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    We go live on the dyno ! Tuning Todd’s twin turbo crx and Toms Wicked pro front wheel drive car.
    Cleetus and cars may be postponed but we are live with you all!

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    1. Joe Hall

      Brent Jamie Sam this is one of the best days I've had in a long time ❤ so Much fun watching 👀 YOU guys can't Forget GOFFY NOW LET'S DO THIS AGAIN

    2. Roger Fernandez

      Man I wish I had friends like this just hanging out welling to help work on cars and helping each other progress and put on your ppl love Pfi speed along with boostedboiz is really the reason I keep pushing on my builds all because I always see them grinding and diy everything not only to save money but to keep learning

    3. No Mercy Motorsport LLC

      im building a vr4 3000gt as we speak

    4. Offline Rider

      58:30 I hear some people in Russia, run their cars off vodka, straight up. Although the rotary guys still do premix.

    5. Daniel Henry

      Heidi is beautiful

    6. T1bud 42 Awesome shout out to Brent! @ 22:13

    7. Jevan HoffMan

      What is the smallest t3

    8. Jevan HoffMan

      Maybe I just need to phong my head

    9. Jevan HoffMan

      And is there a set of stock springs I can pull out of something to give my 12 valve d15 more rev

    10. Jevan HoffMan

      I would like to add 120 horsepower to my d15a3 but I want to keep it quiet I like to drive on the back roads of 109 of the coast and I started doing that in my 2001 d17 a2 Civic with the MagnaFlow exhaust and they changed the speed limit speed limit was 55 and you couldn't go 55 unless you had a car that could hug the road now they dropped it to 45 but I don't

      1. Jevan HoffMan

        Anybody to hear me going by how can I make my car quieter but I want it to flow can I do like a 2.5 in to the muffler 4 in out or something to quiet it down add more resonators but I still want more power when I added ECU and tune it

    11. Drd

      "That Goofy kid deserves it" - Hell Yes!

    12. Drd

      We wanna see more of Sam's Civic! And can't wait to see more of Tom's hot rod performing. I'm a guy from the UK, and wish we had the scene other here, but with the current sit we gotta get through what we gotta get through. Love to see the Phong and Tom polishing Todd's car in background, full of good vibes. Best of wishes guys. Seriously, thanks for keeping me going.

    13. Pedro

      Can you imagine where the car culture would be today if the internet and IRvision were around at the beginning in the 50's, 60's? Holy shit! We'd of had Smokey Yunick running for president in1968 and beating Nixon!

    14. Pedro

      "No commercials! No bullshit! No editing!" Brent, gotta love the dudes enthusiasm! #PFI

      1. trey patunas

        3 hour long video and I read your comment as he says it ffs

    15. Slingingears Burningrubber

      You guys should really start a weekly live stream every Tuesday from 4-5pm or 5-6pm and call it “Tune Time With PFI”.

    16. Elias Melendez

      I would love to see Brent build a k24 running on nitromethane + splash some Hydrazine in there lol Brent if you need some I have afew bottles at my house!

    17. John Cruz

      I love you guys

    18. Mike crystal robert

      That’s a spicy meataaa ball

    19. Mohammed Khan


    20. James Witt

      With peace and love, where did Samantha pick up that accent lol?? I live in Broomfield, CO but grew up in east TN and my, "y'all", doesn't have that much twang lol.

    21. Sam

      Always sick to see brent getting amped Live format turned out killer 👍👍

    22. James Witt

      has Phong considered a single air intake ran to and through the front bumper?

    23. James Witt

      Best believe Kyles coming up in May. ( for my YMH fans )

    24. Daniel Reed

      I have 2001 prelude I want to redo the head and replace the Val es on a vtech 2.2 black top do I want dome pistons or Plat ones

    25. Joe Anderson

      You guys need a Discord server to get all these great people connected and sharing things with each other

    26. RahmannNoodles

      Sad I missed the live stream but glad I got to still watch it! There needs to be an update walkthrough video or series of personal cars from everyone at PFI cause I totally forgot about Todd’s car! Keep up the rad content!

    27. Brandon Carter

      idc what kind of car it is everyone loves power

    28. Alex Goodchild

      Damn wish I’d known this was happening Would have been there for sure

    29. Doug Tond

      I really want to see an AWD early 90s Accord rally build. And I really want to see a late 90s Accord RWD prerunner build 🙅 And I want to see what's up with the Bug! I apologize; I haven't been able to watch the channel regularly so I haven't been able to keep up with the Bug progress. Do you think you guys could collab with Wilkey to do some gnarly Bug stuff together?????? I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS! 🧡 Thank you for all that you do!

