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    We get Phongs Ride on the rollers. Just when we were working out the bugs we ran into a major issue ! Join us now and come along for the highs and lows of hot rodding.
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    1. Hedgepeth Racing

      That's a shitty thing to happen in this stage of your build but it could've been so much worse. Could've blown up on a dyno pass.. you got this man !! And thanks for taking the time for the videos !!

    2. Cody

      fuck. balance those tires. weld the motor to the damn frame. jiggle jiggle jiggle

    3. Kerry Dorsey

      Phong is silently crushed yet he stays positive. Dude needed a hug.

    4. MrFujack103

      Grind the metal to see what colour the sparks are and you might be able to tell what they are made of?

    5. DABEAST Moua

      Man i was waiting for thid moment to see the true power.. Keep up the spirit phong and PFI

    6. Dominick Mcnulty

      Everyone has to see how we have some fun after a hard days work like you, so go check out Grom_Squach channel to you might likely it just as much as you did this one I know I did be safe everyone..

    7. phil friesen

      I don't really get the whole all motor vibe if your going that hard doing all that stuff on the car why would you only Wana make like 400 HP? When you got guys making like 8-900 with a turbo

    8. Michael Cross

      Such great positivity! Awesome video 🤙

    9. sholj

      what are the four circles called? that open back an fourth

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        ITBs (Individual Throttle Bodies)

    10. Bill Karow

      There called LASH CAPS and are a must with those type of valves

    11. Khyle Goodness

      Full send phong

    12. Anderson Dick

      So cool to see this car back to life after 13 years I've worked on it!

    13. Ricardo Vargas

      It just means it was more power

    14. Ricardo Vargas

      Tell funk I am so

      1. Ricardo Vargas

        Do you know when you see a girl you like you get the butterflies your heart starts acting up you start acting up just like that. Yesss brother keep it up

      2. Ricardo Vargas

        Tell funk . I am so 🤯. Keep it up looking bad ass . I remember when you got that car and u said I had the perfect person for this car. Ur rate Brad . U found it a very good home

    15. Ricardo Vargas

      🤤sexy . Hey brother keep it up . It looking bad ass .

    16. Ricardo Vargas

      O yess so so sexy 🤪🤤

    17. jeep_mini_lovin

      shows his channel not coming up

    18. Chris Topher

      Absolutely love how everybody just gets involved and is willing to help. Truest group of friends man. Much love!!

    19. Tyler Jones

      Damn Phong I'm sorry that really didn't need to happen to a man like you! Keep the good spirits!! Loving every PFI vid and Phongs too!! Get RAD boiz!

    20. DJ WRAITH


    21. The Edge

      Wish I was computer savvy...Always a great time watchin some PFI....nice to have those itbs....can see right in

    22. vipcress

      What kind of fume extraction does this shop run?

    23. 「ZED」

      Phong should just put one of those Diesel truck oil pan heater on the Phoenix then he wont need to preheat the oil in the pot and potentially get dirt and grit in the oil.

    24. chris holyer

      Absolutely ecstatic it wasn't as bad as we all thought hope he can get the oversized valves figured out

    25. P0shingt0nn 20

      Someone start the gofundphong!!

    26. Rick Scott

      Yeah, it may be broke but it can be fixed pretty easily. Most times the valves have a great party inside the cylinder, basically not a mark to be had in there. Whew !!! I'll be here tomorrow to hear it run. What dedication these guys have as well as a love of cars.😎👍💯

    27. DML media

      phong goes, it just needs a bondo job LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    28. Toms Tech

      "Valve springs are good....theyre what Kyle's got too" Err how many heads kyle been through? The guy who wrote his car off after a wheelie when tuning his car not to wheelie. Theres no cylinder head holding the valve guide anymore and they can only guide so much. Also dimpled heads just show you how much material you could be removing. Effectively many depth tests, cross sectional area has a better effect on flow than those dimples ever will.

    29. Toms Tech

      Not normally my type of thing (turbo chevy guy)... but its also the build I'm most interested in on the channel, not bully or brapmobile. I wanna see this make power and go down the 1/4 mile!! HRC and spoon need to get down here with some f1 slipper pistons etc.

