Starting Up the Wicked Pro Rsx, Splash Screen Fun

PFI Speed

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    I couldn’t resist messing with Tom so we gave him a fun splash screen on his Dash board. Updates, this episode Tom gets back from a quick trip to Tennessee, when he gets back we have mustang Larry at the shop and are in full swing. We bring you Bully updates, Goofy updates then chase a wiring gremlin until we finally overcome it and fire up one Wicked RSX . Join us now for a chill and fun time with the PFIspeed family.
    Help us out and Look Good doing it. Pick up some Merchandise of car parts here.
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    1. Quantum Xtracts

      Is that good old Tom Jung from STR back in the days?

    2. Joseph

      What's the dash??????

    3. Justin Credible

      At a quick glance I thought the Thumbnail was Tom Segura

    4. The LUNA Family Vlogs

      What was so funny when u guys tried to turn toms car on & that light came on??

    5. Bob Sillas

      I hear JET SET

    6. Jon.R.C

      No one picked up on that "cereal 🥣" comment lol I love cereal

    7. Jon.R.C

      Hahahaha that bowl I got that cereal bowl I got you freaking broke

    8. Goodballa

      Those tires are suspiciously shaped like donuts. Full body cavity search all around, "Go deep on 'em!"

    9. Thomas Spencer

      Tom hubba hubba

    10. Winston Pratt

      Ok so wtf is going on here with the horizontal mounting....I'm confused it's still fwd right...??? Is it a weight transfer thing...???

    11. Casey Smyth

      You SOOOOOO need to make a shirt with Tom's splash screen!!!

    12. Soggycivic

      Those sparks are no joke! I was wearing rubber gloves and it still shocked me!

    13. Zach Ballzach

      What happened to the new video? I was waiting till I got off to watch it but it's gone now. It was a single cam built by a veteran I believe...

    14. Dstorm Connection

      I honestly like the way the bully looked 10 years ago,

    15. james whiteman

      U changed the intro for me. I love it. So funny. Thanks phong

    16. cleric670

      If you don't actually tie down the spark plug so the gap between the ground shell isn't 1/4" from something chassis ground then you risk damaging the coil packs. Might be what's happening with those coils with you guys just laying the spark plug NEAR something that's ground without actually having the proper gap measurement. I like to use one of those magnetic flexible holders with the aligator clip on the end. Just tape up the clip so it doesn't dig into the spark plug wire.

    17. Szabi Szabo

      That display was fantastic

    18. Jose David

      Those gears are runing in reverse!

    19. luke kempf

      Not sure if you have already painted the shop walls, but I think you should leave the posts dark. I like the contrast

    20. Dail Christoson


    21. ChinaFukr69 Kack

      Chuc mung nam moi!!! Happy new year y'all. Tell Phong that

    22. Gickels McDoogle

      Tom, what parts would you instantly replace without looking, if you bought an element

    23. Neg Ative

      Every single mechanic at PFI is someone I would actually let work on my car. Their passion and experience is inspiring to me. I really wish I could find a shop that was exactly like PFI but specialized in MR2s with Yamaha/Toyota 3S-GTEs. They could basically just have 1/3 of every paycheck I get.

    24. Kyle Fry

      I would kill for a pfi day hopefully I can afford one

    25. asa572

      Nice work going quiet on Gordo and Shane when they suggested to test the plug and pin connections for the coil and that was the problem all along. Credit where credit is due fellas.

    26. Toni Boi 928

      Phuong in the intro was great hahaha

    27. The Butcher

      Love it! ❤️

    28. H3ntairican

      The best part of this video to me is just a bunch of ol buddies hanging out working on cars

    29. レアFitment.


    30. James Dixon

      Brent gettin a little chunky 😂 that IRvision’s been feeding him well..

    31. sean carroll

      Tell Tom to rotate the tyres in the back seat so they don't develop a flat spot

    32. T Jeff Jenkins

      One Big Happy Family, Thanks!

    33. Jake Monk


    34. The Mayor

      Your all the best ever! Hands down most genuine channel on the Tube

    35. iaen valley

      Toms car is gonna be somthin to see

    36. john fasano II

      The pizza socks got my thumbs up!!!! R.I.P THE CEREAL BOWL

    37. Simon Moore

      I love it how Shaun managed to get a haircut during the vid

    38. patrick patrick

      Why didnt you show the joke , iits not funny if I can't see it , just a bunch of people laughing at shit I can't see

    39. Alex Goodchild

      Anyone else think Brent was gonna say “Krankenstein”?

    40. John Hightower

      Yo PFI speed it's looking to get my car specially built by you have a 2001 Honda Accord 3.0 v6 coupe don't know how I go about getting a hold of y'all are in contact with you if you are interested in helping me out possibly give me a shout back through this messenger IRvision greatly appreciated if y'all could

    41. Anderson Dick

      this is so cool!!

    42. Matt Brooks

      Coil 1 fired the first time you powered on the relay then it died.

    43. Mike Gordon

      Please say you're making stickers of Tom on the couch!!! I'll buy that with some Merch!!!

    44. Wrecked Revival

      @14:58 same thing happened to me the other day..will wake you up real quick lmao.

    45. E. Wells82

      Totally thought the cover image wss Tom Segura at first lol.

    46. HelpJawsKilledMe

      I love seeing this many honda heads form a thinktank

    47. Jay Rodz

      What the freak is that 😂

    48. lonny self

      lol you guys are rough on the old man , and I can say that is just pure jewelry there cant wait to see it rip

    49. Olof Jansson

      How is it going with the shownuff? whats the plan for that car running this summer?

    50. MrMarkb68

      9:35 Is the rail anodized? Anodizing is electrically non-conductive.


