High Compression Turbo B18 Chasing MisFires and Solving issues! Let’s Go!

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    Our friends from hp auto repair brought us this high compression b18. It features a gt35 turbo and b16 pistons with an b18a Ls stroke . With some concrete in the block for some safety . Then we get to work . This Hot rod had lost a few engines on some other dynos so let’s see if we can solve its gremlins and bring success to this rad project. Alright friends let’s go to work!

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    1. pFbSpecV

      Man so many things you guys fixed!! I'm happy for the owner! To have so many motors blow is very discouraging!!

    2. Stefan Holakovsky

      final timing on that boost/power ?

    3. Todd Purcell

      You guys are really hot and cute and I love The horse power you guys are getting out of those cars and this is from another man!

    4. michael bradford

      Frigin concrete

    5. Doc8Ball's GearHead Gaming

      Still wish they would get back to me about doing a remote tune on a ZC. Being from Canada thats a bit of a drive for a tune lmao

    6. R Dehart

      This Channel is awesome! It was cool seeing the cam gears line up!

    7. Jameson Brandt

      I tryed to make it to the shop on Monday but by the time Trevor messaged me that you said it was cool I was already almost in Wyoming.. Maybe next time I will make it to the shop. I really wanted you to take a look at the s14

    8. dadigitechman

      Music, sweet music

    9. Media Pony


    10. Travis Cox

      Serious question. Can I make power out of a non turbo 3000gt????

    11. Rembe Patino

      How does cement in the block work?

    12. Cktime ThirtyTwo

      Wait how is a civic drag team with jerseys going to not know how to hook up a boost control solenoid? 🤨

    13. Chuck Rose

      Damn Sean on the geek squad over there, love it

    14. Jared THISDELLE

      Nicely done sir

    15. Spoon Al

      Can't believe he didn't degree the cams. Especially S2 Pro Series.

    16. Budget Boost DIY

      I can totally imagine dyno ptsd being a thing.I think people get this even when they never had negative experiences with the dyno or blown engines.

      1. Teggy 53647 Gj

        Was just thinking about this same idea... I mean just the, what if!

    17. Ragged Ridez

      I will one day have just as many subscribers as you. I been watching since day 1 n never been disappointed. Keep it up guys

    18. Orlando Joel Cabrera Rosario

      the secret of the HP is the Puertorican flag !!

    19. Ben Sommerfelt

      All honest men. But time is money!!!!!! Love it. Might have a car. Its wi car. 4 door. But!!!!

    20. Ben Sommerfelt

      Watching allmotorphogn

    21. Strug Life


    22. Matt DeJong

      what would be the advantage to a high compression boosted setup?

    23. GT Godbear

      I want to build a K16 for an AE86. Shave down a k20a2 block and custom crank for a 1.6l-1.8l k20a2 de-stroker. I bet it would dominate a 1.6l class. Perfect small displacement engine.

    24. Enduro Boi

      Nice idle on that one 👌

    25. Mad Gunner

      your the man Bert!!!!

    26. Alex

      How come your dyno still doesn’t show torque?

    27. stlmikie

      I love that you guys as tuners are willing to trouble shoot and fix issues. So many tuners today run into a problem and instantly call the owner saying there’s an issue and it’s not ready to tune. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that.

    28. Robbie Esplana

      Oh my the bull next to sho nuff

    29. stinkycat74

      Such a talent 👏

    30. Benny T

      My next car is def gonna be a honda

    31. cb dreamer

      So fun to watch these videos

    32. Dan clarke

      Happy New year from the UK 🇬🇧

    33. R U S S I A

      What's up with all this puerto ricans in colorado invation??😂🙈

    34. Patrick Trousdale

      Sounded like a Cummins

    35. NICKGAR7

      Congrats on the 300K subs!

    36. Jsm madrid

      you not only deserve 300k but 3mil. imho your attitude, happiness, and your knowledge deserve so much..

    37. Pär Jakobsson

      I like this one, but maybe to much backpressure. Sounds fantastic!

    38. Shane's Adventures

      Hey brother, I'm willing to donate a decent laptop for tuning. I own a computer repair company. Holla at me!

    39. jamesybograt

      Have to admit Brent and The PFI crew are like a virus !!! The enthusiasm and positivity are very infectious and spreads like wild fire. Keep it up on the way to a MILLION more subscribers...

