Wicked Rsx! Going to work on the Bully’s Brother!

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    We begin to push on all the projects and in this episode we get Tom’s H22a powered pro front wheel drive out of storage and into the shop! We start test fitting the new transmission and mock up the engine and let me tell you the excitement around here is real! So join us now and let’s get Rad!

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    1. Jacob Grussenmeyer

      Y’all gonna be squad deep

    2. pFbSpecV

      I may actually like this one better than the bully!! It's wicked!!

    3. glen Frederick

      ive actually been waiting soooo long to see toms rsx been a huge motivation for my rsx build

    4. Juan C

      Jamie commentary 😂😂

    5. case styer

      I cant stand helicoils. I ALWAYS use timeserts.

    6. Billy Barrow

      I would love to see you guys build a rear engine rear wheel drive car. 🔰🤙👌

    7. KLUNKER 289

      Wicked Racing, Westminster CA est 1992

    8. Big bee L

      Charles wanted too race me back in 2003 he had ek with a k series motor already he was the first person to swap the motor to a civic

    9. Garrett Hilton

      That ending was awesome

    10. Chris Topher

      Was prayoonto once apart of wicked?!

    11. iVtec4fun

      I did the same thing with the brake clean / engine degreaser a couple weeks ago lmao!

    12. Jr King

      Content is allways kll but this is what we like an want to see more of

    13. ALyang Rsx

      That thing is a unit!

    14. Json

      what trans is that?

    15. Kyle Johnson

      I NEED Wicked and Bully in my garage. So you know, when your done with them...go ahead and drop them off. Please and Thank You.

    16. Serial Grillaz

      If in doubt give it a clout 🔨

    17. steve diosdado

      Wicked and Redling the OG SoCal crews. Archie Madrazo and Junior Asprer the OG guys that made us all go broke and pull all nighters. Sylmar, Compton, Terminal Island Raceway and The Battle of the Imports were the spots to be. So much fun, shit talking and awesome times.🤙🔥

    18. Triston Alicky

      Brent is a beast tuner... makes me want to build a k-series motor just to have him tune it

    19. gsppuffer

      Carboy was the fast ass civics around Houston back in the 90's

    20. Benny T

      I think that's the first time i heard Stephen speak in the vids. I thought he was a mute for awhile. Great family

    21. Benny T


    22. jarrettbank

      Wait, there is two of these? 😁

    23. Jeff Omalley

      Wow its crazy how from the side how much the ole H22 looks so much like the K series especially the valve cover from the sideish angle.

    24. MaNNeRz Laguna

      What's going on with this recent uploaded video disappearing? 😆😆 Gh0101001 or some shit?

    25. Vincent Berglund

      Thats rad

    26. James Mills

      when's the next video????

    27. Yashin Sitharam

      we would like more content please🥺

    28. JesseFpv

      Yall wanna hire another labor shop guy I got u guys I'm from Tn. But I love Colorado lol

    29. Zak B. krackem

      I would relocate to Colorado in a heartbeat to come be a fabricator for yall. Love the content guys

    30. MrStacy1974

      What happened to Bergenholtz's old white,blue and yellow CRX? I would love to see those historic cars on PFI especially that 900 horse 911 from NY.

    31. Sideways G

      Daaaaamn. Never knew Tom was involved with those pioneering race crews. Makes me miss Honda Tuning magazine that much more; they had an incredible "Legends" interview series going there at the end of that mag's run. Too cool to see an H22 in an "RSX" as well.

    32. wobbly sauce

      Ha.. that brake clean clip.

    33. Dillon Ahrens

      You should upload on rumble as well.

    34. Clay Millican

      This thing looks like it’s going to be fast !!!

    35. Sparky 520

      How'd tom make all his money?

    36. blkmustang007

      Tom if you are reading this........you are the man !

      1. tom jung

        Thank you biddy. I am just trying to have some fun with good friends.

    37. Justin Litz

      H22! Hell yea brother.

    38. ALF EM1-T

      Wow I remember WICKED RACING from back in the early 2000. Man I feel old.

    39. ronald graham

      Can't "like" videos now?

      1. ronald graham

        Disregard, that was wierd!

    40. blkmustang007

      dont be an axle

    41. Dukesofhazzard

      Tom is Soooo Underrated!!! for us newbies he’s friggen badass ! with Knowledge!!!

    42. GOOD STUFF!


    43. JAG JAG

      That is a wicked rsx 😎😏

    44. Jeremy Albert

      Yo guys I didnt see a flywheel on the end of that crank 🤔

    45. Tyler Jones

      Brothers love even when not blood brothers always makes the HEARTBEATS!!

    46. William Campbell

      Tom is one of the coolest guys I've talked to at the track. So much knowledge.

    47. Wong Moua

      What a beast looking rsx.

    48. Mike crystal robert

      Looks fun if u can get it dialed in properly and no issues like the bully I think u might be onto something quick

    49. Asylumental

      15:20 Tom showing how it's done for the young lad, before the days of locking extension cords, you had to TIE THEM TOGETHER. Lol

    50. Asylumental

      Tom's car is so damn clean.... Tom's car, the Bully, AND the Pheonix are going to be complete head turners when they are ready. Hell yeah, 2021 is going to be an amazing year for all of you guys!

    51. Shawn James

      Thts one cleanRSX

    52. twadam

      Engine Degreaser ... lmao!

