Going through the WICKED RSX H22a and An EF Ripper on the dyno

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    In this episode you guys get to go through my Day from an Awesome Ef civic dyno tune to assembling Toms engine for his rsx and pulling a trans from a v6 ef civic so join me now and lets have some fun.
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    1. Brett Combs

      For the love of Pete kill the music

    2. pFbSpecV

      People don't realize having a huge turbo means nothing if your out of the power band for so long lol that ef could use such a smaller turbo and and be so much faster.

    3. MrZimma Frame

      How did water die... He drowned.. but he's a fish..

    4. Marc Alvarado

      What LMA’s did they use on that h22a

    5. Ralph Menta

      Its amazing how far everyone in the PFI family has progressed. Kyle and "Boosted Boiz" is seperate but you guys are all family and i never watched one without the other. I remember when Charlie was trying to turbo the Geo Metro and all those shenanigens. People come and go but its awesome to see you all prosper. Good luck and I look forward to maybe seeing you in the lanes!!!

    6. Hartbeat 860


    7. Boulter Zach

      Tom and phong, getting shit dialed content 👌

    8. Boulter Zach

      Just love the Tom content 😜

    9. Si

      lol, Samantha in the outro made me chuckle. Keep up the great work!

    10. Anthony Mc Donagh

      PFI speed please make detailed videos on how to turbo a h22 and all the soldering stuff with the ecu as I think alot of people would like this especially myself, maybe include like a budget get it done spec to a middle of the range spec to a high end spec please and thank you like if you agree thanks also how to take apart the h22 and put back together with torque specs and maybe even change out the cams

    11. Donald Fuller

      Hey Brent what would it cost to do a v6 honda swap in a 2000 mustang? I don't know much about the import stuff but would love a swap different from what everyone does. Just want a streetable mild build.

    12. frgottenfrshness

      Wait.... What you're only 29yrsold??? I just turned 30 today!!! DOB 1/21/91

    13. sharp68chevyguy

      That. Is a badass bandsaw..

    14. jay jay

      I like this video everybody is firing on all cylinders! Keep up the great content dudes! Much love!

    15. Ronin

      run your car not your mouth 👌

    16. Joseph Stumbo

      Where is the pfi podcast. This is a channel that definitely needs one. Couldn't imagine all the cool shit to learn and here from all y'all

    17. Sid Billy

      Between toms engine building and Sean's one hell of a badass fucking sweatshirt you guys definitely hit home with me today thanks for making this video!

    18. david seholm

      I cant tell you how many people I have asked about what they do with the stock oil pump over the years when they run a dry sump and never received an answer. I always suspected you just pull the gear out, but I could never confirm it. THANK YOU!!!

      1. david seholm

        That includes emailing and calling Peterson.

    19. BryDuhBikeGuy

      I really like the totally Clean look this man did with his ride.

    20. Sean

      Love to see that you repair the boards instead of just finding another ECU in better condition. Consequence of the increasing electronics in cars.

    21. paul ezay

      Love the h22 content let's go tom

    22. jeff alvarez

      Because of boostedboiz and pfi speed I learned how build race cars now, I just need the money lol. From philippines

    23. Asylumental

      'Preciate yah!

    24. Jacob Toy

      got that same soldering iron from radio shack when they went out of business for 50 bucks. love that thing.

    25. Op Built

      Uncle Benz rocking the mullet hell yeah brother

      1. Austin S


    26. toxthexxgallows

      That ef sounds amazing. Like damn good. Probs to the owner for how clean it is also. We love to see it.

    27. Glenn 9K

      Honda people of the comments section: What would be a realistic and "safe" "max power number" for a stock, open deck, H22A? And which part is the first bottleneck? Pistons?

      1. Vanessa Camp

        I’m no Honda expert but what I have seen here is springs, retainers, rods, and head studs. Usually that order.

    28. beretta989


    29. Tom Jackman

      Can you use the office in the boosted boiz side to do some of the fulfilment stuff? Might be a bit quieter and more comfortable??

    30. Street Car Culture

      Great videos as always, really enjoy when Tom is in the vids 👌🏽

    31. No Dreams 0

      Great episode today guys love the variety

    32. 402CarKid

      That turbo is too big for the motor imo.

