BULLY Gets steering And The Phoenix Rips!

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    We are hard at it trying to get the cars done for Cleetus and cars and the upcoming Race season. In this episode Shawn Mounts the rack and pinion and builds a steering shaft. he then finishs welding the steering arm on the spindles and gets those ready for paint. We also have Phongshot rod getting the base tune done on his CRX. So join us now and lets have a rad day!
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    1. Crimson Honda

      Good work guys!! Rack on!!

    2. MrSamcro1976

      Question please Brent what is the quickest that the bully has done in the qtr mile thanks??

    3. Gickels McDoogle

      *Phong*: "I need to go warm up the car." *Proceeds to drain oil into the families Pasta pot and puts it on the stove*

    4. Rick T

      Goofy is so lucky he can learn so much from all the guys man I wish I had people to teach me things like that 👌🏽

    5. TodaVtecKiller

      Trailered that thing like a damn boss. 286whp is nice. Can't wait to put some cams in my k20 and push for 300hp 😌

    6. Neg Ative

      My neighbors enjoy the sound of Phong’s engine. Whether they choose to or not.

    7. Jon Rau

      A couple times there I could almost smell the exhaust. Love watching the intake eat! More fuel More noise More Power !

    8. anton ehlers

      Love a N/A on full chat, that cars a beauty.

    9. Dave James

      Kinda wish they would stop the cleetus and cars stuff and just concentrate on doing their own thing. Get the Honda 2000 done etc etc.

    10. Z Ack

      Ole all motor phong got some all motor sisters too.. or his gf.. dont think he's ever said anything about his life besides it involving cars....

    11. joshs199

      The Phoenix..why not drag radials..? Faster maybe. But the old school big tire look is awesome.

    12. DmbWorks

      its a great motor setup for his first few passes in something he has never taken down the track.

    13. Christopher Nieto

      Thanks for the tune on my neon today I appreciate everything

    14. The Tatted Fat Guy

      Question ⁉️ Where "sketchy vent" , he ain't upload in 3 months on his youtube and I know y'all rebuilt his car he did few Races and then nothing ...

    15. Andy’s Adventures

      I always learn so much watching these videos! Keep up the great work

    16. David Blanck

      That steering column is going to be a spear if the brakes fail. Please consider putting in a break away section or a collapsible section. Another option is put a swivel at the column mount so the wheel folds up in an accident. Brent is too valuable to risk it. You would be shocked how many people have their chest caved in in a racing application for this very reason.

    17. RAWR Motorsports

      Can't wait to see yall get get the Phoenix and the Bully dialed in! 2021 is gonna b epic for PFI!

    18. Sprain Ankle

      White boy can't dance😂😂😂😂

    19. Sprain Ankle

      Hong phong phooey making some kung fu and jam....

    20. Ricky Lee

      Bully , Phoenix , & wicked RSX what a year this gonna be !! Keep it up PFI !!

    21. WTF_Videos

      PFI Speed, I need your help and maybe you can resolve the issue i'm having with my car.

    22. Dumas Walker

      Shaft needs a slip joint.

    23. c103110a

      11:00 That fiberglass/resin doesn't like to cure in the cold.

    24. Rick Scott

      That car is nothing but awesome and then some !😎👍💯

    25. RealTalk1993 00

      Hooefully shonuff come out clea

    26. casada70

      Looks like the joints on the steering shaft are slightly out of phase, Maybe 10 to 15 degrees? It would be worth aligning those because it will add a slight clunk in the feel of the steering wheel.

    27. Capone Flowers

      Shawn's fab work is A1 clean

    28. Sir Grumples

      9:09 OG Tom makes an appearance while eating a can of spagettios

    29. Unified Racing Channel

      Nice work guys!

    30. Ruben Dyb

      Should make a slip on muffler for the Phoenixs off and on the trailer drives. Poor neighbours

    31. Francisco Garcia

      Please never stop doing this videos are very interested to me but please don't cook I melted my mouth look delicious 😋😋😋😋🤤🤤🤤🤤

    32. Dakota Dabney

      I can see a first gen civic shell in the background

    33. Soulmusic

      Where’s the live action?