    30. james wilson

      All the money spent on top of the line parts and it shits the farm what a day

    31. s14sean

      What fuel is it tuned on ? What is your lambda target at full power ? It sounds so mean at WOT! Awesome 👍

    32. T Hub

      Y'all sure have alot of problems with this brand of valves.

    33. THAT TURBO DB8

      Let’s get this thing on a 50-50 nitro mix !!!

    34. THAT TURBO DB8

      Anybody know what fuel phong is running on this beast ???

    35. Steven Thompson

      The Brotherhood.. Phong car breaks and all hands on deck to help him.. AMAZING

    36. Axle Grind

      have you ever seen cold air go up a header tube and warp a hot exhaust valve. i have. the head snapped right off.

    37. 802 Garage

      14:40 Right when you can hear something really bad happened. Such a bummer! Like you all said, lucky it wasn't worse, and like Phong said, lucky it happened now instead of later. Phoenix will rise again!

    38. Mike Yacullo

      Are those bike carbs? I always wanted to do r1 carbs on my ,82 vw rabbit

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        No, they're ITBs (Individual Throttle Bodies)

    39. Bob Dailey

      After that happened I replaced the head and have my valve guides knurled. And always had a puf of smoke on start up.

    40. Mikel Ellsaesser

      Just wondering why is it always an exhaust valve that brakes. On ur channel and boostedboiz channel it seems like the exhaust valves, give u guy's the most problems. Is there a reason for that, or is the exhaust valve just a weak link.

    41. Bob Dailey

      Your talking about a lash cap and that is what I forgot the usually use among VW but I didn't put them in

    42. Bob Dailey

      I was just as lucky's phong. I had a 76 colt with a crower cam that I had made. I ran into some problems two weeks after blowing up v8's. Broke 1 bent one. No cylinder damage.

    43. Tim NJ

      I would have taken the head out of the of car and preserve it

    44. Dave Does

      what a heart breaker

    45. rob moore.86

      Damn Phong that's a tough break but you guys will persevere and come out on top .... Remember the Phoenix always rises from the ashe's !!! Pfi speed to top

    46. Adam Chapman

      We qll must be nerds because we like watching you tune i can watch for hours. Thanks for the post keep up the great work from Canada

    47. Doug Jenkins

      Rick kemp ported that head 38mm intake valves

    48. James Baker

      Feel bad for phong, all will be well in the end brother!

    49. George Bilyarski

      To me it looks like the exhaust valve broke and when the intake went to open, it smacked into the broken exhaust valve and bent the valve guide. The real question is how did the exhaust valve break? Either a faulty valve(material impurity) or the exhaust cam degree was slightly off.

    50. E85 Armed FG2

      I don't understand the significance of showing the DA. The dyno CF takes the atmosphere into account.

    51. yeahitskimmel

      I wonder how many people will have your "turn up the duty on the boost controller" joke go right over their head

    52. Bearmite

      Huge problem would be at the track, at PFI garage? A minor obstacle, cheers!

    53. Dave Spooney

      The amount of effort to break 300 on N/A.... huge respect 👍👍👍

    54. Jim M 75

      Really cool to see an N/A car on the dyno, or should I say hear, never get tired of the induction sounds.


      That a family spirit help each other in the passion

    56. chefdan87

      Not a huge fan of Honda's or imports for the most part but this thing is nice. I respect quality work above all else. Look forward to seeing this thing rip down a track.

    57. Cliff Olds

      Man that sucks you can tell phong put his heart and soul into the car good thing though it stuck in the head and didn't hurt the block

    58. 7r0j4n

      phong is my fav character on your channel

    59. Kenny Allison

      Like he said, u gotta have Lash caps on titanium valves!

    60. Julian Assange

      Need more valve guide clearance and stainless valves. Easy fix

    61. Dan Brennan

      tough break but you guys got this no big deal

    62. Roesti

      its nice to see your love for Phong! we all love him

    63. A Baker 71

      So interesting to watch the process. Watching your streams many of the cars are just finetuned it feels like whereas this feels more like , from the beginning. She sounded so rough in the beginning. The 300hp pull sounded so much better. I love all of your videos!

