Bully Front End is Taking Shape ,RWD J series Civic Diagnose

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    Stoked your back. First in this episode we help Gunmetal Josh solve an issue with his wild 97 civic rear wheel drive v6 civic. Then we get on to the Bully front end ,extending and shaping it. So join us as we keep pushing to get these hot rods rollin!
    Gunmetal civic channel .

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    1. pFbSpecV

      Man Tom is putting in some work on that front end!! Nicely done!

    2. Reefer Dog

      Thats a rear wheel drive!---- placed in the front. lol Lookin pretty sweet!

    3. TurboDieselDan

      With a name like The Bully it would be cool if you had a sticker of Scott Farkus who was the red headed bully from A Christmas Story. "He had yellow eyes...yellow eyes."

    4. Nitous Infinitarius

      Cover the intake mani up so no garbage gets in the vroom vroom.

    5. Nitous Infinitarius

      Wear a respirator or eye protection fiberglass will really cause harm to your lungs. Irreparable damage that will ruin your quality of life. Safety first fellas because we love seeing the content you make, take care of your body its your daily driver.😝

    6. R Monkey

      I'll bet the hood turns out terrible. Yes, I'm a mind reader. However I hope all the hard work pays off. All of you guys clearly work hard and take pride in what you do.

    7. james styler

      Can't wait tonsee that thing busting out a 7 second pass

    8. tip flipshiz

      Anybody catch the hatchet man sticker?

    9. Brutalford

      Tom bro....wear a mask man...fiberglass will kill ya

    10. Jovan

      Tom baffles me dawg!

    11. Tookoff

      We need more bully content

    12. Broo_sh

      Big Big Thx To Josh at He Made You Doing videos in youtube

    13. Norcal Fishing

      When Brent said we’re going to have a posse at p.s.c.a. meanwhile the car has a juggalo icp sticker 😭

    14. Hank Burton

      It’s ruff it’s tuff it’s .......

    15. howardsen666

      Kabelsalat 😮

    16. C D

      Workshop looks freaken awesome, well done guys-

    17. PandaWRX

      What’s up with the s2000?

    18. Jared THISDELLE

      Its going to be killer

    19. Joe Walton

      That front end is gonna be BITCHIN BOYS!!!!!!

    20. Michael Blokland

      Ehm... Fiberglass .. Cutting and Sanding without protection ? YIKES

    21. Finlay Macpherson

      outstanding fault finding !!! love it

    22. wobbly sauce

      Nothing like making something as you have an actual item at the end.

    23. Ross Dubcak

      Bully is going to be so clean looking. Looking good...

    24. Mitch Weber

      You guys that fiberglass work is out of this world 🔥🔥🔥 keep it coming I can't wait till you guys have more of sho'nuff also!!!!!!

    25. Carl B

      Dude, it's amazing that he's able to create/fabricate what's needed to get the bully running correctly. It's sad that this is a dying craft. I feel partly to blame because I didn't want to take this class in school. I wanted computers. It's not a bad thing but they (my technical school) decided that carpentry, machining, and some of the other trade classes were not that important. As I get older(in my 40's) I'm dying to get out of digital marketing and into fabrication and building cars. So I love watching your videos and other similar channels because I can get an idea of how something should be done and try it and like you said try and try again until you get it right. Lol. Keep up the great work man.

    26. Steven Thompson

      Just awesome to watch you guys.. back when I was building cars in 99 and the opening of 00 there was like jc whitney magizine and couple other your could order parts from and it was all super expensive and took weeks on weeks to come in.. but figuring out the problems and making things others didn't have was what I did it for and seeing you all do that still is amazing..

    27. bluetoes591

      Man, Shane behind the camera talks just like his dad. Totally confused me the first time.

    28. JapoutRacing

      Funny cause i thought it would be Kyle but guess not! Im sure kyle felt some type of way when PFI speed channel started LOL

    29. George Gunsallus

      An inverted scoop comin from behind the engine would look pretty cool and might save some time in trying to cover the engine. Just let it rock out....