    34. H3ntairican

      I don't want to be ignorant or offensive but I always wondered what is phong's ethnicity?

    35. Pete D

      What are thr power goals for the Phoenix? 400 hp?

    36. TheZmt325

      Slip joints are really important on steering shafts

    37. Ruben Mendoza

      So cool to see the injectors pulsing at 13:49.

    38. Ryan Haley

      Hell ya Phong! This shop is moving fast now! Keep up the good work everyone!

    39. Donald Fuller

      Has this setup ever been used in a drag car? That motor hanging out the front so far seems crazy to me. I think I'd flip the transmission and mount the motor in the rear of the wheels. Maybe put it in the rear of the car.

    40. case styer

      I noticed another channel has very similar intro music

    41. Robert Allen-Kennedy

      The pfi channel deserves so much more subscribers 🙏

    42. Tom Jenkins

      I'm trying to fugure the reasoning for the upper ball joint cups are all out of whack and crooked. Is/was there a purpose or just a fug up not addressed? Looks like the A-arm down swing is limited....

    43. MrGixxer1300r

      I seen Shawn in the preview and thought "Yea I got time for this". This guy has his stuff together, and is a blast to watch. Awesome content!!!!!!

    44. michael taylor

      That intake shot on the Phoenix was badass.

    45. bioshock425

      Phongs car is an animal... sounds so good

    46. stlmikie

      Phong brings all the girls to the yard.

    47. Money Shiftin

      Shawn the master

    48. Brandon Gill

      “Beautiful little joint” I bet that gets said a lot in Colorado

    49. DeathStroke

      Going for my Driving test in 2 days, please wish me luck boys! Thanks for the mad vibes in all your videos.

    50. Gunhole

      cant beat an NA SOUND

    51. F1 #44

      The Phoenix is set to be a powerful track weapon all motor. it makes me wonder just what Phong could do if he put his mind and a turbo to work. Shawn is in his element cutting welding and seeing his ideas taking shape on the Bully. and still other projects are gaining life ready to race and PFI is becoming a warm shop to work from.

    52. Vincent Berglund

      So it took a while to figure that you have a totaly different suspention in the front now, so the " wheeliebar aka chassie" isnt moving down when you launching, as shawn talks about the steeringchaft he modified before so its had som play in it 😀

    53. Shane Kay

      I always get a sense when you see Tom calmly looking at something he has a 1000 ideas at once on how to try and go next level.

    54. Nacho Slave

      So this fisheye stuff is what Shane sees all the time through those goggles?

    55. Nacho Slave

      I appreciate you being good neighbors, and I do not discourage you from maintaining such efforts, but your property has been commercially zoned for a long time, no? The few homes in earshot were there when Foster Farms had big rigs rolling in & out, and all the noise associated with maintaining them, or they built there knowing it is commercial. I hope they know their capacity in the situation.

    56. Do it for Brock 05 05 brock


    57. Dmitry Savonin

      that engine head grill is sick!!! U guys need to save fkd up heads n make more of those I would buy 4 sure!!

    58. MrMarkb68

      Any chance you could stop filming with the fisheye camera? I can't watch it , it makes me a little nauseous.

    59. Tater Tot Racing

      Am I the only one who uses PFI speed as a pick me up when im not doing so hot mentally? Like its not just about the content to me it's the vibe I get from it and I love it!!

    60. Nate Hamilton

      I am sooooooo proud of you guys all of you working together getting all those cars ready to give us all am amazing show. Fricken awesome awesome awesome go team PFI... we can't wait wooooo so rad!!!

    61. Cam Smith

      Tappy tap tap!

    62. EzlNh8u

      Shaun looks like he would be Coopers dad

    63. 143MYVTECEF

      How you liking the fueltech ECU??