    30. Saulo Ramos

      Couldn’t watch it live, but of course I’m watching it till the last second. Hope meeting you guys some day. Representing PR🇵🇷 from Topeka KS

    31. shaggy Daz Ashby

      Some cool aggressive motors their boys😎 the workshop is looking like a new shop🥳 love watching keep it coming boys wow lets go 😁👍🇬🇧

    32. Hank Hill

      Sam is fucking gorgeous sheesh

    33. john doe

      hey brent dont know if you heard. there is a guy smashing 2 k24's together on a cnc. @

    34. Devon Rudaitis

      Awesome video guys....

    35. Bob Dailey

      Who is that girl in Jamie's ear. I must really beer dumb-ass and have missed a lot of your sessions

    36. David Sanders

      I know couple days late but what is the orange on Todd's car? That is absolutely beautiful

    37. Ryan Wilson

      Ur vids keep me going bro. I always learn something new!

    38. 402CarKid

      Man I love dairy queen.

    39. Bob Gaudet

      Bob from Canada 🇨🇦 Niagara on The Lake

    40. john McKinney

      Have a 86 fox mustang lx with the 4cyl. Believe its a mazda, want to turbo it nd see where it will go.

    41. 7 th Street Garage

      Great Content Brent. Love the idea of road racing the truck. Building a 90 Chevy 1500 for the track. A big go kart...

    42. Chris Ortega

      Cotter pin?

      1. PFI Speed

        He’s been workin and building his hot rod

    43. Kayotic Motorsports

      Love it love it love it. Brent you guys are the best to watch and learn from, your an inspiration to so many people. The live stream was great! Sucks about cleetus and cars being postponed but this was a great idea to make up for it. I love the content and I will watch everything you post until you stop posting. Thank you and keep being awesome!

    44. Benny T

      From Louisiana here... Up for the moonshine

    45. T1bud 42

      If they don’t make them someone needs to make large Velcro heat sleeves for the dyno straps.

    46. xxxg0t3mxxx

      you guys rock! love all your content and you have a awesome humble family!

    47. AlexSufferAD

      Hey Brent , what background nationality are you? Like as in Europe or ... You look exactly like my buddy and he is Macedonian, we both are. And we both look like 10 years younger then our 40something age

    48. Raymond W.

      Everyone needs to chant in all the comments... “YO Kyle, SLIPPER SLIPPER SLIPPER”

    49. T1bud 42

      I wonder what’s up with the other van and silver civic on the boosted boys side?

    50. Randy Chiapparine


    51. dexd75 ziltch

      Now you guys talk too much way more than before

      1. dexd75 ziltch

        You used to do more building and tuning

    52. Ryan Hogan

      He’s not worried about the waste gate letting oil out on the front left?

    53. Justin A

      PFI speed..Port Fuel Injection 💪🏽You fellas are Great!

    54. Bad Man

      lol……… southern girls…… are awesome 🤩

    55. Mahir Fredericks

      methanol is toxic, so over time it builds up and it can blind you, careful guys wear your lab goggles.

    56. Kevin Koch

      2:27:15 crankcase pressurized the crank case and pushed the dip stick

    57. Nitous Infinitarius

      Hey March ninth is my birthday. Great day to get a cut Brent. Lets go!

    58. Anthony Garces

      Where's the rehab s2000?

      1. Anthony Garces

        @PFI Speed sweet#thisisawsome!

      2. PFI Speed

        It’ll be comin soon

    59. Handyman Mark

      Saying Hi From Pinellas Park Florida

    60. CJ Yothers

      Wish I could like this video twice

    61. Benny T

      Jamie and Sam are a good duo hosting the chat

    62. Bennie Leip

      Aaah look her getting red when people say she is eyeballing the camera and smiling 🤣🤷🏼‍♂️

    63. GroupTenacity

      This is awesome, reminds me of the old days at our old shop back Glendale Ca. in the old NHRA SC days. Did I hear you mention Iran Jolly? I wonder if its the same Iran Jolly that was on our old race team back in those days.

    64. PatrickScott87lx393w

      Probably some 7s in tom future and Sami an her friend are both cuties lucky guy haha

    65. Huib Humme

      Where can i order what Brendt is on ?

    66. Luke Kelly

      Brent is honestly THE car guy that the whole car scene needs, loves everything from turbo v8s to na nitro i4s. Needs a motor trend show.

      1. Offline Rider

        It don't have to be Motor Trend specifically though

      2. Offline Rider

        I couldn't agree more

      3. Luke Kelly

        @4GsRacing grew up on horsepower TV along with alot of the people doing crazy stuff now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with bringing this energy to the masses. 🤙

      4. 4GsRacing

        I was with ya until you said motor trend..