    40. Rick Scott

      Congrats on the 300 k subs, and a Happy New Year y'all and your fams. You are always giving great content, such as this and I believe that's what keeps your channel growing. I'm going to try and meet you in 2021 down here in Florida. Love y'all and be safe out there and we'll see you next year.😁😎💯❤️

    41. D. Thomas

      The extra quality and time put into the videos really shows!! A few little improvements make a big out come keep at it!!

    42. marc st laurent

      Happy belated New Years from the great white North PFI Speed .

    43. the other Brent

      Congrats on 300k wont be long till you are at 1 million. Happy New Year to everyone in the PFI family. Gonna enjoy watching y'all squeeze every drop of rad out of 2021.

    44. T W

      These island dudes with these lil rice burners dress like they really have something specia shirts nicer than the cars hahaha omg!l 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    45. Daniel Bailey

      We love you all around the country.. I bet even around the world. Happy new year and God bless you.

    46. Djochiem Maartens

      Congratz man... love the channel...

    47. TFETTER

      Congrats on 300k!

    48. Asylumental

      You guys are awesome! Happy new year, can't wait to see what great things this year brings for you all!

    49. ADabOfRacing ADoR

      Happy holly blaze

    50. UFO Sorcery Engineering

      We Need some Brent Dance for 300K subscribers haha PFI SPEED FOR LIFE

    51. Aaron Cubitt

      A boosted B just maked me grin like a fucking idiot.

    52. chad patterson

      Mad scientist Brent for the win

    53. Chad Ellis

      Congrats on the 300K brother!! Keep up the good work looking forward to more bully and shonuff vids. Stay humble

    54. K24 EG HONDA CIVIC

      Blessing brother

    55. V4 YT

      happy new year to you all

    56. Michael Navarro

      Super stoked you guys reached 300k🙌🙌🍾 Loved you guys for a while now. Content value= 10ml Actual=300k Happy new year gents. 👊🏻😊🇦🇺

    57. Aaron Cubitt

      I've been planning to boost my b18b1 in my LS Integra for about 4 years now. Over this winter and spring I'm going to be boosting it and dynoing it before I even do that I sure as hell will be grabbing a dragon fire distributor

    58. Jay Rodz

      Always good content much love from Fresno California congratulations on 300k subs 👍

    59. diDi

      Pfi, the wannabe tough guy car tuner

    60. Jared Spear

      Happy new year PFI! 300k subs is just the beginning. You guys are an awesome team. I’m not into imports but you guys make it enjoyable to watch and see all the cool stuff that can be done with imports!

    61. diDi

      Only a robber would be that afraid of his car being robbed. Honest Americans would do it right

    62. Scar face racing

      I have learned alot from watching this man tune Hondas I have been a Honda fan for ever I thought I new alot about Hondas this man thought me stuff I never new thinks guys

    63. Gary Coad II

      The circuit board know how is def a plus w yall. caint wait for Cleetus and cars 2021

    64. Maiken Pham

      People actually use cement as a block guard ?

      1. James Glenn

        They fill the water jackets for block strength. So he said they have 1/2 full so the bottom half of the water jacket is "solid"

    65. RMS Fabrications

      Put some real coils on that car and a usa turbo

    66. Angel Joel Heredia


    67. xmasterwrightx

      I hear it’s the hardest to get to 300k subs but to get to a million by next year should be a walk in the park for you lot . I wish you all the best for 2021

    68. Bigbot Hoee

      Your content seems more genuine than other people why I watch you guys hope your channel grows even more

    69. I Dig Daytona

      Congratulations on 300K

    70. Neil Johnson

      What did you mean when you said cement in the block, is it like the block.mod you can do on the ford 2.5 engines? What's the reason for doing this?

    71. ismael gonzalez

      🇵🇷 LET'S G000🤙 PFI/NYFR ...ANY 1 Have a Front sub frame for a k24a2 swap into a 1998 Civic Hatchback?please hit me Up at [4izzyuniverse=insta]Upstate NY Area

    72. Bikes & Beats

      Happy new year PFI team!

    73. Jeffrey Bamford

      I hope you can campaign a car for the full season...

    74. Jeffrey Bamford

      Can't wait for the Vargas brothers and PFI cru build Wankel ute .or mini truck for the yanks...

    75. DSweet079

      “Stylin” I lov it! I lov my fellow Gen X-ers. Our lingo is the raddest! 🤙

    76. theodore Dow-man

      Oh yeah, two step it in the gravel & suck some garbage. That's the way to do it........

