Prelude Build Surprises us! Super Fun

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    Esai Cruz has been building this Prelude for years! Well today it finally runs and we strap it to the Dyno for a Rippin good time! So join us now and lets have a good time making this hot rod work. This h22a build has a stock cylinder head with springs and retainers. A Pfispeed sleeved block with our arias pistons and skunk2 alpha rod and king bearings. With a metigulous turbo manifold and a force performance 67mm turbo and 4" exhaust shes ready to breath. A hondata s300 with 4 port boost control 2200cc injectors and a walbro 450 pump wraps up the fuel system.
    Check out Esaicruz on instagram for fitness and life motivation

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    1. pFbSpecV

      It's pretty awesome to see the owner of the prelude so happy about it!

    2. Patrick Baitman


    3. George Gomez

      Awesome gain on built H22 turbo!!!👍👍

    4. 4/11nightnheaven

      When there gonna be a exhaust fume extractor?

    5. Hedgepeth Racing

      Started my G23 build today. Mabe take the trip to get her a tune when she's done...

    6. Johnny Guenther

      I love 4th gen Preludes!

    7. Kotsa

      I'm happy you're giving fp/xona more exposure, but turbos on the market.

    8. Kotsa

      Yea i just got one of these on my evo. I'm finna turn it up to 50 psi soon

    9. hooptiej

      swear tfg i know that car- Pretty sure that was a regular appearance on Arapahoe in the early 00s.

    10. Traktorista We

      Raspect for the 4th gen prelude fkin awesome legend

    11. Jonathan Hedgepeth

      Brent, have you mess with the f23a1?

    12. that ek dude

      Tom: I look like I'm from NY!" Lmao Only time I lift my pant leg is to take a pee. 🤪😂😂

    13. Chris Ancrum

      Awesome video bro! Love the 4th gen prelude making some jam!

    14. R U S S I A

      Dude looks like daddy yankee..

    15. Bryan Cook

      Dose anyone know of a cheap site for body parts for my 93 prelude??? I have a project prelude and love watching ppl work and drive them, Kyles from boostedboys is pimp afff.

    16. Jeff Omalley

      Daaaang 368whp @6 Psi? Dude I just wrote home about that shit. Lol personally if it was my Lude I would just rock the 368whp lol if it's fully built just think of how reliable it would be on only 6Psi lol. Thats legit nothing for that engine. Hell u can run a bone stock H22 on 6Psi and it would handle that much boost like its stock from Honda lol.

    17. Jesse Pinkman

      brents laughter is contagious, I absolutely adore this man

    18. Zdark1

      Why did they shut it off when they smelled varnish?

    19. The Lude 915

      500hp perfect

    20. Sal Scrofano

      What’s the build spec I just found my new build

    21. The Butcher

    22. BryDuhBikeGuy

      When I was running CNC's in a machine shop,I Had to have 'Grandma's Fudge Chocolate-Chip"cookies with lunch twice a week,at least.Those 25lb1/2 ton axles took a bit of sugar to swing into the lathes.The 38lbs were the 3/4 ton GM's.

    23. BryDuhBikeGuy

      Doesn't that just piss off all us "American's" a bit,when 'their'4-cylinder puts out 3x the power of 'our'8's?It does me,anyways.We had it in us with the v-6's,but nobody wanted to 'rock the boat'.

    24. Anthony Wood

      I love to see you guys doing your work with soooo much joy in what you do. This puts this old codgers head in a happy place.

    25. crannyscustoms

      The bigger gonna engines just love the 1.00 twin scroll.

    26. Ian Wall

      Hi guys, thanks for all the awesome videos. Here's an idea, could you show / tell us how you get these little 4 cylinder Honda's to produce so much power, no trade secrets just the basics. Here in the UK we just dont have cars with these bhp figures . Take care everyone, I'll keep watching. Ian. Uk

    27. crannyscustoms

      I ran a pt 6766hp at 30 psi on a k24 made 730

    28. crannyscustoms

      Always loved the prelude blades. However I hate h22’s Lol

    29. Jon Lane

      She wanted more!!!!!!

    30. Jared THISDELLE

      730 hp first build .. I would say that's pretty dam good 👍 👌


      NOOOOO cookies for you!!!!!

    32. Matthew Miller

      Love the wholesome ripping! I could watch these videos until I die and I'd be a happy man every day

    33. John Conner

      Aint no party like an H party

    34. goku2rock

      Phong- My pockets Ain’t Empty Cuz!

    35. Asylumental

      Grandma's cookies are SOOOO much better than Dad's cookies

    36. Peter Bryant

      What can of turbo is that one

    37. Peter Bryant

      Man Jamie and Brent the best duo keep killing it guys that prelude is a monster

    38. Burns Built


    39. Deric McGuffie

      It's milk n cookies time.

    40. welsh kraken

      Haha.. what a silly question.. "how long would you guys want to hang out for?" Well set up a live feed and you will know :D

    41. Eschelonistic

      Jamie "That was the easiest I've ever talked somebody into it!" Love it!

    42. Bill Williams




    44. David Phipps

      730hp H22A package is a standard menu item at PFI now

    45. Pete Uncle

      "depends how long you guys want to hang out with us?" We want to hang out longer Brent!! You promised Shawns handiwork 🤘

    46. Matthew Nickolas

      You rock brent your the man bro.

    47. Ronin

      he's stoked. I'm stoked we all stoked

    48. Blotted

      It lost all that midrange from the 480hp pull :(

    49. crane63

      always makes me happy watching cars making power... and brents laugh hahaahaa

    50. jesse sandoval

      The h sounds so dam good

    51. Kova

      Brent your laugh is music to my ears man i cant help but start to laugh

    52. Andrew Osborne

      was drinking a nice Dare double espresso iced coffee while you're eating your cookies because I'm hot and thirsty here in warm sunny Queensland Australia. :-)

    53. HDR Engine Development

      (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) "PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN!" 😂

    54. Magia


    55. Jerome Aquiat

      Prelude putting in work!