    67. Clinton Philippus

      Speaking of editing, we really need a dose of shonuff

    68. CJ Yothers

      So pumped to see/meet you guys again. Just the best people.... p.s. the merch is A1 quality. Softest t-shirts in the game. 🤘🏼🤘🏼

    69. CJ Yothers


    70. Cam Pyzewski

      Missed the live stream but I was wondering why run an intercooler with methanol?

      1. PFI Speed

        Chasin that air density

    71. Jake Green

      Will be nice to see one of these pro fwd cars go fast. They probs have in the fast I have only seen Brent do like a 10 or 11s quartermile , I know that is fast but not super fast these days. They look mean would be nice to see them go fast

    72. baddbradd89

      How much boost for the 1087 run? That's insane!

    73. Andrew Murray

      hey guys and gals, Jamie and Samantha sitting there chilling was pretty cool, all just one big happy family :) Cheers from Australia, i wish i could afford one of your new shirts, the colour combination is awesome !! :)

    74. Antony Colless

      Your such an awesome dude brent, watch every video, luv u guys, blue mountains Australia!

    75. cobrasvt347

      Dang 😣. Now I have to run to DQ

    76. Rick Scott

      I've always been a BBC kind of guy and never thought I could be so excited about a fwd 6cyl car, but I am now. PFI, BOOSTED BOIZ, ETC. Hookah, after all y'all are in Colorado. Let's goooo !!!

    77. prospector mike

      How did you get started?

    78. Kevin Koch

      For the love of pearl!! I’ve got youngins. I don’t have 3 hours to just sit and watch this good stuff. How about a highlight reel!!!?

      1. Kevin Koch

        @PFI Speed ohhhhhhhhhh. My bad. Keep up the great work. No more passionate for drag racing then PFI.

      2. PFI Speed

        lol we were live, Phong did a short version on his channel all motor phong speed

    79. Thomas Boslooper

      I been makin and drinkin shine for years and I have always said that someone should start showing people how to make their own alcohol fuel! DO IT BROTHER!

    80. Thomas Boslooper

      Phong cracks me up! They turned up the boost GRAB UR HELMET

    81. kevn vapes

      Would love to see brent n jamie on build n battle #hoonigan vs jamo n suppy for an awesome fun build off

    82. Ross Dubcak

      Man I love it when you guys stand on it and the front end stands up.

    83. Thomas Boslooper

      I just love the family attmosphere and the pump level! LETS GET RAD!

    84. Thomas Boslooper

      I cant wait for that to be us some day soon with our dream build!

    85. shadetree motorsports

      I missed the live feed but keep it up for sure. I'm working in the shop on my project and it's been a blast hanging out with you guys,even if I'm a little late.

    86. Lee Stubbs

      Bahamas in the building🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸 keep up the great work!!

    87. Dennis Holmes

      I've ran my nitro rc car off shine with a little wd40 mixed with it and it ripped i also used to run my four wheeler off of straight lacquer thinner to clean the carb and turns out its like running alcohol it was a ripper so i started throwing a quart of lacquer in with every tank of 100 octane

    88. Ray

      This live is so cool

    89. Super milsim dude

      I cant wait for pro fwd racing! englishtown stopped the class the first hday i went to sadly

    90. Grant Lister

      Forgot to say: 💕 from New Zealand 🇳🇿

    91. Grant Lister

      Awesome content; let me know how to get my Mk5 Golf r32 running like your Honda’s 😂

    92. Daryl Nicklen

      Watched on replay from Aus and this live is awesome. Thanks PFI and friends at the shop.

    93. slvr02150

      Any place to see Todds build?

    94. Andrew George

      SAM 😉 really like seeing the pro front cars

    95. Super milsim dude

      Norris prayoonto needs to bring his cars back out too you gotta bug him please

    96. Bonez Johnson

      Uk Honda lovers are watching

    97. Nicolas Sullens

      The high-pitched burst extraorally tie because november overwhelmingly crash an a superb bibliography. selective, humorous dressing

    98. 4g63spoolin

      @ 22:22:57 “on our chanimal “ Jamie

    99. MR.WOLF's

      Damn Colorado is so behind. Tom and Brent with there ED BERGENHOLTZ style setups classic. I will always know that *crx as Saul’s no matter what!* You guys are just starting what other have already done 😂

      1. PFI Speed

        No we’re bringing them all back. We ran pro front with a few cars and hot rod years ago. I just don’t think they should collect dust .

    100. Box Rec

      Awesome to see Brent in such a great mood 👍