Not a Beater EF any More ! First Tune With the new Walls

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    Zach is back! He brought his EF civic back after changing the engine and turbo manifold. With a fresh paint job and setup this ride went from beater to Goldie locks. We get to test our room with the new wall changes and are pretty pleased with the initial results. So guys lets get into this and start making some POWER!
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    1. Zach Lewis

      Thanks again to the crew at Pfi hope to hit all my goals this year 🏁🏁❤️

      1. Chris Mullett

        M8, just check u have ur front wheels on the right sides, it looked to me at the end of that vid the tread pattern looked backwards, just a safety thing, other than that a beautful car

      2. Derek Carter

        Car is clean ! Damn

      3. James Hoppe

        If you wanted to keep a bit of a sleeper, install an exhaust cutout in there someplace. Keep quite until it's time to feed the bears!

      4. A Good Person

        Thats a sweet whip dude.. !

      5. Zach Lewis

        @Eddie Olivas what's up bro ❤️❤️

    2. Matt

      Brent you were blessed with an amazing woman as your daughter. id tune a stock Prius to have a woman with her personality

    3. pFbSpecV

      Wow made some good numbers!!

    4. Derek M

      Hey Brent, I know it would cost a bit more, but you can get cheap acoustic foam paneling off of Aliexpress that would dampen the sound on the dyno side, you guys would seriously dig what that would do to your space!

    5. Daniel Petta

      Hella props

    6. XprettylightsX

      Tom’s brighter than most

    7. Bruce Schermerhorn

      Your shop looks really nice and clean with the wallboard up

    8. Hero3life

      my man heard the duty cycle and changed his mind quick haha

    9. Hero3life

      I have to say the garage is looking so clean and organized!

    10. drew.hoch

      Is that a stock Honda B-Series transmission? That's some serious power on a stock transmission!

    11. Dr. Mantis Toboggan

      If it were an 88 white sedan with everything else the same it would be the perfect car.

    12. Turboobsessed

      Headlight mod for my all motor velocity stack set up 😁.

    13. Redman147

      This is why we can have nice things. Good friends who push you to do common sense modifications on the spot.

    14. Jordan Scheurer

      I love how it doesn't sound like a pissed off weedeatter. Has a nice deep tone for most of the RPM range. And a nice tone up top. Nice car.

    15. Big CD

      Lou. KY. We started building vw's in1994. My first mustang I spanked it was on... 10yrs still a volksfolks working in the premier Honda shop and was still building big power VW's VR-6 turbo's etc. So many JDM B-16 B-18 swaps in 04-09ish. Built several turbo Hondas those yrs tun ability was the only prob. We'd take V8 electromotive stand alone spilt the harness. Now we had a 4cyl Stand alone!!! yeah not so much... I'm sure Brent remembers those ruff times. Then we found the Autronic Stand Alone. And we broke 10's with 440hp right as Papadakis Broke 9's!! We were happy. Soon after Fast and Furious brought all the customers we did not want Lamborghini doors,undergloswe would not do PERIOD Soon after our scene was dead as far as built Honda street scene. I'm 40ish and Never left the party out in my 20V turbo swapped MK1. I'm just saying PFI gets me so hype on what I knew what was possible 15 yrs ago. I know Brent knows those frustrating times!! Keep it goin guys

    16. josh randall

      Hell I polished the pipe on that manifold!!!

    17. PrestigeRacingMotorsports

      The noise edit when the door closed was priceless lol 🤙great work as always 💪💪💪

    18. 2JDM

      I've noticed you guys dont use the cooling fan in front of the cars when on the dyno. Is it because it doesn't make much of a difference?

    19. kwasg3

      Saw filings are small, won't slow that turbo down a bit....

    20. SBF HAWK

      Holy Moly 775 HP is just crazy but those Turbos are making some serious power.

    21. Willie VanderZwan

      Does anyone know what fuel he is running? Sweet build

      1. Willie VanderZwan

        @Zach Lewis thanks for responding

      2. Zach Lewis


    22. Doug Tond

      Beautiful car

    23. Jade Morris

      Shop is coming along now boys. Looks completely different. Do you hear cars less outside now during tuning seshes?

    24. Carlos McGuire

      Here comes phong! Oh lord this is good!

