Enjoying Some TYPE R Rips

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    Jonathan from OTP has added some bolt on parts to this beautiful type r civic. Running a 30% ethanol content it sure woke up when applying some boost. We also start swapping the transmission in Angels toyota Supra and get ready for Cleetus and cars.

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    1. Vincent Recinto

      YES!!!! Finally! FK8 on the dyno!🤙🏽 Watching all the way from Hou TX.

    2. travis e

      You really need to get a pull/driver reaction after new tunes. Would really make the some extra content that we would like to see. Great job @pfi

    3. Alex Villalobos

      I have a 2018 CTR with flex fuel e25-e30 /PRL intercooler /hondata flash pro. Did his make 315whp with the base tune? I was hoping to be making 330-340whp lol. And if I did get it tuned Brent what’s the potential

    4. Viktor Speiser

      I think i happen to hear compressor surge on full throttle on the runup with the type-r. May have found the limit of a key intake part regarding flow/boost.

    5. n01z3

      its going to be cool seeing the pro-front cars lined up. even if they just show cars this time. just the fact they out and not gathering dust.

    6. Mike

      We need a mod list on that type R, pretty spicy little hotrod. *Ahh saw the 30% ethanol in the description. Great gains.

      1. Alex Villalobos

        Can’t go higher due to the fuel system limit also really expensive to upgrade

    7. Ryan Rodriguez

      Always good content !! 👍👍

    8. Steve L.

      Lol measure the driveshaft. Brett has a smooth delivery with words. "Awesome" sounds sincere coming from him

    9. oneqkfodo

      WOW all the old school racers an cars are coming back. awesome

    10. Douglas P.

      And I'll enjoy some type B rips while watching!

    11. ilko dimitrov

      why you f##k the tunel of the supra..... original belhousing from a supra autotrans + little adaptor plate to TH400 and you are done....

    12. Jeffrey Hinton

      That’s good gains can’t wait to get my Fk8 to the dyno

    13. George Gomez

      That’s good gain on hp and torque! Type R!!!! I want one of these car someday, hopefully!!!

    14. Duane Weldon

      Honda goofing up having the hood scoop water drain into the spark plug and rusting them. Shape up Honda!

    15. GoldFish Ninja

      That torque is freaking impressive.

    16. John Simons

      My brother drives a FK2 Type R Black Edition, just got himself a sweet Eventuri intake. He got some things on his whislist like a intercooler upgrade and downpipe. And than retuning it. His goal is around 400whp too. His baseline tune was like 320whp completly stock.

    17. Amit Kalsi

      Miss how the Type R’s of yesterday sounded like all hell was breaking loose.

    18. Amit Kalsi

      Too damn quiet

    19. phong Wong

      This is Honda love

    20. Arty's Motorsports

      That's a cute little thing

    21. Cameron C

      What ECU was used? I listened a couple times but didn't catch it.

    22. Kerry Dorsey

      How many of these bolt-on and tuning options are applicable to the 2018 Accord 2.0?

    23. CrazyAssPotter

      Please cover the pro fwd action in depth at Huston. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see these things make a comeback. They are so unique and awesome. They got a fair amount of coverage back in the day but not as much as they should have.

    24. David Phipps

      Sounds like hes short shifting so used to listening to Honda's scream to the moon, awesome to see PFI in the new platform doing their thing

    25. Silent Haiku

      Imagine being an sti owner watching this and realized he spent 10k to 400whp.

    26. d3ekster

      What’s the spec? If I win the lotto I’ll fly my Uk FK2 Type R over from Scotland for you mod/tune. 😎

    27. Op1 zilla

      We gona make it right here on yt, can't wait, ggz

    28. HDR Engine Development

      Man, the redline on that thing sounds so lame right after hearing Phong’s engine rev to the moon. Lol. Type R to me brings memories of B series winding out to 9k.

    29. indi grace

      Will be great to see all of the Pro Front Drive cars out for an exhibition...I'm sure that'll fire up others... let's go...❤️

    30. Steven Plaskett

      Get a real dyno. Your shitty old dyno can't give any accurate numbers and u loose cars to broken straps more then we ever see on video. Put in a hub dyno get with the 20th century of dyno tuning.