    56. Aaron Vargas

      Let me say I was the person to say Tom wears shorts in any type of weather. From Antarctica to Southeast Asia Tom’s got shorts on.

    57. Jake Conwill

      “Give r the beeaans”

    58. blue

      C E R T I F I E D Ripper!

    59. Stephen Brown

      Damn did Brent just put. This guy on horsepower restriction. LOL 😂

    60. Tucker Kearns

      Brent's laugh brings me so much joy

    61. Guy de vries

      Always love ur lads work just a quick question would a 3037(3076) come into boost much earlier then the 3582 on a b18b?

    62. Dmitry Savonin


      1. Dmitry Savonin

        I fkn love u BRENT! Ur good vibes! Keep tuning to the moon brother!

    63. Sloppy Mechanics

      dat robert young FP turboooo

      1. Kotsa

        Super 94

      2. SFF RACING

        hell yeah

    64. Hseriesonly Monctonnb

      Was this on stock fuel lines amd e85

    65. Andrew Allcorn

      the H22 always sounds so good!

    66. BANDIT Grizzy

      SWEET Golden exhaust!!!

    67. Hseriesonly Monctonnb

      I got a similar build it’s having some crazy upgrades this winter shooting for 700 whp this spring check it out at hseriesonlynb on ig

    68. Barry scarlett

      Steering wheel on the wrong side . I have two honda preludes with h22a . For dirt track racing . Have all the parts off them for sale

    69. Barry scarlett

      Whats the dyno sauce. In the can .. Is that belt grip. Or spray glue

    70. joshua yammer

      I own a 94 4th gen and my temp and gas gauges keep burning out... been through 2 of them.. anyone have any ideas?

      1. joshua yammer

        @James McIvor maybe bad relay haven’t looked into that... everything looks fine and even my speedometer and tach are just fine and light up no issues. Guess imma have to start tearing into it more

      2. James McIvor

        Bad earth? Bad relay? Corroded/broken wires?

    71. Marlene Rush

      Can my prelude be next👌🏾

    72. Jesse Arquette

      Do you guys sell built engines

    73. Happy Hilton

      You had to say cookies and milk at 2.30am now i want cookies and milk at 2.30 am

    74. Cyborg 4Real

      Whenever I tune into the PFI channel I'm ALWAYS smiling ear to ear. Your team is a Great bunch of fellas. Keep it up.

    75. Goaty McGoatface

      When Jamie starts asking the customer "if it's OK" to run more boost then you know they're pushing the envelope haha

    76. Tom Thumb

      Nice job whoever did the ghost flames on this.

    77. Hiboost tunez All day

      Nice ride man.

    78. jcnpresser

      Love the ludes!

    79. PiotrekLutek

      How can you tune the car without Any Fan on front of the car ? 🤔🤔🤔

    80. Cleon Allen

      Hey Brent big shout out to your daughter I love her channel......

      1. Cleon Allen

        @James McIvor thank you an I appreciate being here...

      2. James McIvor

        @Cleon Allen welcome to the family bruh, Phong pfi and cleetus is pretty much all I watch. I'm from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 , where it's cold even when it's warm lol

      3. Cleon Allen

        @James McIvor I'm from Jamaica 🇯🇲 and I never used to watch anything else on IRvision except for cars drifting which is my favorite but until a friend of mine told be about " PFI, boostedboiz, PHONG an cleetus MacFarlane...

      4. James McIvor

        I watched an episode and it felt like an acid trip lol she is a bit kooky js like her paps

    81. tom moon

      Cant wipe the smile off his face love his love for the car 🤙🤙

    82. Steven Plaskett

      Too bad your using a shiiioty dyno and u can't upgrade to anything safe and modern like a hub dyno

    83. iaen valley

      when Brent laughs - you know it was good !

    84. AlexP

      "What was that"

    85. Derpy

      They all got hella hyped for the cookies! That's awesome

    86. Charle Normon

      hanging out with the pfi team is dope

    87. Daniel Merzetti-Grieve

      Duuuude where's my luuuuuuude?

    88. Toni Boi 928

      Brent why you call Gordo "gordita" ?

      1. PFI Speed

        He’s my G 💪🏼

    89. Yost Built

      Congratulations on 300k boys

    90. John Z

      Well done PFI! He's gonna have a ton a fun at 500hp and just knowing he can add another 200+,, Wow!

    91. Wolf Party

      I have a 1993 prelude I’m working on doing the samething!!! Can’t wait for Brent to dyno mine!!! Ps. To answer your question, longer then 18:00 minutes!! Love seeing the half hour of power!!! ❤️all you guys!!!!!👍🏻❤️🤣

    92. A Smith

      How good does the shop look.

    93. foldingblade

      Am thinking of buying a j series any tips or hints

    94. Ghillie Nation

      Shits crazy Bs hair is all grown out already!

    95. Jim Hiscott

      Oh shit. Look how packed phongs pockets are lol🤣🤣😅 He's like a squarel getting ready for winter🤣😂🤣

    96. The Edge

      Love how Brent gets more hype of the car, than the person that owns the car lmao...Got the same passion....AND TURBO BLANKETS ARE AWESOME

    97. Aaron Warren

      Is the sho’nuff block devcon?

    98. HotwingsChamp

      I would hang out 24hrs a day tbh

    99. Irgv-tec

      Hell yes! Love it.😎💪🔥

    100. The Edge