    64. Bikes & Beats

      Shawn is a Machine!

    65. Brendon Wuthnow

      Gordo looks like mega mole from super Mario bros.

    66. watahyahknow

      migh be a good idea to build an extraction hood that sits over the engine of a car on the dyno , the hose straight to the hood exhaust works but i suspect that it messes with the af ratio read by the lambda aspecially if theres a small leak in the exhaust or some resistance that the vacuum pulled by the extraction changes

    67. Blue Bird

      Little bit worried about eliminating collapsible steering wheel. Or is that ok for racecars? Ouch

    68. Gonzo Scott

      Please phase the universal yokes on your steering shaft for the Bully. P.S, I love this channel

    69. James Johnson

      Mmm cat meat. Lol.

    70. cameron Potter

      If Phoenix had a big spoolyboy and not built for n/a it’d be my ideal dream Honda build Badass

    71. C&D General Services

      13:56 valves? 😱

    72. M J


    73. Trustfire

      Cannot wait to see this thing fly. 300hp and 600kg. 100 shot and she is going to MOVE!

    74. Allen L

      Phong Family BBQ, cooking on a K series cylinder head. Priceless! I'd like an invitation, the food looks great. 9:19

    75. Ricardo Vargas

      Hell yeah brother . Good food bad as car an good people . Know good family yessss . We call that American .

    76. Summer Rancher

      Is it me or does the video have a fish bowl look to it? Looks a little weird.

    77. Rodolfo Bermudez

      I believe Shawn is underrated as goofy as he is. He is a mad fabricator.

    78. Olsonite77

      man phongs ride is a bad mamma jamma

    79. jsundy3699

      Remember when Phong was shy and scared of the camera? 15:17 look how he is now hahahaa.

    80. A Batt

      Man y’all gotta take this on the hot rod power tour!! Of Rocky Mountain race week man that would be rad

    81. Jeff Kirby

      what happened to the rehab garage s2000?

    82. Budget Tech

      Make the steering arm DOUBLE SHEAR man! 1 more plate on top

    83. bryce lothian

      Best group of guys ever, I get so stoked everytime I see a new video!

    84. Rafael Acosta

      Raw power on a 4 banger.....

    85. Michael Hughes

      This is just a thought. Have you thought about installing a engine dyno for system management. Just a thought.

    86. ron miller

      im sure Phong could have 14 turbos on his engine but he sticks to his guns and continues to stay all engine , what a legend

    87. Bobby McCraw

      I'm 47 and still will eat spaghettios any day of the week. Uh oh spaghettios

    88. caliboyz 831

      Good night guys.. question ?? Is there a special class u guys would run bully and rsx crx ?? Also whats the benifit of builds like these ??

    89. Joseph Fiengo

      Shawn is a great fabricator outstanding job so far kudos Bro

    90. Luis Ro

      When the Red bull civic getting some love I always see it on the lift

    91. Eric teipen

      You sure can tell Phong's not happy about the power that thing is making...

    92. Jason 666

      You guys should make a shirt that says ( nice rack ) and have a picture of one the shirt lmao amazing job guys & gales 🤘

    93. Rondog Gamesmanship

      Get pvc pipe heat ducks and run hoes to the muffler

    94. Troy Akemann

      Love phong's car! and the progress on the bully, Brent, will you consider wearing a fire suit when tuning methanol/nitro cars, if a fuel line leaks or lets go that goes bad real quick! even a normal one will give you 3 seconds of fire protection at least

    95. No Boost

      Check the run capacitor On the blower fan. Could be a cheap fix

    96. Jared THISDELLE

      Too rad man.

    97. Traitorhater, Get a rope

      The Phoenix is sick..

    98. Travis Rake

      Now shawn just how much calls for a fuzz?

    99. Shenanigans & SXS's

      Where's your buddy doing the rehab garage stuff. I forgot his name

    100. Richard G.

      Hey PFI. You're weather is down here in Texas. Could you come get it please?