Bat Rod Engine Tear Down ,Finally got to see the Carnage

PFI Speed

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    After Le Mullets And Cleetus and Cars I brought home the old J32a engine out of the Bat Rod. This engine took the Win at Burnout rivals pay per view and owed me nothing. In this video we tear it down and inspect it and find out just what happened.

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    1. pFbSpecV

      Brent sends it for sure hahaha

    2. Jason Edelbrock

      I think the block may be out of shape just a bit?

    3. Kerry Dorsey

      Flames of freedom!

    4. nightshift customs

      better oil cooling and bigger rad she will run 30 mins no problems lol

    5. Jim McCabe

      I did a tear down on a small block chevy 350. The customer said it just quit. When I drained the oil all I got was coolant. The pan had tons of dents. We pulled the motor down to find most of the valves bent or broken. Both heads cracked. The cam came out in multiple pieces. The back of the cam went out the back of the motor destroying the distributor, flex plate, torque converter and trans. A few broken rods and a destroyed crank. The block was cracked along the lifter valley. Nothing usable. It was total junk. Great tear down though.

    6. Thomas Meade

      I know another stock block would be so cheap but it would be cool to see this one live again

    7. trythistv

      When you dip it a little too far into the ketchup

    8. Hyde Whyte

      16:57 ... the look of admiration on the face of that safety guy says it all.

    9. Brian Bucar

      it would be cool to see some huge oil coolers and the cooling system helped along with a huge cooler full of ice. :)

    10. Jeff Perrault

      I have been a motorcycle mechanic for 30 yrs,I am not real familiar with honda's car engines but I gotta say I am impressed with the design of that block, integral mains that are cross bolted..thats some pretty impressive stuff.That is a seriously strong engine block.

    11. Ronnie Lyles

      I would make sure to Bolt the main bearing caps back in it before you weld her up

    12. Shawn Dickens

      Methanol is the only way to go for burnout contests.

    13. XprettylightsX

      Great vid

    14. Adrian ABG

      How are they determining the tune-up is so good? Because there's not much carbon from the overheating engine? I dunno

    15. Adrian ABG

      I did 700gp on a Ford 4.6 with stock skinny reused torque to yield bolts

    16. 7 Sins

      oof that block looks rough, those honda head bolts are something else though.

    17. Joseph Walcher


    18. The Upstairs Machine Shop

      That home made tool is an awesome idea .

    19. Jason Fuller

      Cleetus said your not aloud to participate in any more events. Lol

    20. John Roberts

      Great content thanks for sharing

    21. Andrew Murray

      I like how Shane is becoming an engine builder !! :) ;

    22. Matthew Guilford

      That car is nuts

    23. MiGujack3

      After watching this I think a VQ is not the best option after all.

    24. 251 gaming and vlogs

      Brent 3for3 on cleetus ppv s

    25. H NUGGETS


    26. William T.

      Nothing a little JB Weld and some duct tape can't fix.

    27. Bob Sillas

      beat that Killer Jerry lee Lewis

    28. josh Hawkins

      I would love to buy the broken piston and rod

    29. Bob Sillas

      slow down go faster

    30. Hydrocarbon82

      Probably like the LSX motors, not enough drain-back for oil pumped to the heads. Even sohc vtec uses quite a bit, just not enough volume in the bottom.

    31. Good Samaritan

      Can anyone help me? I just replaced my intake manifold gasket and now my cars idle problem became worse did I forget some old gasket behind or does anyone have any idea what to do.

    32. Kgsxr7S0

      I work for gm and they make that tool for the rod install and removal and there made out of aluminum so there soft to not damage anything when “wacking” them out!!

    33. gaxtronious gax

      8:26 that's what she said 😂😂😂😭😭😭 🤦🏼‍♂️ I can't help it That's also what she said 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

    34. NickZero

      I wonder if the crank was glowing at all lol

    35. Keegan Pock

      It is a tool!!! Ive used conn rod pushers when j worked at the Volvo dealer

    36. 2k Baby

      those side bolts on the main caps are wayyyy bigger then even a LS

    37. Robert Jefferson

      Need that 50 weight plus gear lube plus lucas oil soup mix for burnouts... or whatever the demo derby guys run in their massively overheated cars.