    64. XprettylightsX

      Greatest vid

    65. Matter of Facts Podcast

      That’s heart breaking. Takes a really mature person to dust yourself off and fix a car that dies on the dyno you put your heart and soul into.

    66. cnelson2008

      Bully, Phoenix and Wicked lined up together in the pits, ready to race, is going to be an epic sight

    67. IconickGG G

      what a great epidode! :P oh nice phongs page is cainted 😂

    68. Benny T

      Phong is so meticulous, it doesn't make much sense why it's would fail because he doesn't really make mistakes. But the tolerances are so tight in high compression motor like this that even just slight difference such as the valve pocket on top of piston being a little too small for the valve could cause this. Just example.

    69. matt nadeau

      Still can’t believe how positive everyone is. Tom repeating how easy of a fix it is. It’ll be ok. Everyone has solutions to fix and is willing to help. Crazy! I need more friends like that! You guys rock!!

    70. Benny T

      Was this same thing happened with Gordo's motor? At least this looks allot less damaging

    71. justspacegoatfarts

      many hands make light work ,.love the comradery at PFI , EPIC

    72. burnoutfreak1000

      Rise above all the rest '"In order for the phoenix to rise,it must first be burned to it can emerge greater than ever" It would be greater than ever

    73. 831vtc t2

      Its always a valve

    74. Da Ca

      man that sucks. I wouldn't recommend keeping that piston in though

    75. Richard Perrin

      Lol, after the valve let's go, they're all standing there talking and Brent is yelling because he still had his headset on... I was just giggling

    76. MikeOrkid

      Inconel is the way to go.

    77. BiggDevvGTI

      I love how optimistic Tom "no biggie! We'll fix it!"

    78. Billy Young


    79. Pete Schafer

      Never thought I'd be a fan of NA Hondas... but here I am. The positive attitudes are contagious.

    80. MikeOrkid

      I'm sure someone else probably already said it, but would it be worth putting an oil heater coil in the pan and circulating the oil while it heats up. I think that would be slightly easier that draining, heating and refilling every time.

    81. Michael Daley

      Exhaust is loose 😏 need a gasket 👍

    82. Robert Hachten

      Dude it's Data.... like date-a!!!

    83. Gary Wait

      Been there a few times. Nowt worse when it's a valve drop .. I've got a piston and head that both had been destroyed due to that head was mashed so bad it went into water jackets . Piston had a mashed bowl and hole in top just like piston in video

    84. Adam Henderson

      Sucks when bad things happen to good people. It’s great having great friends and family.

    85. Randall Tufts

      Great video Brent! One word. Inconel. Cylinder had to lean out . Why? Just one? After changing the head and dressing the top of the piston up she should be good to go. Good catch guys

    86. KlaaMAXi

      I am so bummed for phong, hope everything comes together for him, love the dude

    87. Joel Maddox

      Phong’s attitude, well, all of your attitudes are so damn positive, you make a crappy thing not so bad

    88. Z Ack

      So it snapped the valve because it was missing the little retaining cap deal?? Or did it just randomly stick and confuckulate the piston?

    89. ZIGgassedUP

      That's a bugger.

    90. John Doe

      24:45 that's why I kept going back to my old girl. "I know its good head"

    91. snagger

      What a awesome bunch of guys, shit happens and everybody pulls together. way to go PFI.....

    92. Morgan Richey

      She will rise again!

    93. WXOOXDS09

      Two steps foward

    94. WXOOXDS09

      Sam in the background wondering if she wants her car to be sprayed making 700 or all motor lol

    95. Jan Astheimer

      keep on going

    96. Christian De Vos


    97. Chris Obrien

      Why don't you use the exhaust hoover system things wjat drop down from. The ceiling 🤷‍♂️

    98. Blaine Bainter

      I think it’s time to go with a different valve . Sad to say but you guys have had nothing but problems with that company valves :(

    99. Jordan cleveley

      Poor phong he didn't deserve that...

    100. John Conner

      You guys started talking nitro and I was getting so pumped then gutted I hope phone gets it back together quickly such a beautiful ride