Wicked RSX comes Together!

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    We have been rockin at the shop getting the shop! In this Episode Tom And the Crew get busy on the Wicked pro front Rsx! They get so much work done that this episode is jam packed with radness! So join us now and watch this Rsx come to life !
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    1. Sloppy Mechanics

      Love Lowdoller Motorsports

      1. Jose Chavolla

        @402 Style Dan McGrath I know I just had say something as well

      2. Brother2JiS_27s4 216

        @tom jung they've been hooking sloppy up for years now, they really care about their customer service

      3. Gary!

        @Brother2JiS_27s4 216 it's odd out of all his builds the Kia is the one I'm most excited about after the Truck 1000hp build all them years back.

      4. tom jung

        This is the first time we have used them. Great service. We will definitely use again.

      5. Brother2JiS_27s4 216

        I'd like to see a kia update on your channel.. I'd also really like to see you do a full tube chassis and build that Kia's motor and the rest of the car to hang with the rsx, bully, and sho nuff... itd be sweet

    2. pFbSpecV

      I gotta say..... this might catch the bully and beat it!!

    3. jackyboy1130

      Sean is a all in one he's the best electrical n mechanical engineer in one

    4. mookie wilson

      24:04 Twin turbo say “hey hey” (dont leave em hangin) such a great dude, great chuckle.

    5. Stromn83

      start up a pfi speed video and you are instantly thrown into an 80s synth dream world, you guys keep kickin ass and looks like the way things are going taking names as well! lol

    6. Ralph Menta

      You guys need an air-controlled ram for that press. It was brutal to think about having to dimple-die that entire shifter box by hand. Great vid tho, she is gonna rip

    7. Khanyisani Ngcobo

      High five 🖐️... Yeeaaah

    8. William Morgan

      So RAD watchin these vids of PFI workin together getting thing accomplished and so awesome seeing Steven involved 🤘

    9. 802 Garage

      So cool to see all these details. Thanks guys!

    10. blkmustang007

      Tom - What size is the turbo ?

    11. Steven Thompson

      Man I cannot wait to see wicked and bully lined up at the track 🥰

    12. Paul Nunes

      Never mind , awesome channel

    13. Paul Nunes

      where is Jaimie

    14. Drew Gorman

      Place is looking great with the drywall up. Makes it almost look new in there

    15. Loud Mike Media


    16. Nte 35050

      Got orange car done b4 bully??? We need see them run battle!!!

    17. Nicholas Centeno

      I need to see bully and wicked on race week!! I know Brent is sorta committed to roll with Clertus but Goofy could run the bully🤷‍♂️

    18. MaNNeRz Laguna

      "you got a wrench?" What's in your hand my guy? 😆

    19. ykram20

      Wicked guys!

    20. Scrazz Man

      The future for the shop looks like fun.

    21. Luke W.

      Jamie's new ride?? Tom totally lowkey dropped that one in there.

    22. Rick T

      The bully the rsx and the Phoenix at the track is going to be a good video

    23. White Snake

      Just a friendly reminder 27 more days till February 20th.

    24. Southney

      Incredible work guys, looking forward to seeing this rip!

    25. Adrian Merritt

      Whats Emilo's ? Wanna tag him.

    26. Puder McGavin

      Need updates on the resto s2k

    27. Adrian Merritt

      Ofcourse #boostedBoiz @BootrdBoiz #AllMpotorPhong @AllMotorPhong #SamanthaLeivestad @SamanthaLeivestad #CleetusAndCars @CleetusAndCars and All Familly #TallandBlackTuning @Talland BlackTuning.

    28. Adrian Merritt

      Thanks #PFISpeed @PFISpeed #BrentLeivestad @BrentLeivestad #JamieLankford @JamieLankford #ShawnWilliammee @ShawnWilliammee #GoofyBuiltShane @GoofyBuiltShane. And All Family.