    25. Carlos McGuire

      Love Jonathan. Exhaust a problem? Take it off. Headlight broken and turbo not getting air. Take it off and pop a hole in the turbo screening. Man this guy wants a full send! Lol love him

    26. simon billodeau

      mary me brent 💯💣👌👎🙌

    27. Jason Bittinger

      You know the dude with the socks is from California they have a fetish with socks down there I don't know why

    28. FatSleepyPanda

      Did they just... blow metal shavings into the turbo? 😬

    29. D'z Garage

      " I've had this car since I was 15 it's talking to me" lol

    30. FatSleepyPanda

      Do you guys offer remote tuning? If not, you should!

    31. Mike crystal robert

      That’s a sleeper and certified ripper another one under the belt great job boiz

    32. Da Thao

      Love how you guys help the customers sort problems out many tuner will charge for a 5 min job

    33. Omar Sprauve

      You had me at 457hp!

    34. Omar Sprauve

      What compression is this motor

      1. Zach Lewis


    35. Omar Sprauve

      Whats the issue with Hondata cpr?

    36. some young guy

      Goldie locks the beater eater....

    37. Too Litt

      i was about to say that turbo is crammed in there lol😆

    38. Lauren Klaus

      lollllll the stripper dust!!!!!!

    39. John Z

      @7:20 - 38 and @8:00 to 27,, rubber hoses and hose clamps were/are NEVER going to hold that kinda boost (23lb) without blow'n sumpth'n up,, VBANDS required :) 25lbs will gator roll that lil hotrod,, Brent and the boyz at PFI taking on every challenge finding solutions and mov'n on!

    40. ronald graham


    41. DJKaii

      "This is what's giving us the problem? Let's take it out!" Jonathan don't play!!!! He is my MFin spirit animal for reals!!!! Huge huge love to you all!

    42. Jim Hiscott

      There is no way on God's green earth you could have gotten me to cut that sheet metal that close to the intake of my Turbo. You know damn well fragments or particles of metal got in there and blowing it with pressurized air just drove them in further. That was a foolish thing to do......

    43. Robslsx

      Busting these videos out .. keep them coming

    44. 252yoshi

      This was a solid ef and the owner don’t want to hurt or blow up his baby, peer pressure is a bitch lol good stuff always PFI!

    45. L B

      His friend is right, he wants to baby the racecar and make excuses, everyone needs that little push

    46. Austin Ruest

      If i build another turbo honda i will truck it all the way to brent from Maine! Best in the game. Plus i want to meet you all haha

    47. Justin Wilson

      You can't help but smile and get goosebumps when you see their reaction when they get 775 hp.

    48. Not One

      Phong and that Mexican guy ARE Legends!!!! Love how those 2 wrenched and cut on that hatch and it wasn’t even their car!! For MORE Power!!!

    49. Jared THISDELLE

      The motor was trying to breath threw a straw

    50. AppleGuy670

      TOMS just as cool OLDHEADS!! the youngsters owe them everything they know

    51. LaunchJoel Racing

      Awesome numbers! So many miss out on supplying the most amount of atmosphere to the compressor inlet and open up the exhaust as much as possible. Bigger is always better both pre-compressor and post-turbine. Pre-compressor vacuum is a bitch and exhaust backpressure aswell. Done a fair bit of backpressure testing and what happens with the exhaust manifold pressure when it backtraces through the turbine and turbine housing.. Oh man 0.3 bar turbo-back exhaust backpressure difference can change the exhaust manifold pressure upwards 0.8 bar on some setups. What most runs for exhaust is too small 8 time out of 10.

    52. Just Joe

      Man I miss my EF.. really should have had cardboard or something covering the turbo when the air saw came out haha

    53. Brennan koble

      Did you guys ever look into exhaust management for in the shop? Seems like another upgraded that could be useful.

    54. Bryan Dearstyne

      Hi Brent hope everything is ok. U look tired or something. Tanks for every thing u guys do

    55. DaveBuilds

      What turbo was he running? Can you share any info on how his engine is built? Clearances?

      1. Zach Lewis

        I run on the loose side I run acl race bearings

      2. DaveBuilds

        @Zach Lewis Main and rod clearances, what you do you run?

