Tool Box Alarm System! And Integra Rips! Let’s Go!

PFI Speed

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    Everyone has their own tool box but I’ve been at this a while and sometimes we’ll I have the specific tool they need. Well when a few things come up missing Phong and I fly into action. This episode is full of laugh rips and all around good time. Join us for some auto shoo fun!

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    1. pFbSpecV

      Hopefully the owner gets confident and runs that beast to redline!

    2. Justin Altman

      Brent laughs like the joker🤣 that's so great!

    3. oreo third


    4. Jamie Ganderton

      No wonder you saved Tom's reaction for last Brent. PRICELESS!!!!! Awesome vid. Brotherly giggles. PFI for the WINNNNN!!!!!

    5. Fredrik Johnsson

      Hahaha so damn funny bro😂

    6. MrLongboarder87

      Tell someone to get you a 10mm socket knowing they know it has the alarm then from behind walk up and blast them with it while they are anticipating finding the horn.

    7. Wes Baldwin

      Watch the footage during the first pull and you can see the innercooler move out from the car.

    8. Tube4TTT

      What happened to the other tuner fella that use to be at PFI speed?

    9. Billy Young

      Brent keeps looking up at wall for the TV. Readout That's not there anymore ..

    10. OnEfoRAll

      Dude I FREAKING LOVE THESE GUYS! Where can you find better people! Gosh I wish everyone had a hangout like this they could go to! This video made me forget about the stresses of life! So thankful guys! Awesome 👌

    11. Kevin Sellsit

      Lol at FasterProms new video when he is 'gushing Honda love' it's almost embarrassing. And you are responsible Brent!

    12. MitsuGarage

      Brents doing dyno pulls as phong is trying to perfect the security system still lmao.

    13. Dee Gee

      "We don't need a socket anymore" hahaha

    14. neil dantino

      Even thooooooo I’m a VDub’er I can def respect and appreciate what you guys do. Obviously, I’m a subscriber. Maybe one day they’ll be a 1.8T on that roller!😉👍🚗

      1. neil dantino

        What an ignorant response, moronic input not welcome.

      2. Aaron Cubitt

        We definetly hope not. What a shit motor lmao. Swap it

    15. Bob Sillas

      hide the Dewalt here comes Sam

    16. Merlin Russell

      Great job guys! Lots of fun. Great to see Samantha's smile again 😄

    17. Bob Sillas

      the thing about girls you make them look like a fool and they still LOOK GOOD

    18. Alex

      I remember driving my car the first time after I had boosted it and I wussed out just like this guy. When the boost hits it’s scary!

    19. Chris Topher

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 brents laugh lmao

    20. Uberkooled Garage

      You guys need to have phong hide air horns all over kyles shop before he comes back 😂😂

    21. gavin bullard

      That dude enjoying his car at the end is amazing

    22. Roger Fleury

      DID THE COOKIES SHOW UP? I saw on Amazon site that it was in front of the shop door. Let me know so if You didn’t receive it I can let them know. Thanks. Roger in Pierre South Dakota

      1. Roger Fleury

        @PFI Speed Thanks, I just wanted to make sure someone didn’t do the old PORCH PIRATE THING. Even though you are out in a rural area. Thieves aren’t only in the towns and cities. ENJOY!

      2. PFI Speed

        Ohhhh we got them!!!! We have been snacking like crazy!

    23. DJ WRAITH

      Jamie in the Dog House! But man was that a price to pay but worth it! Classic!

    24. dylan bradley


    25. J. Walker

      order an Ecko lock for it, hook up car alarm and a glitter bomb.

    26. lee seavolt

      Brent's laugh is so infectious it made me laugh even if I hadn't seen what happened. Awesome group of guy's and full of fun times!

    27. SFF RACING

      we had a prank war get completely out of hand a work last week tread carefully hahahaha

    28. MrGixxer1300r

      This group is such a professional, and well oiled machine. It's great to see what happens when all the kids leave, and the adults build cars. Kudos to you all. PFI with Phong, Todd, and Tom are such a pleasure to watch.

