Time to get the tow rigs going!

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    In this episode we go buy a rollover donor truck to fix 2 trucks . One for Tom to pull his car with and my old truck to pull my cars! Alright guys let’s get this going !

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    1. PFI Speed

      We are cranking over here guys! I had some friends do the upload, since I have no service at the shop. I am super stoked to get the truck running again. I wanted to share this with you guys so you guys know Tom and I are seriously working hard to go to racing this season for you guys. We both are building trucks and cars on our tight budgets and stoked doing so for you guys. I love sharing every step and feel once we are all at the track together all these adventures are gonna be so worth it. Thank you guys again.! Shop content and shop construction content are on the way! Let’s go!

      1. Random League

        You Guys Rock :)

      2. Michael Powell

        Jamie what gear ratio do you want for the dually rear end?

      3. Ben Smith

        Hair is finally back 🤫

      4. chb2 official

        Hi pfi

      5. Pim S

        We're all here to watch you grow. Love the shop content!

    2. Michael Cross

      b: "Did you come back with any?" g: "No" b: "hahaha"

    3. pFbSpecV

      Glad to see the channel help Brent bring back so many projects!!

    4. stephen smith

      Should have just taken the axle out ... Take wheel off brake caliber and then three bolts on the wheel hub then the axle pulls right out ...

    5. 889clone

      Love this daily stuff. BoostedBoiz should take note. Doesn’t need crazy crap happening everyday. Be real and you will get views

    6. David Blanck

      Handy tip you may or may not see... when towing something with locked up wheels onto a trailer, put wood under the tires like you did with fast food trays back in the day. Even ply wood helps a ton once you get it to the ramps. Handy tip I learned and used from a buddy who tows for a living.

    7. Terrell Chapman

      Ruin’t that old Chevy with those ugly ass rims.

    8. thunderhorse5555

      Using the cutting torch without safety glasses is a risk you should not take.

    9. Bradley Wolfe

      41-46 chevy. cool old trucks. not too many around anymore

    10. Aaron Clarke

      I'm sure the intro is slowly getting longer, not complaining though as it's also getting more awesome 👍👍👍

    11. Robert Gillin

      I like seeing some Jamie cam should do it more 👌

    12. Mack M

      Haha that was definitely an adventure Jamie

    13. Jared THISDELLE

      Sweet cant wait to see the truck rebuilt ..Brent def deserves a good truck

    14. jesse Gregerson

      Needa teach ya guys how to use the torch 😂😂😂

    15. Trevor Rolle

      jamies energr for the win

    16. Sprayon Tha 6

      Brent I got some questions on my 3.6l Charger fully built supercharged

    17. Austin Doud

      I'm amazed someone sold that truck for parts just needs a cab be good as new

    18. billy fender


    19. D3adCy11nd3r

      Just an fyi when torching that close to a tire. Deflate the tire or throw a cutting blanket down. If not the heat could expand the air in the tire enough to actually blow it. Had it happen to a tech once who was cutting off lug nuts.

    20. Donald Fuller

      Be lucky if the motor isn't cork screwed

    21. Arch Stanton

      Check out the Yukon Gear Free spin kits. Manual hubs for the Dodge Rams. Not cheap but worth the squeeze.

    22. trevor larson

      How much you guys want for the front seats out of the purple truck?

    23. DSweet079

      Dude I lov when Jamie hosts, he does great!

    24. Bolt Husky

      It broke the driveshaft, transfer case and u-joints in the front 70 and y’all not worried abt an engine mount crackin a 1000+ pound block bouncing around in that same rollover?

    25. spacebike

      Ow! That's painful to watch how long it took to get a parts truck. Who cares it doesn't roll you have a skid a winch and chains, just shove it up there with the skid and chain it and drive away to get it off the trailer. just chain it to a lift and drive away or lift it off the trailer with a lift. So much dickin around.

    26. Michael Powell

      I'll drop off a dually rearend for you around the 1st Jamie.

      1. Jamie srt4 pfispeed

        That would be bad ass. Let me know if you have the dually leaf springs also. Shoot me an email to Sales@pfispeed.com ID love to buy this stuff from you

      2. Michael Powell

        I had the wolves at bandimere just so you remember who I am.

      3. tom jung

        That would be super sweet. He would love that.

    27. JY The Iowa Guy

      "l like parts trucks" spoken like a true Mopar fan 😂

    28. Booty Muncher


    29. Seth Bergile

      That '46 Chevy truck looked pretty good with those donk rims! I have a 46 and will not be going that route but hey.