    53. jade voss

      Fukin awesome guys 🤘

    54. Stephen Robinson

      19:30 brent glitched🤣🤣

    55. Jack Watson

      Really like Tom he seems like the kinda guy who just gets shit done !

    56. emaNoN 7197

      The engine degreaser moment had me laughing in tears!

    57. Trae Gantt

      Hell yeah!!!! Love the car Tom !

    58. Timothy Silvester

      Love to see a car with so much thought and little to no compromise in it. It's a thing of beauty.

    59. gregory chenault

      Man do I love Honda’s, but man do I hate front wheel drive vehicles.

    60. Samantha Broome

      You have to race it in the bully

    61. Bader Al-Failechawi

      Love the videos, bringing friends together and having fun! I love PFI Speed! I want to K swap my BMW M4 haha

    62. Frank Chang

      Brent I think this is my fav video so far it was far more entertaining than any florida trip. Its like comic book characters come to life. I would love to see all the honda OGs on here just chatting it up and wouldnt it be amazing if steph papadakis was to do one run on the drag strip on your channel lol that would be incredible maybe in a ef civic lol. You are so lucky to be surrounded by so many cool people they can even make the content for you

    63. Jasmine & Father Garage

      Love the H22 in it But i think with this set up need a bigger Engine #v6

    64. DC5 duben

      I didnt even know tom had an rsx! as an rsx owner myself I hope tom goes all the way with this build and we get to see it eat!

    65. welsh kraken

      ... not really a Honda guy.. but geez Tom's car makes me want to build one !

    66. JROD Jeremy Flanigan

      Soo cool. Awesome setup!!

    67. Paul Forrester

      Love h22’s

    68. D. Thomas

      Brent! What is that trappy instrumental?! Plus great vid man

    69. Martin Brandborg

      omg Sho'Nuff, The Bully and now Wicked.. Dude this season is going to be nuts!

    70. Ornocko

      Stephan Papadakis!! Wow...

    71. Charles Torruella

      I'm making a motion in Congress to make mochie president and pfi in charge of everything else all tanks and ships will be Honda powered with turbos and a new stimulus plan with a fuel tech efi for every citizen it is are right damn it they're not a freaking privilege we have the right to freaking PFI turbo powered Hondas we have a right to freaking fuel tech EFI and freaking more power than we can handle that's why my vote goes for PFI and mochi I'm sorry but mochi's just too damn cute to not be president

    72. DBeers635

      Tom goes to start it up first time. Turns on fuel pump, hits the starter switch, oops forgot the flywheel and clutch guys.

    73. ScrEwLoOse Ej8

      Wicked dope rsx. Can't wait to c that H duse duse putting in work

    74. Tony Ross

      Engine degreaser Jamie. Lol

    75. BighomieJ5x -

      Oh yes that RSX is gonna fly🔥👍🏾💯

    76. guido heeling

      Who makes the gears to turn the trans around? i am looking to do a simular thing so it would work inside a beetle instead of a passat/A4. And the aftermarket beetle transes are quite expensive...

    77. DigOnlyEvo

      Cool outro!

    78. TurboDieselDan

      I'd love to see you guys build a RWD Acura Vigor because its longitudinally mounted 5 cylinder engine and transmission are already mounted in the correct position. It could be IRvision's first in many categories.

    79. Lars August

      Thank you guys! Your videos always brings a smile to my face

    80. John Fitzgerald

      Gearbox is like a Hewland was originally, based on VW but with the case upside down because the engine is in front of rather than behind the bo.

    81. Adam Chapman

      I'll take the H22 for my Turbo Prelude wen or if it blows. I am only making 419 whp. Thanks for the post keep up the great work.

    82. kristofer mann

      Seeing them side by side going to be great!

    83. david lopez

      Super pumped to see this be brought back to life i still have an old school jg engine dynamic ported head lol.

    84. Peter Moss


    85. Stratell Zervell

      Steve shane they are the same damn

    86. Andys709

      Love your channel , been here since day one ! Editing skills are on point love the intro .

    87. DuDeZoNe

      Awesome as Always.. Imagine bully and this rsx staging at the lights...cant wait to see more.

    88. Si71000

      What does the RSX weigh with all that carbon? Edit : 1825lbs with the driver, too impatient :D

    89. Daniel Carter

      Nothing says precision like a sawzall and a grinder

    90. Daniel Carter

      Just tap it in tapppppy tap tap

    91. Robs RC Journey

      Great group of guys just wrenching and helping each other out when they can.

    92. Kevin Umebuani

      Isn't it the right thing to do this alongside the bully, been wondering whatever happened to finishing the project

    93. Gonzo Scott

      So glad I found your channel a few years back. Wishing I was a part of your family. Love from down under👍

    94. Dylan Boger

      It will Be good to see the twins up and running again down the Track

    95. Kapil Patel

      Would love to see Toms Civic and The Bully side by side.

    96. c103110a

      Shout out from Knoxville, Tennessee.

      1. tom jung

        Tennesse in the house. If you ever get a chance and see us out and about please come by and say hello.

    97. trung ly

      Wicked and Cyber the golden era of import racing , I used to live down the street from Viet Lam’s Speed Image

    98. Mket Design

      I whas yesterday, discussing with my buddy about the h22. Wy not use very much-loved h22 anymore. Is it becouse the aftermarket? I personally love the h22. Really nice build dude's.

    99. That Auto Garage

      Too Rad! Can’t wait to see this and the Bully make side by side passes!

    100. Jerred Fraser

      Tom is super OG. Can't wait to see him on the track