    29. carson Day

      Freikin love Brent's laugh!

    30. Larry Penarubia

      clean teg

    31. Olsonite77

      Love the ride along at the end haha mans a gentleman! 🤙

    32. the1c3man

      "You can't post it on Instagram Brent!" LOL

    33. Cody J

      back in the day I rigged one of those air horns upto the brake pedal in my bosses truck, man you should have heard the laughs at smoko when I was telling everyone what I had done. When the boss came back in the afternoon he couldn't stop laughing coz of how good I had got him.

    34. Asylumental

      Lol Shawn is a smart guy, you aren't going to get one past him very easily lol

    35. AppleGuy670

      That thing’s a true sleeper it’s quiet and torquey effortless

    36. Clinton Williams

      Air horn was hilarious 😆 Brent's laugh had me cracking up. Sounded like the clown from happy gilmore.

    37. p1_crad_566

      I'm no tuner . Watch all your videos . How come you don't run blowers in front of the inter cooler on a run .i understand you are in Colorado and its cold . But surely it would help with a fan in front for cool air forced into intake and cooler . In the uk winter dyno still use fans even if its minus deg ..and the exhaust extractor to remove fumes . im no expert and not having a dig . Just curious why . Love the vids keep up the good work etc

    38. Rusty Wells

      No she's right Brent it's better if she busts you lmfao!!!

    39. michael blacktree

      Jamie sleepin on the couch... LOL 🤣

    40. Nacho Slave

      Samantha reminds me of the Darlene character on Rosanne.

    41. Nacho Slave

      Is there anything better than a horny box?

    42. Justin White

      The all drive and no quit crew.

    43. 402CarKid

      The best part about watching these when I'm high is that I can go back and rewatch like I've never seen them before 🤣.

    44. Brett Caldwell

      This video was Gold! Lmao! Thanks Jamie!

    45. River Sharp

      Hey brent do you have a email or number I can hollar at you for some advise I doing a crazy build on a jeep that people say it cant be done and it's a 2.4liter fwd 4x4

      1. PFI Speed 💪🏼🤩

    46. Carlos Reyes

      Poor Todd 😂

    47. Rich Bavaro

      Omg!! Is that really Brent's laugh? Never heard a laugh so awkward. Sounds like the jokers cringy

    48. Jason Kodatt

      I notice when you did the 2 step vid you went to the back of the car, that being said could the Full exhaust be holding you back from freeing up some power just like a few vids ago? New to the turbo 4 Banger thing but got interested because of you guys!

    49. zyar46

      8:49, i thought phong noticed the intercooler moved and pop the coupler, i thought phong was like "not bad" but motor sounds lazy.

    50. Rowdy 4 Life

      You’re daughter is cute as hell 🤯

    51. Mark lewis

      You need a pack of pull string firecrackers

    52. Mike Brosnan

      I love Shaun! he knew it was in there and still got scared🤣

    53. Kb Motors

      Brent's laugh is like the joker. It's wickedly wicked 👍

    54. mbsnyderc

      Like the car it's a real street car with exhaust and air filter and full interior.

    55. Brandon Barabas

      Dude the insulation in the shop has really helped the sound quality overall in my opinion!! Keep up the awesome content guys!!

    56. Rico Baldridge

      I got my rooster smoked right before this video. Freaking great

    57. mookie wilson

      aint gonna shake Jamie, well unless u make grinding curse noises.

    58. Jon Jon

      So Real, Raw Footage Man, Thats Rad Luv The Channel

    59. john dodd

      That’s too dang funny 😄

    60. Brandon olear

      Love the whole crew chilling having fun enjoying life

    61. Karr0t Gaming

      brets laugh lol

    62. FlyKingSteve

      My man in the integra wasn’t ready....🤣💯👀

    63. Ben Jamieson

      Where do you guys buy the heim joints and rods for your traction rods.

    64. John Seigo

      Why does watching a car on the dyno, never get old?