    30. WXOOXDS09

      Well over the years I can say I know more about hondas now 😂😂😂👅♥️

    31. danny williams

      Tom is a very smart man and can see like an artist. Thats awesome guys, i do the same when building exhaust visualize what it will look like and start building. Cant wait to see all of the cars done! thanks for sharing all of the knowlage PFI!

    32. Cody K

      Bully getting crazy!!!!!!

    33. Joedaddy42nit

      You all post some awesome content! Maybe you could explain a little more about the difference between a “Hall effect vs mag CPS?” I’m about the same age as you all. I wish this kind of content was available when I was learning in the mid 90’s. Keep it up!🤟🏻

    34. islandhonda

      Not saying tom dosent know what he's doing but get that man a mask! Fiberglass is not something you want to be sanding with out one. Just hate to see tom get sick from it.

    35. mofiya

      such good content

    36. Zepol Workz

      I would put the Turbskis where headlights were like eyes of the Bully.

    37. Totel Recall

      Yo.. your lungs grinding fiberglass. Protect yourself before you wreck yourself.

    38. rudy ancheta

      I thought Jaime is your son-in-law!

    39. prospector mike


    40. Atanas Tripzter

      Why not make the nose even longer and sharper? That promod Firebird formula look?

    41. Doug Tond

      Man... Tom's a damn lunatic lol there's gotta be a better way to glass a frontend 😆 I love you guys. You have a killer squad. You guys remind me of a bunch of kids playing with your toys. That's how I feel it should be. Get a big shop full of tools and just PLAY

    42. serpent viper

      Tom, please please please wear a mask when sanding fibreglass. That shit is nasty on the lungs dude. Awesome work!!

    43. Austin Charlebois

      You guys are killing it

    44. Case 275

      Tom is asking for lung problems doing that sanding without a respirator! 😳

    45. wagonbldr

      Shop Cat strolling thru to make sure everything is cool.

    46. Pwnageclapz

      So. Much. Shaft. Sliding.

    47. tony brinson

      I am old and didn't grow up with civic's but I like them and would love to have a hatch or 3 door I call them with about 500 hp and just have fun with it . Go bully go

    48. Jason Tancer


    49. Jefe's Garden

      What about Mr. Bill? "Ohhhhhhh, nooooooooo..."

    50. A Romchuk

      Tom is the coolest

    51. A Romchuk

      Y r there no turbo blanket enthusiasts

    52. Puder McGavin

      Man wear a respirator esp when working with glass man dang

    53. 802 Garage

      2 sick.

    54. KCadby

      *@Josh* I know they are expensive but I'm in the process of installing the 6.86 Pro Dash (along with a HP) on a friend's Car Tire ZX14 Dragbike. The Dash is obviously beautiful but the main reason I told him to get the Dash is so we'll have a ton of Data Inputs, plus more Outputs (with Virtual Switches on the dash)... Love you @PFI guys (a lot) and I hate being the crap fly on the wall that keeps repeating this but if you CONNECT RPM TO THE DYNO you'll be able to see what Converters and Clutches are doing, until the power is high enough to spin the tires 😁

    55. FullSpoolCustoms

      badass brother

    56. Yted Airsoft


    57. Su Chi

      Is this the civic j series that was at St Louis a couple years ago for import face off and broke on the line?

      1. Su Chi

        @Gunmetal Civic it might have been topeka man ive been to so many car shows

      2. Gunmetal Civic

        Topeka, shredded my rear gear.

    58. HistoryHunter

      Wait, is this the original Bully or a rebuild Bully 2.0?

    59. Mike Simmons

      Looking killer can’t wait for the new look



    61. Anthony M Billman

      Should use the front end that your making as a plug and do all the body work to it and then make a mold that way you can make a solid 1 piece front end .. malt the mold with 3 flanges that meet and bolt together .. get some pva to separate and the mold release wax add 7 layers of wax and then add 7 layers of chemlease and lay your glass fabric down .. the fabric is stronger than chop mat ...

    62. Dimitry Watt

      The bully need some central support

    63. itskarl1799

      Man, all the work looks awesome. When I got to the part where Jaime is working on "brother in law", I couldn't help but think, you guys need some epoxy action on your floors.

    64. Gold Plated Junk

      You should dyno the scissor lift 🤣

    65. E. Wells82

      Pretty nuts the audible difference of the dyno bay in videos.