    38. Robert Jefferson

      Hey! Nice work with the stock head bolts. That's some real sloppy mechanics style building XD reused the stock head bolts in my d16y7/y8 mini me years ago too but no boost. Worked great.

    39. Brandon Floyd

      Need to drill horizontal holes in the up pipes like muzzle on gun so you can see the flames

    40. Jose Salinas

      Girdle design on the j32 is quite impressive

    41. Maxpower36912

      Looked like a dp gangbang the way y'all was tryin a get that bolt out with the prybars lol!😂😂😂

    42. forrest hill

      Pretty ironic that yall got a cleetus poster in background breaking down the engine

    43. phase3ute

      I’d be checking out your thrust bearing on that failed main. I think you will find that was the contributing factor in that failure.

    44. SicOne

      "Adjust volume accordingly" Should be "Turn volume to MAX", I want to make it sound like a warzone in my shop!! LET'S GO!

    45. Asylumental

      Pfi speed putting the Honda J series to WORK. Hell yeah. Yet again showing why honda motors have built the reputation they have..

    46. b

      theres 15 minutes of my life wasted

    47. R Monkey

      The screaming tweaker needs to go.

    48. CJ Yothers

      Jamie with that streamlight 😍 Loved mine for years. Even bright in the daylight

    49. BoostOnly

      shawn is like wyatt he is there to make sure things get done right lol workin on the nsx in the background... and good ol cleeter always pointing at us

    50. Ryan Ventura

      Flippen Insane Burnout with fist pumps

    51. Branden Childers

      That engine is one tough little bastard for putting up with that abuse and coming out with the minimal damage that it truly has. Main bolts through the block? Hell yeah man now THATS my kinda builder. Weld’er up, slap some forged rods in it and let er get some high air pressure. I’m ready to see you guys play with these some more

    52. Zdenko Tijanić

      A piece of rubber came in when your only filter was an intercooler!

    53. Nate Hamilton

      I think you might be able to buff that out bro. Lmao. For reals though just polish it, weld it up and send it again. This time do methonal, nitrous and 2 bother turbos lol.

    54. keyman1969

      Put a window in a block....and that's all the damages.... wow 😲 . I expected to see pieces of pistons and valves everywhere!

    55. BANDIT Grizzy

      Brent.. ever try domed pistons for valve clearance... never hit a valve again.😉

    56. Bealz Afuzz

      Look at all that carnage not a millionaire and still not asking for $45 per Tshirt to fix his pasrking lot. Yay PFI!

    57. Cory Archer

      It may need some counseling 🤣🤣

    58. Plug

      Did not know it was a built engine in the bat rod. Thought it was were really sending👀👀😂

    59. Chris Starnes

      I think I would find another block that thing is beat to peaces on the in side looks like something that would cause a failure in the next build

    60. Jeremy is

      why, using your shit with no respect like you stole it with the intention to blow it up doesn't gain my respect.

    61. mookie wilson

      Leiv•es•tad: meaning from Swedish means Legend, an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field. "the man was a living legend"

    62. simon bilodeau

      what up 👉f1💊

    63. GPM

      Here's is to Brent Levinstadt, Chief Torturer and un-disputed World Champion Heavy Weight Honda J Series Engine Punisher

    64. 413xxx86

      Never gets old seeing Brent and the Batrod getting it!!!!!

    65. john dodd

      I run the same motor and pulled a wrist pin with just about the same destruction in the block. 125 mph

    66. jeff graham

      Got that trophy! Awesome Brent.

    67. 69Dartman

      It'll be fine... 🤟🤣

    68. cliff jacobs

      says alot about the J series standing up to literally the worst case scenario for and engine.


