ginja


    28. dogshmog

      Haha 3M adhesive

    29. Gornormity drummer

      I know how he feels ! My car was registered in my mothers name too ,when she passed on the 16th of Jan I had new tries she got me for christmas it felt so right getting them put on and daaaamn the hook up ! Bitter sweet moment for sure. My mother was a structure mechanic in the navy for 15 years. I’d always take advice from her when I was building my car up. Brent you the man dude ! Thx 🙏

    30. Xc007 TV

      Good day may i know what motor is that

    31. oz faudree

      Yes the hatch is gnarly! But what about that ford probe tho😍😍😍

    32. JustanotherEJ6

      I wonder if the ARP2000's are currently stretched out more then a telephone pole after that 900hp pull? :)

    33. Jono G

      New subscriber from NZ

    34. Abe Linkin


    35. Abe Linkin

      Yo. honestly.. Are you going to spray "dyno-sauce" every time you race sum idiot on the streets?!?! lol. that shit is pointless. Unless your just trying to bring customers to your shop for higher dyno-numbers... LMFAO. COMMON!!! guys, seriously. So all your saying is.. just spray "sticky-adhesive" that goes on poly-foam just so you can get M/T tires numbers.. xD sad. I consider this childish BS. The only purpose it set is for local customers come to your stop for higher dyno number, which is FALSE, at the end of the day.. My tuner doesn't spray "dyno-SAUCE" on my tires just to make higher number so you can prove to the "SOCIAL-MEDIA" SAD.

    36. Codilee Caldwell

      I don’t see and Honda 250r’s real Honda mechanics own a 250r atc or trx

      1. PFI Speed

        My man !! I raced one for years broke both my Ankles multiple times and the wife made it go away , 💪🏼

    37. Matthew Coffey

      K this is my new favorite Honda !!!

    38. riceracingdonmega

      A tip for you: Where you are is Colorado? ~1520m altitude? so on a std day Ambient pressure is ~840mB so your estimation of gauge boost in psi is incorrect. You have to if measuring MAP simply take off 84kpa (< as an estimate only, Ideally you want your own absolute 0-1bar pressure sensor on site so you can see yourself what the ambient pressure is on any given day) for example then convert metric to whatever units you like to use (gauge psi is meaningless *as you can see now* it is miss leading to people watching this video who either did not go to school or did not pay attention .....) FYI @28:01 you can see the ECU it says ~86kpa but no idea if the sensor is calibrated or if it was a high pressure day (was clear blue sky so maybe?) whatever it is, but anyway you get my point here *absolute pressure is important only* this is why you should only give data in MAP nothing else :) Why it is important? work out your capacity, this engine is 1932cc, manifold pressure at ~10k rpm say for argument sake was 277kpa, (900whp on that dyno is around 965bhp est) so the following applies > 965/1.932/2.77 = ~170++bhp/lt/bar that is a really really really high! specific power, but its relative to power map/tip etc. As a comparison proper engine dyno result irvision.info/home/Z6Cxd4Wfd7WAitY/fy-lm-h-y.html&feature=emb_title < this on a larger turbo makes ~127bhp/lt/bar (1000/2.4/3.27). *Not calling BS on your chassis dyno, just pointing out with engine you like/relate with, that at same rpm for near max output on much smaller turbo you are making 30+ percent more specific power????* If you want to know more then email me ;) but I put this here for anyone who can understand i.imgur.com/Kx3OSpg.jpg you can see to make this claimed power you would need a Ve of over 153% which is just not possible !

    39. Jeff Lee

      You guys are awesome.My kind of people.Love what you guys do on a daily basis.KEEP ON ROCKIN

    40. Sarah Selfridge

      I’d love to come chill!

    41. subisonic

      What is syncing the timing mean? Nice videos.

      1. subisonic

        @PFI Speed i see, thanks👍

      2. PFI Speed

        You make sure the Ecu and the engine mechanical timing match so that what you enter into the computer is also what the engine sees.

    42. Kasha Ranea

      753 is def impressive (havent finished the vid yet lol)

      1. Kasha Ranea

        @ITR Cloud omg!!! Yes!!!!!!!!

      2. ITR Cloud

        It made 901 hp on the past pull

    43. Thehouseofboost

      Do the Evo X arp head studs work on a K series too?

    44. amber hunter

      I wish Brent would teach me how to tune. Shops are a no no on a budget and I have k pro and stock tune. 😢

    45. bammbammdb1

      Cough cough

      1. bammbammdb1

        The hell. I typed cough

      2. bammbammdb1

        Ment as a sub. Damnn. Beaaast

    46. Stephen Brown

      Is it 900 HP or yak power. Since it is a rice burner. LOL. Cool car.

    47. Moon Hitsearth

      What would happen, if you put a 900hp honda motor into a rear wheel drive car. Who really needs 900hp in a front wheel drive car?

      1. Moon Hitsearth

        @PFI Speed the torque steer with 900hp would not be fun, not even in a straight line. You can't drift, fwd cars are good for gas mileage, they don't need 900hp. You must have drove Ruby? That's a perfect hot rod. To each their own. Thanks for the reply.

      2. PFI Speed

        They’re super fun, I feel when anyone drives one they love it

    48. Anthony Me

      Holy intercooler

    49. Eppu Rekilä

      Captions read [music] as it pulls. And that's true!

    50. Sam Howard

      It’d be cool to clock the turbo housing so it lines up straight into the intercooler

    51. Joseph Oakley

      Is that humming sound the fuel pump?

    52. FullSpoolCustoms

      what comp pistons for 900 1000whp

    53. Lester Gandionco

      25:41 is that JOKER?