    65. Connor James

      You need to watch British TV show called open all hours they have a till drawer that slams shut its hilarious good tool box security lol

    66. Cleon Allen

      Once PHONG is around there is going to be a lot of fun.. Samantha is just like Brent fun person ...

    67. TrAvy_K_Malllo

      Sounds like the guy with the wrench has been hittin dabs with ‘ol Goofy Built 😂

    68. Najod Salman

      Wow what color is that integra anybody know?

    69. Ahmad Fairus

      Lol alarm

    70. Cody Henault

      The shop is lookin great 👍 👌

    71. St Boost

      Glad to see Sam again for a little longer in the videos 👍👍👍👍

    72. Tyler Durden

      I swear everyones been baked the last 2-3 episodes 😂 except Brent of course

    73. Brandon Engelman

      I see spicy doritos!!!

    74. Cyborg 4Real

      All you guys work as a really "Down to earth" the vids guys

    75. Super Spartan

      Love half hour of power episodes. I think I like watching builds and seeing dyno numbers better and the racing itself

    76. Briguygotnicethighs

      Stop putting it in neutral and jiggling the shifter!

      1. Erik EZ

        gotta shake it or else you'll get the dribbles lmfao

    77. brandon orellana

      Shop looking nice 👍🏼

    78. Tyler Jones

      It's always a family with PFI SPEED!! Everyone loves the radness!! Keep getting RAD Brothas!!

    79. Sleepy Logic

      You can always expect a rad video but they are better with an appearance from Sam.

    80. Street Build

      Pfong face on the 2nd pull = priceless😂

    81. zhark bait

      Brent laughs like Joaquin Phoenix joker lol

    82. M B

      8:49 the coupler popped off

    83. marco46f

      I cant wait for The Bully, The Wicked and The Fenix

    84. Silverboy005

      Beautiful build

    85. Brian Featherstone

      I was just thinking! What ever happened to the white S2000? Did the owner take it or is it still getting finished?

      1. PFI Speed

        Waiting on a wiring harness and Dash 💪🏼 hope to have it going together soon

    86. difteck

      Brent sounds like Elmo when he is laughing

    87. Adam Spd

      Tom Helping Goofy out too! Go check out Goofy channel see his progress on CRX! Everyone gonna ready here soon!!! Sho Nuff too!

    88. matt 2525

      Definitely old school with the plastic oil reservoir lol.

    89. TheBirdtaco

      someone get this man some new tires! i am scared for the new turbo guy

    90. drew gendreau

      And another great video.. looking forward to seeing bully with a front clip 😀

    91. Bearrett 50 Kal

      My two favorite laughs in the world: PFI Brent and Ryan Sickler (comedian)

    92. Malic VR

      Looks like need to pressure test the intake tract before running from now on, last few cars have all had bad intake couplers. Is this not causing the turbos to overspeed and maybe why they are eating themselves because they are trying to pressurize to the moon and just leaking out the blown couplers?

    93. king harris

      Hey, can you bring the “vetch vetch vetch” back evary time it hits vetch when you Dino?!! I loved it!!

      1. PFI Speed


    94. Brandon Homa

      Hahaha Jamie’s reaction 🤣👌🏻

    95. Wolf Party

      Tom; hey Brent, I did a new thing! Brent; Cool maaan!! Phong; hey Brent, I did a new thing! Brent; super awesome maaan, that’s like some NASA RAD stuff!!! Tom; I feel old!!! Brent; phong’s going to be on payroll soon but he don’t know it yet!!! ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼👍🏻👍🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love all you guys!!!!

    96. Stephen Brown

      Did she say you’re a A....hole. LOL 😂

    97. Beau Yo

      We need more of Phong on this channel! Him and Brent are awesome together. Their camera chemistry is through the roof!

    98. Hartbeat 860


    99. boosted mafia

      7:11 I’m fucking weak 😂😂😂 Brent “ Jaime ain’t getting any tonight 😂😂

    100. markus hauser

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