    66. lousbits

      Guys please, just a little basic ppe. Shane's too young to screw his lungs up.

    67. james dalton


    68. Kun Kunkun


    69. Buckin Right420

      Awesome job guys!! Looking great!! 🤘😆🇺🇲❤️

    70. Ipds70GltR

      The more i watch, I wish i was a Brent. But really, just about that TOM life. Lowkey ballin/247

    71. Dean Cooper

      Thanks Josh

    72. MrGixxer1300r

      Brent one question why a J series over a K series? torque maybe?

    73. MrGixxer1300r

      Tom reminds me of my father (R.I.P.) a man of few words, and correct action. A very knowledgeable man who gets the job done, very modest, no time for silly shit. Kudos to Tom.

    74. marshall v

      atleast wear a mask your bringing fiber glass in the air for god sakes 🤣

    75. Bubba Ray Lindy

      Tom in pants? Whoa!

    76. JazzedHellcat

      Not wearing a respirator while grinding the Fiberglass and Resin is not good.

    77. Mika Allard

      Real ogs know gunmetal is the man.

      1. Gunmetal Civic

        Thanks dude

    78. Joshua Palmer

      Defiantly RAD as always boyz...... with a pinch of the posse..........and aTH400, rad.

    79. Solar Function

      I love the pre-fab content with the fibreglass as I'm going to be building my own fibreglass boat soon & it's all this unusual steps to make the finished product which makes look wild, it's like seeing a dream unfold into reality, sooooo cool.

    80. Nelson Acosta

      This is great to see all you guys back together again especially taking over Cletis and cars

    81. AJ Nope

      Loving the intro music.

    82. Derek Collier

      Can’t wait to see that front end finished. Gonna look sick

    83. CrazyAssPotter

      That's what I tell everyone and they don't get it. Making power from nothing, with the wrong wheels is a fun challenge.

    84. shaggy Daz Ashby

      Looking good boy keep it up 😁👍🇬🇧

    85. Kyle Hickenbottom

      Love from the uk🤘 bully's looking awesome 👌 shops looking great let's goo🤙🤙

    86. Etard Adventures

      My Posses on Broadway classic

      1. Etard Adventures

        We put them on the truck we put them On the hood some set with the driver that made him feel good

    87. Barry scarlett

      Use some old seatbelts for extra strength to the fiberglass matting . . that's a old kiwi trick

    88. rock ikaikaz

      It went from 1 to 9 pieces 😂😂😂 been there many times best part about fiberglass it's almost impossible to mess it up🤙

    89. xxxalmanxxx 86

      Loving watching the fibreglass process. Keep up the good work.

    90. maan An

      What friendship and true joy. Thank you so very much for your show.

    91. Terje Johnsen

      People who work with glass fiber have to use dustmask at least if not its like asking for cancer.

    92. Alex

      Do not sand fibreglass without a mask and extraction or do it outdoors with mask,that shit is like asbestos. The fumes from resin are also very toxic.

    93. Brandon Lee

      I love a mystery scooby doo

    94. Thomas Meade

      The rats bats car content sometimes

    95. Adam Loader

      Like a bullet the bully is going to fly soon.

    96. Alex Goodchild

      Vibes wise There’s PFI videos And there’s all other motoring content

    97. Adam Loader

      She’s coming together. I can’t believe it is so long in the nose 👃. It’s seems like forever since it had the nose piece covering it.

    98. RC Codes

      bergenholtz!!! that name is import ROYALTY, this younger generation has no clue about that era... shiiiiit i LOVED ed bergenholtz CRX, its part of what got me into hondas and my first car (in 2003) was a 90' yellow CRX SI. LOL i was that guy with the white outs everyone hated, i had a greddy sp2 exhaust on it and some off brand intake everyone was running at the time (prob did more harm than good), I absolutely loved that car it sounded great and was perfect for me at the time. MAN i shouldve kept that car, who knew>? well i guess the PFI guys kinda did.

    99. Jimmy Love

      Sooo frickin Rad... \000/ Aloha


      Seeing the metigulous shirt gave me the idea to get Hayden to rent part of the shop and work there with you guys