      I forgot about the shadow boxing to the 2 step...legend

    70. Oikku Oek

      I don't get this. Burnout is a ballet of brutality. You finesse the balance between total out-of-control and complete control with the basic handling devices; throttle, brake, steering wheel, gear lever, clutch.. You make the car go pirouettes, accelerate from corner to corner, maybe flirt with a wall, but always in full control. This stomping on gas and leaning against both the rev limiter and the wall, this is DQ run. I know you broke the steering first, then landed it on the block, but still this run was pure ricer "I don't care, I got the money!" crap, and not a real burnout. Was it spectacular? Well, if you haven't seen a ricer blow up his shit before like this, then maybe, but if you have seen a burnout contest before, this was horse shite. Anyone with a valid credit card could do this, there's no skill. There was no story, there was no coreography. I bet that if you'd just bricked the pedal down at the start box, and let it loose, it would have made more vivid and meaningful dance. "7 minutes on a limiter!" Who cares, I have driven a stock, 1000 000 klick Scania 14 hours against the limiter overloaded, and then back again. And again. And again. Doing a burnout is a different ball game with a different skill level. Only rookies and ricers lean against safety equipment, real smoke artists take the time to hone their skills and rides so they can tell a story, deliver an aesthetically pleasing and awe inspiring experience. "we had no time to build" is also a rookie explanation. 5 days is more than enough time to build a car from scratch for a one man, let alone a skilled team.

    71. mbsnyderc

      That's the difference with this channel other people have a minor issue and trash the whole engine these guy talk about reusing a block with a hole in it. I wouldn't do that but i like the spirit the build was sold you just need better cooling on the street or track this would have been fine but the car was setting still.

    72. Matthew Bailey

      You guys should collab with tommyfyeah and help him out with his new integra type r that would be legendary

    73. Jayson Gonzalez-Ortiz

      *dry sump oil system for the next engine*

    74. Randy Kudijaroff

      You're a freakin LEGEND Brent!! By far the best Anti-Depressant I've ever had!

    75. MaddHatt3R

      Rod: No I'm Bat Rod. Punches hole in the block. 🤣

    76. one time

      lol get a batman symbol cnc'd and grind the block till it fits nice and weld it into the window lol would be sick

    77. CHEWDUBE AutoMotive DetailTM

      Gatling babbbbaaaaayyyyy pow pow pow🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🪀🪀😝😝😝😝😝🪀🪀🪀🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🔥🔥💯💯👊👊👊👊💯🔥🎯⛽⛽🦾⛽🎯🎯🔥🔥

    78. HoLY.RusteD Andy

      "blew the welds on the intake"

    79. CHEWDUBE AutoMotive DetailTM

      Haferland performance makes some good parts. For 3.2 and 3.5 v6

    80. Jared THISDELLE

      Its wasn't that bad actually.

    81. Lil Mike

      Phong head work doesn’t fail.... I remember him seating the valves

    82. Ryan Hogan

      All I would be able to think about that drive shaft right between my legs!!

    83. Ryan Hogan

      Bigger oil system, maybe an external oil cooler, and some oil rated for higher temps, and I think it will live most likely a good while, it may have been as simple at that one piston sending something through the system?

    84. Scott Fowler

      now Snap-On is going to patent that tool and charge 150.00 for it and Brent wont get a dime of it

    85. Ufuk Yılmaz

      Long intro was really good but ngl this version is better

    86. Jeremiah Truman

      Holy cat sh*t batman

    87. GORREALA

      You guys have to bring the Rat Rod to Summernats in Australia.

    88. Tom Stanley

      Rebuild it and all out SEND IT!!!! Just to see how much carnage you can create.

    89. ViCiOuS ViBeS

      I think Brent ,Jamie and everyone else at PFI SPEED are highly underrated. They are so inspirational to anyone without knowledge of building there car. Especially to the people like me that can barely afford there bills. Keep it up guys

    90. Ronnie Williz

      A good start to it lasting would be to not ride the limiter lol 😆

    91. Alex Ernst

      Brent I’m stealing your tool idea I can’t tell you how many times it could’ve came in handy


      Who else wants a (“ NO STUDS “) T-shirt???👍🏻🙏🙏

    93. eXViLs - 8B008B

      4:55 its running on e85 right? thats why it looks clean

    94. John Z

      DAYMN!! That little motor BUST'ED ALL OF EM YEUGE!

    95. Jason Tancer


    96. Ray

      @PFI Speed Hi Brent/PFI Speed! What kind of ARP bolts did you use? I am building a 4 cylinder 1.9 diesel compound and am curious which bolts these are. Are or were these ARP 2000 bolts?

    97. Seth N.

      Man...that thing shouldnt have lasted that long AT ALL let alone kept the head/gaskets and some bearings alive lol thats insane!

    98. BentBow

      That should buff right out

    99. Evita Jara

      Brent the j series was built by phong so that’s why Lester seven minutes on the rev limiter

    100. Charging Sloth

      Love it, it will run again!!!