    77. Carlos Deleon

      Cool the OG likes his boost on 👍

    78. josh nelson

      Someone please answer my question cause its honestly been on my mind and i have no idea, I've been watching the boostedbois and pfi speed IRvision channels for a little over a year now, and its been on my mind for a while now and every now and again ill hear about someone putting cement or sand in a block and sealing it, what exactly does that do? I've been trying to think of the performance that it would bring and I just keep coming back to how would you keep the engine cool 😑😑

      1. josh nelson

        @Mihail Petrovici you right lol, if it ain't broke don't fix it, you know what I mean no use in questioning it

      2. Mihail Petrovici

        @josh nelson I don't know man. If it was done by a lot of people and it works, it means it works

      3. josh nelson

        @Mihail Petrovici oh ok so its "pretty much" just really small water channels for the cooling and overall a Honda thing?

      4. Mihail Petrovici

        @josh nelson the head gasket itself has only some little holes to pass water to the head and those holes coresponds to the holes made in whatever you have put in the block to supprt the sleeves. Many people do this type of stuff to the honda engines since they appeared. If you search on forums, people were making honda go fast in 2000, but they were limited by the ecus and sensors and stuff

      5. josh nelson

        @Mihail Petrovici OK makes sense to me, but again with the cooling of the engine are there just super thin water jackets around the cylinder with a high output waterpump or is there some other outside cooling factor like methanol fuel or something because I just feel that keeping a 4 cylinder engine putting down that much power cool would be an issue, honestly not trying to go crazy and make an a** out of myself so if I'm just underestimating what engines are capable of please let me know and if possible point me in the right direction of where I can learn and understand this because I love working and understanding how to make cars better and why it works but im always down to checkout better ways to learn and expand my knowledge on making cars faster

    79. Mihail Petrovici

      Actual cement? Damn. I need details on that, pros/cons

      1. julian hernandez

        Makes the block more rigid for when you're making some real jam 🍇. Cons uhh probably gona affect cooling so might not be as streetable that would be my guess.

      2. AyeYo Salinas

        i was looking for this comment

    80. Uber Pro

      I think quality content like this is a Toast & Testament to Car Talk at it's Best.

    81. Arloc Maduga

      PFI is like the TV show Botched, except they’re working on cars 😂 always fixing someone else’s mistakes haha! You rock PFI, thanks for all the great videos this year and happy New Year!!!

    82. Devin Speers

      I love your channel because of how open you guys are about all the problems cars have on the dyno. It never goes smoothly and the troubleshooting makes for great learning. Carry on.

    83. David Sanders

      50lbs on the 2 step! Car's a SLEEPER SON!

    84. kaineleeabel

      Congrats on the 300k

    85. Craig Voll

      Those are top hat adapters why r they put on the bottom of the injectors?

    86. Richard Harris

      Keep doing you! Please NEVER CHANGE, most people sell themselves short for a little fame. You guys will be FOREVER REMEMBERED!!!

    87. Stankfaze

      Brent I have learned so much watching this channel! Every tune is different, and watching a car go from ~200hp to ~600hp in stages really is an art and a science. It's almost criminal this content is free!

    88. NightlIke

      If I win the lottery I'm bringing my civic to pfi speed!!!

    89. joseph degoma

      Happy new year

    90. NightlIke

      Let's goooo!!!

    91. RHDPerformance

      Been subscribed since around 40,000 and happy to see you up to 300,000. Cant wait to see what you will be doing in the future.

    92. Junior 249

      You guys are just awesome...when I'm not having a good day or any other day and a new video comes up and just listen to brent just by him being positive and always in the best move and like nothing get him down....he see's the positive in this world and he's a all around great guy and it just makes my day watching these videos...from the bottom of heart I mean it....Brent your just a awesome dude and I hope one day I get to meet you in person (maybe cleetus and cars Indianapolis) someday...Just be a awesome person you could be... #PFISpeed 🚗🚙💯

    93. Remond West

      Happy New Year PFI Family!!!! #2021

    94. Kevin Long

      belated Happy Birthday Steven (Stephen?)!

    95. Justin Litz

      Ironic he said cement block I just looked up a full cement single cam video yesterday. Seen the diy jb block guard. And that would work lol. I've jb welded holes in blocks and ran great.

    96. gsppuffer

      Dam them injectors are spot on

    97. Grant West

      300k well done pfi !

    98. Rockbiter Hd

      Enjoy cheers

    99. Rusty Wells

      I ca count on one three fingers the tuners that would have been able to have figured out and tuned that car with all of those problems like Brent and Jamie did! That's a art.

    100. case styer

      You guys make the powerband sound like its not 0 rpm to redline...