    33. hardhitter31422

      I kind of want to bio video of Tom and all the racing that he did in the 90s and stuff it sounds like he was involved in a ton of stuff like oh back when I got these timing gears made I sold hundreds of them I want to know that dude's story man. Seems like a good dude.

    34. John Z

      Another great video Brent. Watching your team perform their magic is too much fun and so informative, Thanks much

    35. Dave James

      My cat ate my fish lol

    36. James McIvor

      Are k20a4 blocks any good for power?

    37. Dave James

      Man love the shop so much room 💪

    38. Daryl Nicklen

      Team at PFI helping a great friend of the shop Uncle Tom's car a runner. Team work makes the Dream work.... PFI and Tom for the Win Shout out to Phong another great Friend to the shop.

    39. Jesper Reenalda

      Do you ship to the Netherlands, i love this car stuf we dont have this in my country ass much. Keep it RAD

    40. Jeffrey Bamford

      In case you haven't heard it's cold outside 😜

    41. Do it for Brock 05 05 brock


    42. TheTuttleCrew

      Congratulations on 300k subs Brent, Jamie, and gang!!!!

    43. Ryan Dell

      Why did the crank go in dry? No assembly lube? Just curious

    44. EzlNh8u

      Is Shaun, cooper bagettis father? @pfi

    45. wish bone

      any 6g72 twin turbo love?

    46. CRUD VADER

      Still the best intro on IRvision!

    47. IrrelevantSkill

      god sean is a beast. fabs, welds, and is a tech guru also?! damn bro! youre inspirational!

    48. VottyS

      Our man Tom is an OG for sure!

    49. Paul Adams

      If I was there I could help you drywall. I’ve done it most of my life.

    50. Joel Blair

      Shop is looking good. You can tell yall have been working.

    51. The LUNA Family Vlogs

      That would be cool to go back to the goPro in the car and have em rip after the dyno!! 🙏🏼👍

    52. IFP

      I love Tom wish he was closer to be in more vids. And Shawn killing it like always. Big shout out to all of you love the content Brent my boy Jamie Britt for her part steven goffy twin turbo Todd always helping out you guys are the best keep doing what your doing cause you all are great. 3 vids I wait for is cleet pfi speed and boosted boiz 3 favorite not saying in order. Love all the other channels JH , sxs blog keep it up boys

    53. Kevin Keener

      I have watched so many pfi dyno sessions that I can literally tell you how much horsepower the car will make by them just listing what has been done to car!!!! LETS GOOO

    54. Shane Rathburn

      I have a question maybe someone one here can help me i need a core support for a 1999 gsr will a ls core support work for that as well please help me.like from a 95 or so.

    55. Sean Schmidt

      Where's dancing Brent with the Nintendo sounding music, while you're doing your magic on the laptop? I like to try to follow along to pick up on the adjustments you're making.

    56. Alex

      Tom is a legend. Awesome to be able to follow an OG through his rebuild.

    57. Uber Pro

      Who's the Master?

    58. Digital Mojo FPV

      I think it is cold outside.

    59. ziggo0

      Woah, saw the crank move like that was a lot of thrust play! Then saw the bearings go in whew. Nice build bois

    60. Jo Gon

      dude how thorough they are with the internals!!! Perfection!!

    61. David Whitten

      Big difference in between building an engine and putting one together or working on one. Old school....one's a surgeon one's a doctor. Very few are proficient at both.

    62. Wayne Sligar

      I have a 2008 Saturn outlook that the timing chain broke and the transmission was replaced 4 years ago if anyone can use it or if anyone can help me get it running again

    63. Woofer SD

      Don’t know jack S, about a Honda 4 cyl. Found this very interesting. Thank you.

    64. Curt Pratt

      don't know if you will see this but took a look at your new website and WOW that is so RAD man.. I can't wait to see where this all goes man.. I'm 100% along for this ride..

    65. chris harrison

      Question. Wouldn't the balls that are in the crank hold old oil/debris and release when at rpm through the journals?

    66. MIKE JAMES

      Thats a Nice Honda trail70. The boys over at the cars and cameras yt play with dirtbikes and go carts mostly

    67. Jonathan Medina

      I don’t care what people say, shop work and building videos drag us in, I love seeing the hard work pay off down the track!