      3. Zach Lewis

        6266 turbo 38mm wastegate Darton sleeve b18c Cp pistons 83 mm I beam rods Acl bearings Bad guys oil pump L19 headstuds B16 head Ported Ferrea valves Supertech springs Ferrea guides

    56. Lost Money Garage

      So just curious what the end gap was on the plugs after the adjustment.

    57. wobbly sauce

      Now to put the exhaust back on.

    58. jackjr1

      Everyone needs a friend willing to push you to cut a hole in your chassis for an extra 75whp! lol! These guys are great

    59. Lory Caldwell

      Damn didn't recognize pfi

    60. Bryan Schwinn

      Phong should change his IRvision name to Honda macgyver.

    61. Patrick Candler

      Poppin coupler after coupler by doin pulls. 😂 i love it!

    62. Spenser Visser

      The Dyno cell looks so damn good with the walls up. You guys should contact a local graffiti artist to come and tag the walls with PFI and Rad logos!

    63. J Rossman

      Well what happened was 👊

    64. Briguygotnicethighs

      No VTEC?

    65. Power Adder

      Now I know why your doing all the sound proofing. All motor Phong is on his way to dyno his car 🤣

    66. Dan Bergeron

      Wow the walls look amazing

    67. Kev Kalla

      Very nice...but that guy did everything 2 make it make that power

    68. BeamRider100

      What block is it ?

      1. Zach Lewis

        B18C darton sleeve by ar fab

    69. indi grace

      Nice looks clean..❤️

    70. Matthew Johnson

      Someone come get there girl from 2008

    71. Alex Goodchild

      Yeah wicked What a fun session Nice build fella

    72. gangis79

      You guy's rock, look forward to your vids and absolutely love the positive attitude's. Keep it up fellas and gday from Australia.

    73. tmax0011

      Damm shop looks good!

    74. ykram20

      What’s the ‘brown, red, blue, yellow’ check Brent did at the start?

      1. ykram20

        @PFI Speed awesome, thanks my dude!

      2. PFI Speed

        That’s the order of the fuel injector colors 1 brown 2 red 3 blue and 4 yellow 💪🏼 sometimes they’re plugged in the wrong order

    75. Benny T

      I really like that color

    76. Fabricobble HQ

      Shop looks awesome

    77. Lunatick916

      Then the way shawn went and fabbed that up BOOM teamwork makes the dream work!👍💪

    78. Flush Fabrication

      Tom looked too excited.😂🤣 an “it’s a beater till it hits 800” 😂🤣

    79. ck fpv

      I noticed that Shane is real quite on the pfi videos but and just the opposite on his videos

    80. Goaty McGoatface

      DUDE Phong has legit magic. He touched the car for like 30 seconds and it went up 80hp

    81. ThePatillac

      What an absolutely lovely build.

    82. jelle gerritsen

      qoute ,,i had this car since i was 15 , it's talking to me rightnow. haha

    83. Cruzin711

      #Jokertuned hahah.

    84. tyler238

      Damn.. that car is jammin

    85. keyman1969

      My dude was happy just under 700 in the beginning 😂

    86. Adam Loader

      Full Scumbagery “ it’s a beater until it’s got 800HP at the wheels” 😝It’s a Good car. PFI boys provide power and prove, small changes can have a dramatic effect on your overall power at the wheels. 💪🦾

    87. Corey Sleap

      Man after my own heart, sock collectors unite.

    88. Steven Plaskett

      FINALLY no stupid hood stack car. I respect a guy that has the skill to actually build a exhaust for his car. Just gotta go bigger get a 4 inch all the way back and no more restriction.

    89. 1dickycat

      Ughh!! I was so hoping you would do a pull at the end with exhaust again.. damn that was a crazy change! I'll remember that one

    90. Ricardo Pino

      $800 or junk$it

    91. Greg Holmes

      I have chicken and beer Socks

    92. STA

      No torque numbers. It’s like half the results.

    93. Leroy R53

      For a second I was like who's shop are they at lol shop is coming along nicely and the sound quality has improved

    94. EvoDna

      It absolutely baffles me at how unprepared people are.

    95. manciniak

      I wish there was always 60hp hiding behind a 5” hole In a body panel.

    96. D B

      Did I hear phong say throw that away lmao

    97. Adrian Rodriguez


    98. Gillaflinz

      let the snails breathe!

    99. baby jake

      Beautiful car.

    100. Adrian Fernandez

      2:55 scared the sh** out of me