      Fuel rail is not a ground because its anodized plus its insulated by orings and fuel lines

    52. joshs199

      Sweet..l can't wait to see Tom's car hit the track..! 👍

    53. biggabenne

      Love the background music, really promotes the energy yall have together

    54. Andrew Boyd

      Hey Brent I have a 98 civic dx sedan that I would love to give you guys to build a sleeper with. I live right outside Memphis I could meet y’all somewhere on your way to Florida next time. Let me know

    55. Danger Dave

      Tom's "George Costanza" centerfold spread on the RSX startup screen?? lolz...

    56. Ben Sommerfelt

      Kat or tot. 100%

    57. AzyPebble

      congrats on ur 600th videos

    58. iNk FpV

      Shop cat got Vtec

    59. Jeremy MacKevin Caylor

      Phong you got NO BALLS if you don't run four individual zoomies straight up! You got to run nitro, you got to run zoomies! You said you hate your manifold! A set of zoomies might weight 1/5 of your intake and be unique, fire breathing, match your individual TBS and sound awesome without blasting ever one's ears out.and I used to be a United States Marine corps scout sniper and Phong blew my ears out at Cletus in cars when he blew his crx up before the race... I had to carry my ole lady to the truck because it made her ear bleed so she was nauseous... Anyway I guess she shouldn't have pulled my fingers out of her ears LOL... But can I get a thumbs up on the phong has NO BALLS if he does not run Zoomies

    60. Man-E 4g63

      Pin tension

    61. Omar Hassania

      love it!!

    62. stoichiometry147

      Phong is my spirit animal

    63. Hugo

      Nice work right there! Glad to see Phong back on your channel.

    64. Bobby McCraw

      Everytime time I go to Walmart I go by the automotive section to smell the tires.

    65. Dub Tub

      17:45 "did I just go deaf?"

    66. Jason Widelitz

      The extra work you do to add something to the video like the ding and the new phong intro edit doesn't go unnoticed. Really love the videos.

    67. Taylor Feist

      love the new intro, short and full of awesomeness

    68. Jason Widelitz

      Do you guys feed the shop cat?

    69. Momo

      Congratulations Tom. Bully next 😈👍🏼☠️

    70. Brody Bowen

      That shirt is hard asf

    71. Cycle9568

      An Element is a little bus.

    72. Daniel Garner

      At 13:00 min. into the video can you honestly tell me that , that is your real laugh? It sounds Sooo fake ... love the channel though 🤷‍♂️ I really hope I don't sound like a !%@#

    73. Exotic & Vegan Recipes

      23:18 🤘🏼😂 🤙🏼

    74. Julio Seda

      Love from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

    75. cb dreamer

      Omg. Timeless art of seduction

    76. Brodey Dover

      Is the element tuned??

    77. Hseriesonly Monctonnb

      Love the new intro you guys are an inspiration to so many people around the world ! Wish I could cross the border I would love to come meet the whole crew but I can’t as I have a record if you ever come to canda would love to meet you guys

    78. ron miller

      too freakin funny

    79. ARenaissanceishMan

      What is this recorded during Xmas week or something? Holy presents Batman!

    80. Bill Cutlip

      What did you end up having to do to get the RSX started?

    81. Esteban Torres

      Team work makes dreams work.

    82. Esteban Torres

      Really. Enjoy the mind working together thanks for not editing this out. Great episode.

    83. Mike Denton


    84. Vittorio Silva

      Are tire pissin dog has alerted on your vehicle ...

    85. Cyborg 4Real

      You guys are RAD!

    86. snagger

      Too freaking awesome !!!!

    87. tannji

      Liked for thumbnail alone !

    88. Joshua Waggoner

      I never thought this car would ever ser the light of day from Tom's garage. Thank God for Brent. I never thought I would see a built front fiberglass clip on The Bully. Thank God for Tom. Thank for for PFI fans they are basically brothers and we will have 2 of the same rare style cars to race!

    89. Matthew Heimlich

      Best thumbnail ever!

    90. Brayden

      Yo that set up is soooo sick tom! Currently sitting beside 6 h series engines! My Favorite 4 cyl ever

    91. Charles Adkins

      What kind of car does Shawn have ??

    92. Matthew Miller

      You can wash an element out with a hose for most of the interior. Look it up

    93. Puder McGavin

      What happened with the s2k that was a basket case did I miss the finish of it?

      1. mbsnyderc

        The owner probably didn't want to be on camera picking it up.

    94. welsh kraken

      Did Shawn think we wouldnt notice he sneaked off for a hair cut half way through? HAHA. And theres Larry ! not seen him in a while good too see hes keeping well. Any update on Jamies SRT?

    95. Stephen Brown

      Damn Brent has everybody jumpy. LOL 😂

    96. Jeffrey Bamford

      So are you mob going to let us in on the joke.what did you do to his screen..

      1. Jeffrey Bamford

        @mbsnyderc yeah the thumb nail

      2. Jeffrey Bamford

        @PFI Speed got a question I hope you can answer I've got a LS 3 it's had high oil pressure ATM what causes that do you know mate...I'm just a bit puzzled by it trying to figure out why and how bad could it get... peaking a bit

      3. Jeffrey Bamford

        @PFI Speed i got a case of the fomos .fear of missing out ..jokes...

      4. PFI Speed

        We had to make it the thumbs up and it’s at the end

      5. mbsnyderc

        The picture they did show it at the end.

    97. Kl Kk

      Is toms eye okay? I never seen his eye like that

    98. gixxernut

      Some things are price less !! That pic is one of those things!!!! 🤣

    99. Ronin

      sooo good

    100. RAWR Motorsports

      Brent has the best TEAM !