    29. Misael_ Domi

      Ooooooohhhhh it's on! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    30. M B

      So anyone else watching all the other Colorado expats lol the boostedboiz and look at Wyatt rocking the shorts everyday he's definite Florida man definitely going to make the news😜😂😂😂

    31. That1guy81

      I love this show I hope shawn has his own race car now or someday

    32. Arthur B

      10:22 for a second I saw two Goofy

    33. Linus Andersson

      I just love watching shawn fab things. Its so good man

    34. Adrian Daniel

      Seen as you’re bleeding boost off with a WG when staging, would it make sense to use that boost and plumb in an Air Bybass ALS system (proper anti-lag). Turbosmart make all the kit to do them.

    35. Joseph Citizen419

      Shawn is 80% of this build. Love it.

    36. traveling nomad

      what is this nano gauge they talking about HAHA that looks interesting

    37. mjboy8790

      Shawn is the fucking man!

    38. Mike crystal robert

      This cars getting serious now can’t wait to see it make some passes .....gonna be the savage rsx

    39. Adam Chapman

      Still beating the crap out of my Turbo H22a prelude i am only making over 400 whp been 5 years since it was built. Thanks guy's keep up the great work from Canada

    40. Greg Simon

      Very nice

    41. iknklst

      " Eat Brent's Traction Bars, They're Delicious! All The Essential Vitamins And Minerals To Keep You Going!" Opportunity right there. Just take all the old shop rags laying around and dip them in chocolate, form them into a bar. When you're pulling a late nighter before race day or thrashing in between heats you'll eat damn near anything.

    42. 4godadddygo


    43. UncleHank

      I enjoy watching Shaun’s fabricating skills. Much respect.

    44. Sam Jennings

      Loving this new series

    45. Denis O'brien

      would be cool if all the fastest cars were H and J's not B and K's ..just cause.

    46. UncleHank

      Shane has a shop-full of uncles. Lucky young man.

    47. Briguygotnicethighs

      That shifter bracket is so sick. I couldn’t picture it when it wasn’t bent up. Nice job

    48. Tim's turbo centrum

      I would not run the dump tube into the intake from the turbo, that hot air gets hotter and hotter.

    49. J.M S

      2021 is going to be a crazy year. Between the RSX, the Phoenix, Sho'nuff, Jamies new car, and the bully the PFI crew is bringing the fire. Killer line up

    50. Turbo World

      That shifter box is awesome Shawn! Great fabrication talent.

    51. BoostDeep


    52. Timothy Stacks

      Brent we need some one on one interviews with your guys (and yourself)...I’d love to hear there stories! You have a heck of a crew!!

    53. lunkydog

      You're not shrinking Tom. In fact, you had a growth spurt and now you're taller than your hair.

    54. CrazyAssPotter

      Wicked, Phoenix, Bully, Shonuff, SRT... Let's see em run and race!

    55. Anthony Miller

      Yall are a great team. But Shawn is the MVP..

    56. whale oil beef hooked

      Where are we at with shonuff

    57. El lee oh

      👍👍from this guy

    58. PA Tuners

      Loving the video's on Tom's Rsx

    59. Yung Shitbox

      So is this still a counter clockwise rotating motor? I know I've definitely seen h series that spin clockwise as well

    60. DSweet079

      What happened to the intro? Did someone ask to turn it down? We were feeling the vibe! More excitement! The more the merrier, just like sex! Cmon man don’t tone down!

      1. DSweet079

        Turn down for what, what’s with the porn jazz??😂😂🤣, throw a scene(xxx)in at least. Little mechanic flavor if that’s ur thing?🤣

    61. Moto Tech

      Killin it shawn 👌🏼

    62. My favorite Martian

      Now you got The RSX, the Phoenix and The Bully.

    63. My favorite Martian

      Looks like a rocketship! Slam and Jam!

    64. Jeremiah Davis

      H22 power baby no joke!!!

    65. Bondido

      Great mix of content 🤟👍🏼

    66. mike powers

      Still loving the new 80's synth backing music :D You guys are (re)building a real monster there, outstanding!