    54. Boost Junkie

      We are lucky that we have someone like Brent to watch. All they want on cable is drama. Brent and the rest of PFI is always positive vibes and I have seen you guys in other video's go way out of your way to help people get cars ready for the dyno that most shops would not have done. Big props to PFI. You guy's are living the dream!! Thanks for sharing with us the wildest Honda builds and street builds out there!!

    55. Kevin Powers

      That thing sounds pissed

    56. Anthony Wood

      PFI Speed, What type of stuff is in your Dyno Sauce?

    57. Aston Richardson


    58. Jonathan Oliver

      One of the best builds I've seen on the channel. Motec with all that data really shows why it's money well spent. If it was on anything else that head would have lifted and blew a gasket.

    59. ray meeks

      See wha she gone doo... #HP #CIVICNATION

    60. ray meeks

      Send HER

    61. ray meeks


    62. af_1132racing

      11:13 to 11:26, what a great sound, and I am sure that was SUPER loud inside the shop!

    63. Dutch Motorsports

      25:40 reminds of the jokers laugh :P

    64. Trey Griffin

      Dam Brent I think you’re getting old smh you use to get exactly what you’re looking for the very second you start tuning now it takes forever 😂 but I appreciate the longer videos 😁

    65. Trey Griffin

      Dam this car looks serious 👀

    66. wayman littrel

      Been loving all the content fam. You guys sure make it look easy! Whats do you think would be a good recipe for 450 hp for a ej1 starting from a shell.

    67. MaR!o. g

      That's shit sounds wicked ass f***

    68. TheServing 1886

      guy in the background at 10:38 "I'm up!...jeez"

    69. Charles MacKay

      For an easy way to screen capture download screencastify. It’s a google chrome extension and you just press 1 button.

    70. A & A Boosted Performance

      You are a true tuner when it comes to hondas I'd happily pay you to build me a turbo b series ..am also In the UK to

    71. Chino Locko

      Brent had me rollin with that JoKER laughter!

    72. XBeasT

      You're a good soul Brent

    73. eagle

      noobie question here: at 5:26 what are they spraying on the tire?

      1. ZY Auto

        i believe they called it dyno sauce.. perhaps make the tires stickier to the dyno..

    74. Kelton Adkins

      My launch control is not working can you help . I reached out to hondata about this they walked me threw checking the clutch switches . All good . Still don’t work any ideas?

    75. Kelton Adkins

      B16 b20?

    76. Fing Hammer

      When your fuel pump is louder than your engine.

    77. neo

      throaty beast!! Love this car!

    78. fabio bellini


    79. zakarie speranza

      You needa run kyles hatch with this beaut

    80. BGCoop79

      Not an import guy myself, but that backstory is awesome. To never get rid of the car because of his mom and now takes it racing...that’s awesome.

    81. Steven Thompson

      Dude that was a f****ng pull man.. I lost my mom years ago an I know he full of excitement an happiness.. so glad yall could experiment that👊👏

    82. MaerooBand @ KKBA

      Wow great details fine tuning... good job teamwork

    83. Building with Todd

      Dynosausers, Thanks for sharing and as always keep building👍

    84. Gilbert Santiago

      Bro where it’s your shop ? I’m in Raleigh Nc and i don’t find any honda Acura specialty mecanic# tuner ..

    85. Daniel Schultz

      08 tiberon 4 speed slap stick 4 cylinder

    86. Daniel Schultz

      Brent how much to tune all stock but a cold air intake that’s located in front of the bumper?

    87. Daniel Schultz

      Right b4 3:42 as y’all took the jumpers off after starting

    88. Daniel Schultz

      Some parts of the video was so blurry I had to turn my phone

    89. Daniel Schultz

      You said Tennessee not Colorado is the new shop in Tennessee? Is closer to Illinois

    90. RICK REALM

      Windows ... On the keyboard u have a key labeled print screen .. hit that your all good bro

    91. Brandon A

      Back in the early 2000s we had a honda on the dyno a good portion of the day and the hood was bouncing about like this ones was and tore the bolts thru the threads on one side and dropped the hood on the windshield. After that. Weve always taken the hoods off anything we build for tuning. Altho side note is most things we touch these days doesnt come with hoods anymore but still. Its an awkward moment that 1 time it happens and you hit pucker factor

    92. SAGA ONE

      NASA 🚀👨‍🚀 Brent the man

    93. Gabriel Saldana

      I need to see that white first gen eclipse on that awd dyno!!!!!!

    94. LXXIV

      See this is exactly what I want to do to my Accord. My uncle gifted the car to me and I loaned it to a family friend and they ended up thrashing it. My uncle passed and I now have the car back. That’s way coop to see!!

    95. Uncle Duncan's Shack

      Nice build, great job on the tuning. Do you ever use the boosters that take the 12V up to 16V as the boost pressure rises to speed up the fuel pump? The guys here in SA bug me to make them one, but I'm not going to do it if the guys are only trying to avoid the cost of importing kit. If they cost a few hundred dollars, yea well it's like that then. Thanks again for an awesome video, it's a real pleasure to watch your content. Regards, D

    96. Fernando Banuelos

      Mad man laughter that's awesome Brett

    97. Jose Chavolla

      The guy with boat is cool af!! And so is the pfi crew

    98. bullhead360

      Lmao @ Brent gives a “woo” and claps at 2:32 at dual injectors 😂😂😂 Love your attitude man!

    99. Scotty Roth

      Once again i love all different ways you help us all learn more and more everyday. Keep up the great work. I cant wait to bring you my AWD k24A1 CRX.

    100. 607 Angling

      Awesome video! Keep.em.coming!