    30. Escuela Vieja Garage

      46 Chevy

    31. V4 YT

      appreciate ya

    32. Nacho Slave

      Parts finders international and domestic.

    33. Justin Time

      Jamie seems like the type of dude that has to prove his 🍆 is always the biggest🤦🏼‍♂️. Tell him the sky is hot pink and he’d say yep like he knows exactly what he’s talking about😂

    34. Mohd Faizal

      is that stevo behind the camera...he sound just like brent....or am i trippin..

    35. Cliff P73

      I would love to see the swaps!

    36. A Baker 71

      After getting caught up on PFI Speed and Boostedbois videos I watched an old one on Boostedbois where you initially got the shop. A little over 2 years ago. So awesome when you are walking inside whats now the dyno area and Brent says you will see this area a lot in the future. Look at us now. :D Love everything you guys are doing and i hope to spend many years watching your shenanigans going forward.

    37. Jacob Smith

      I love the first couple minutes of sharing the hard knocks with us. We're all going through those and we can use a little affirmation. Keep up the great work guys.

    38. Ricardo Pino

      1937 Louie chevrolet

    39. Rodney Savage

      I see Jamies Elco is missing it’s motor. What’s going back into it?

    40. hyper

      That cummins will still work for next 300k EASYILY

    41. Danger Dave

      Steven at times when he's filming sounds so much like Brent that I kept forgetting and thinking man Brent sounds a bit off today...

    42. SIEpower

      I'm repairing one of those transfer case failures right now! Such a terrible design...

    43. shane haws

      Jamie you probably could have dropped the front drive line so the pinion could turn at will

    44. jeffrooster

      What is the intro music?

    45. SPC pitts

      We gota fix this truck. What's wrong with it? It's a dodge. Get the torch!

    46. FranksGarage

      I just wanted to drop in say the intro is fire, gets me pumped up every time, Cleet runnin into the cloud tops it all off. best intro

    47. Dusty Goetsch

      Hey Brent, is that crew cab chev/gmc for sale?

    48. Smitherines Racing

      Damn boys, cutting those ears with his face right next to the tyre :-/ haha mad

    49. Jimmy Love

      Most Excellent... \000/ Aloha

    50. Casual-kaos!!

      Whats happening with that orange honda civic in the parking lot? Had one of those as my first car .... in new Zealand

    51. Josh Ray

      Jamie shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a torch what's wrong with him

    52. indi grace

      Gas axe is one of the best tools, great to see the trucks getting sorted... Jamie is a champ, always getting it done with enthusiasm...I love being a part of the PFI fams...❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥

    53. festung Kourland

      daang good luck guys we did this once. Bring every size socket metric and standard lol.

    54. Luis Ro

      Jaime ?? What year truck is that am thinking of getting one what's the good and bad about them thanks in advance

    55. White Snake

      This is a friendly reminder you have 34 days till Feb 20th.

    56. Silverboy005

      Jamie`s truck is such a workhorse man so good.

    57. Wolf Party

      Steven sound just like his dad!!! Good stuff!! It’s like Brent 2.0 Bc Goofy has his own flavor!!! ❤️all you guys!!!

    58. Love Las Vegas

      I'm curious how Tom is going to fix the 6.7 Cummins with a 5.9 Cummins?

    59. Wolf Party

      DUDE!!! The white bug doing the 2-3 shift wheelie in the intro is fucken baaaad aaaaasssss!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    60. Michael & Jan Gaylor

      Does anyone know what happened to the white S2000? I loved those videos and it seems like they just stopped working on the car

      1. Michael & Jan Gaylor

        @PFI Speed thanks for the reply!!!!

      2. PFI Speed

        The Rehab s2 will be back, we’re waiting on a wiring harness and dash and then back to it. Way appreciate you poking me on this 💪🏼

    61. TireMark

      This series will be sick

    62. M K

      Swap cabs ?

    63. Phillip Wilde

      Pretty damn stupid using a cutting torch next to a pressurized tire in a situation like that and no safety glasses then posting it on IRvision

    64. Aaron Vargas

      Tom’s one of those guys that wears shorts in any type of weather.

    65. Nathan William

      Love how brents still rockin the mullet. Awesome

    66. Rick Rude

      Where has Cotterpin been? Miss him!