    67. Danny Viskocil

      Shawn is a genious. I would take a leave of absence from work just to come out there and be an intern for him. So much knowledge!

    68. s14sean

      What transaxle are you using?

    69. Juicebox315

      This intro music is soooo much better! Stick with this!

    70. John Brew

      All these oldschool hotrods coming back to life! 2021 race season is going to be amazing!

    71. Dom Moss

      Crikey Tom’s doing a lot of whacking off in this episode he mentions it a bit too much. 😀 What does Shawn drive? Does he race?

    72. G W

      The intro music reminds me of the movie drive

    73. roberto guerrero

      6:50 that’s a scary fucking laugh bruh lmao, wasn’t even watchin the vid and heard that n I had to look around real quick

    74. M B

      Plexus is the BEST! Not cheap but so worth the money👍👍👍👍👍

    75. M B

      I think it's awesome how you guys always rally together and get those cars pushed out. On a personal note I have an Audi I have been trying to get back together for a year and I have no one to push me or motivate me and sometimes there is just no desire to get it done😪 I wish I had the PFI family to give me the help and confidence 2 get it done. Good work guys👍

    76. Jimmy Love

      Brent, Jamie, Shaun, and P.F.I. Crew. I had an idea. If you can do something with it, Its yours. You know how Elon Musk uses bursts of Compressed Co2 to flip, turn and stabilize those rocket booster's to land them ? Why couldn't the Chrome Moly tubing be pressurized with Co2, and 2 of those nozzles be wired to a simple gyroscope. And mounted on the nose ??? Anti wheelie device !!! From detection to firing would be about one-ten thousandths of a second. And no way the gyro would weigh more than the wheelie bars. Please, could I get a signed picture with the crew in the winners circle with Sho Nuff. I would like to hang it on my cabin wall. Aloha everyone \000/ Shootz Intrested or not would you let me know at least one of you saw this please. Thank you

    77. Casey Sheaffer

      Shawn seems like the guy who tries too hard to be friends with everyone

    78. MegaJammysod

      RAD video PFI can you give us a little update on the BULLY what it's waiting for !🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

    79. Josh Jones

      Man love the music in beginning, ramps ya up to it

    80. stinkinlincoln90

      I love that Sean always has a smile on his face :-D

    81. Honda Freak

      Love the H22!!

    82. Chuck H

      Loving the videos and can't wait to see the finished product hit the track

    83. Gear jammer520

      Always love working on racecars

    84. No Budget Racing

      So awesome. I cant help but feel like im a part of all the builds.

    85. Jackson Dale

      Seen it all sad in the corner

    86. Jackson Dale


    87. Wrench Werkz

      Javi at the end was too rad 🤘

    88. Gods Squad

      Would ya just look at it! This car is sweet and can’t wait to see it run

    89. Gods Squad

      Tom lives 45 minutes away from where I live so it would be sick if I got to meet Brent or any of you guys even Milo

      1. tom jung

        Come on by. We are always around on the weekends at the shop.


      Its looking i hope the team gets everything done and ready to party

    91. Joe Koudelka

      I'm so excited I can't wait to see Tom's hotrod fire up! Keep up the good work 🤙

    92. Mark Tilley

      Sean is a beast

    93. bugsy duffy

      💗💗💗💗💗 PFI family 💕 u guy's!!

    94. MrDannyd9

      Brent, get your boys LASIK, so they don’t have to wear those coke-bottle lenses. I know you are down with the CC, but come on man 😂

    95. Lee knight60

      can't wait to see how the tuning goes with the Fueltech setup

    96. nukedbunny

      Shawn - King Of Fab Work

    97. Jeremy Besong

      Toms car is bad ass

    98. Barrie Else

      That rsx looks like a beast

    99. John Fitzgerald

      How good is Shaun ?

    100. Barrie Else

      That tax looks a beast

      1. Barrie Else

        Rsx not tax