    68. Cyborg 4Real

      Tom seems like a cool fella

    69. Mario Caballero

      Great f video

    70. Anthony Miller

      Great video

    71. Chad Hobart

      You guys are so smart with that stuff great team you have. Wish I was a little closer to you guys I am a drywall guy I would love to help out 🤘

    72. Casey Smyth

      curious question on Tom's block.....the nut that looks like its on a stud with a spacer under it, center of block closest to the camera....is that some sort of block off because its a dry sump set up???

    73. D Tubbs

      My man Todd sounding good on camera. Thanks for video!

    74. HoLY.RusteD Andy

      kaaa-chow !

    75. hector vazquez

      Y’all guy are the best team keep up the good work 🔥💯💪🏻👍🙏

    76. The blunted car guy

      Dude #brent #pfi " leaning tower cheeza" #agoofymovie

    77. Puder McGavin

      I want that hatchy badly sooo freaking clean! I'll trade a 99 prelude sh with a jdm h22 but it's not a roller sadly

    78. Honda D-SERIES

      No way 🤣🤣🤣

    79. Kent Ayres

      Brent the hoodies are way cool but please cut the strings out of them. I had a good friend get a string wrapped around a pulley it snapped his neck in the blink of eye and he was dead before I could shut it down. It's been ten years and I still miss him every day

    80. Terry Pickette


    81. Acura RL

      I’d check your crank thrush play crank in an out

    82. The Funkosaurus

      23:42 I was sitting in a pub with a buddy of mine. I pointed to a couple of old dudes across the bar, and said "That's us in about 20 years, bud." He said "That's a mirror, dipshit."

    83. welsh kraken

      Love the new website ! And a fitting title for Shawn "Master Fabricator" ! and he can skate?! wheres the video of that? get him out on a skate board outside the shop would love to see him do a kickflip... and you think you know someone ! also Sam has a channel... well i know where to go when i want to fall asleep watching her drilling holes HAHAHAHA

    84. Jason P

      Didn't know Alvin and the Chipmunks had a new album.

    85. Stephen Waterman

      All about that H2O

    86. Adam hill

      Shawn is invaluable to your team fellers got skills.

    87. nerprun

      somebody know what that song is "cold outside"

      1. Children Of Desire

        What is the time stamp?

    88. Brayden

      I would double like for some good h series content 😅

    89. 802 Garage

      Hey do you guys like that Innova timing light or have a recommendation for a good one? Keep up the great work!

      1. HDR Engine Development

        @802 Garage well, I use it only occasionally, not every day, so can't speak for commercial reliability. But for functionality, it is solid.

      2. 802 Garage

        @HDR Engine Development Gotcha thank you. Reviews for most timing lights seem all over the place in terms of reliability so it's hard to pick.

      3. HDR Engine Development

        I have one and I like it. The fact that it can pivot flat to stick down into tight spaces for a better shoot is useful. The dial back function will drift timing with rapidly changing rpm, but pretty much any dial back timing light will do that due to how it calculates the dial back angle based on time intervals between already occurred spark events.

    90. Kendall Robinson

      whats up with the bully?

    91. Jared THISDELLE

      Freaking awesome 👌

    92. Racerx

      What is that hilighter yellow engine? Is that an elcamino engine maybe?

    93. Justin Hagadus

      Nvm I'll just buy one from you guys

    94. Matthew Von Allmen

      Out of curiosity could you use an adapter plat to put a kseries transmission on a J to make it all will drive?

      1. tom jung

        Yea you can. There is a kit available from inline pro. Call them and they will set you up.

    95. Justin Hagadus

      Is there a way I can send my ecu to you so you can put a hondata and make it so I can have it tuned

      1. PFI Speed

        Absolutley , hit up sales@pfispeed.com

    96. Orlando T

      400 safe and reliable on a stock b series.... Right on pal!

    97. Tony Ross

      Shawn is the man

    98. zen95209


    99. steve amber d

      Can't wait for phong to come to a florida cleetus and cars

    100. Op1 zilla

      How many hatchex do u see, so many hat hatchex Gimmie 1 please, 😆