    67. aaron carlson

      Nice red cobalt ss in the back next too the part truck hahaha fucking part the cobalt ss out too!

    68. Adrian Hernandez

      Can’t be tight if it’s liquid

    69. Uber Pro

      PFI Speed World Tour! Tunes & Good Times on the Track & Off.

    70. Daryl Nicklen

      Great to Brent have his truck back up a running he gives so much to others even when fixing his own truck looking out for Tom as well. He truly earns anything he does for himself 10 times over. Man soon The Purple Truck, The Bully and Sho Nuff all up and running. 2021 is going to be great for PFI. Just don't let James blow them. Up LOL

    71. sentracraze

      Snow on the ground and walking in shorts, savages.

      1. Asylumental

        Colorado living. Also canada 🇨🇦 lol

    72. Duane Weldon

      Guess my favorite truck the Dodge Cummins diesel have more problems than i thought. The wiring harness shorts out then starts the battery on fire trashing the whole front end of the truck, and then they buy another one that the transfer case blew apart causing the truck to roll over and total the truck. DANG Dodge, I thought you were better than that.

    73. ridk

      Awesome channel!!! like the vibe of you all. Greetzz from the Netherlands

    74. Camping with Homer

      Brent deserves a decent truck. Would love to see someone do a prank on Brent where he gets his truck "decked out" without knowing. Now that would be a good video!

    75. Duane Weldon

      Not many friends like Tom to help rebuild your fire truck. Man what a challenge to strip and replace all wiring and everything under the hood. Is there anything Tom can't work on or fix? Not likely.

    76. Hartbeat 860


    77. Wrecked Revival

      Just as my going tow(n) rig starts having problems, again ughh. One of these days I'll catch a break (I keep telling myself) lol.

    78. SCOOTER Summers

      that bug power wheelie in the intro gets me every time!!! so badass

    79. Aaron Coy

      Jamie is good with the camera. Definitely a solid dude 👌 💯 👏

    80. Ronin

      constant content. so good

    81. Curtis Hilliker

      Never over used the only intro I watch. Long time sub. PFI team has given me so much inspiration for life and into build my 2010 rdx. I can feel the emotion thru your vids . All the ups and downs. PFI FOR LIFE p.s Fl air makes rust instantly

    82. Chris Dobbs

      truck probably has a second smaller battery under the first.

    83. Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies

      "Front seats aren't bad." Just one stain on the driver's side.

    84. J Mon


    85. Lonny Self

      oh that old dodge truck nice donk lol

    86. MrDavidelliottjr

      That intro beat just gets me every time. Jammin

    87. Mitchell Parham

      The reason why the torch is touchy is because the adjustment for the knobs is loose. There is a nut under each knob to adjust the firmness. Love sharing that bit of knowledge to every torch owner I see!

    88. nick bennett Australia

      What happened with the rehab s2000 I was so keen to see how it turned out .

      1. nick bennett Australia

        @PFI Speed thank you

      2. PFI Speed

        We are waiting on a wiring harness and dash. I’ll try to put an update in one of these vids for you all

    89. Anthony Sterling

      Or just jack it up put a phat bolt threw and tape it much less of a mess and damage extra parts

    90. 5.7R/T Challenger


    91. joshua gaudin

      What caused the fire in the truck your trying to get going?

      1. James McIvor

        Bad battery I think

    92. Jose Dwanx

      They didn’t take the chevy on 32’’s only cause brent stayed home lol

    93. Jimmy Jimerson

      Who's silver sc!!!!??

    94. Bader Al-Failechawi

      PFI Speed Adventures! Wooo!

      1. Duner250R

        @Bader Al-Failechawi Lmfao. 😂

      2. Bader Al-Failechawi

        @Duner250R hahaha better than “Jesus” 😜😂

      3. Duner250R

        Man for a second i thought your profile picture was Jack Sparrow 😂✌

    95. madmatt2024

      I kind of wonder how Brent managed to blow up the 5.9 Cummins in his truck? They are generally bulletproof.

    96. Dusty Steele

      I was so bummed when the video just quit working; I’m glad I got to finish watching it! Awesome video as usual PFI team!!👍

    97. Kz Arnold

      Yee yee

    98. Macdaddy

      Awesome I got gifted a new video

    99. Bobby Stalder

      Let's mother trucking go!!!! PFI SPEED!!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼👍👍🏁

    100. Klip One

      Video showed as like 100100somethin