    31. Daniel Does Guitar Covers

      What's up Brent and PFI crew, I own a 2011 civic lx 5 speed with a aem dry flow CAI and a full skunk 2 stainless steel exhaust. I live in NJ but I want to take a road trip out to you guys this year. I was in Colorado a few years ago, as my company flew me out to set up the NHL winter classic game Red wings vs Avalanche. Had a great time over there. I will call ahead of time to set something up. I'm looking forward to taking the road trip out there. You guys are doing an amazing job!

    32. zachary palczynski

      Brent , have you come across the like 91-93 B17 dohc ??? There was a loud mechanical sounding vetch engine . Came in the integra .

    33. BighomieJ5x -

      That's alotta torque for having vtec only on the intake

    34. Brian Beilmann

      Body looks like a smaller version of Acura Vigor.

    35. shroom903

      What the hell, cleatus gets 55k likes and brent gets 4k come on people

    36. Rick Shults

      The J3 bell housing with a hybrid torque converter, fit very well with minimal clearance issues if any.

    37. Faded _MBS

      Why aren't new type r making 700+ like k series?

    38. james dalton


    39. Stephen Courson

      So how is the bully coming motor done and ready

    40. Sean Schmidt

      Stock ecu is that tunable?

      1. Vincent Recinto

        must jailbreak stock ecu with Hondata or K tuner

    41. Bubba Ray Lindy

      Opens youtube and sees new PFI video 🤘 then sees it's only 11 minutes 😢

    42. Josh Moore

      Was that on 93/91?

    43. K L

      That plaster board is never getting painted now :D

    44. Cody K

      Will awd for these be available soon????

    45. Wayne Sligar

      Thank you for putting the TV back on the wall we can see the horse power again

    46. Cody K


    47. snowbarrel1710 flute

      I raced 1 of these couple months ago in my 07 mustang GT.

    48. Marshall Protzman

      So if washing it gets water under the hood then wouldn’t driving it in the rain do the same thing? Seems like a shitty move honda lol

    49. Jared THISDELLE


    50. henrryarevalo503

      402 love I see

    51. Do it for Brock 05 05 brock


    52. Robert Allen-Kennedy

      Brent! Could you do a video on how the dyno is setup/how it works. Be interested to see that. Cheers from Nova Scotia Canada 🇨🇦

    53. Jeff Omalley

      From the OTP ya u know me.

    54. Steve Watkins

      Let go fam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets make sum spacejam an get pfi's subs over 500k befor nex week end!!!!!

    55. Jeffrey Cattelino

      I thought the 10th gen civics couldn't have a vta bov?

      1. Vincent Recinto

        Not good for motor

    56. Matthan Enix

      And then there’s that orange 9th gen civic that’ll do this at less than half of the price 💀

    57. 240SXV8T

      Nice looking car with some fun power but that price tag... There just much better options for that amount of money sorry

    58. hash glass

      2 door would be sick

    59. Autism Dad

      Fk8 “R” so nice it’s makes me wanna give up the rs and move to a type R

      1. Hseriesonly Monctonnb

        Do it you won’t regret it I drive both the civic drive 10x better with similar power just no awd

    60. The Wraith

      Hell yeah the HARD R is a ripper

    61. Magia

      Invite chef Ramsey over. Food and pull's.

    62. Camping with Homer

      Your making this tuning thing look way too easy!

    63. Briguygotnicethighs

      Why is the intro 40 seconds? Trying to make the videos longer?

    64. Luxter1994

      I appreciate you guys trying to step up your filming game, but I'm not a fan of the wide-screen. :)

    65. Mick Jojic

      New lighting is awesome

    66. The PeaceKeepers

      Your intro is stupid long

    67. mischief TV

      Guys got to clean up man shave shower 🚿

    68. Hiboost tunez All day

      Yall slow 😂

    69. Hiboost tunez All day

      My EK hatch doing the work. Hiboost tunez 😂

    70. Hiboost tunez All day


    71. lonny self

      nice pro Honda racing nice , and may add there some sweet rigs

    72. Kevin S.

      Iron Jolly Civic!!!

    73. Brandon Floyd

      Auto in the supra is sad to hear 😢

    74. Gickels McDoogle

      IDK who it was from PFI who made this intro but GOD DAMN it pumps me up every day i hear it!!!! Whenever I play it, my girlfriend does the "CH-CH-CH... CH-CH-CH" in the back of the room XD

      1. Uber Pro

        Adds 10 hp when listening in the car 💪

    75. William Pierson

      Definitely need some more LED lights above the dyno, it’s very dark in the videos

      1. James Kay

        Turn your screen brightness up dilbert.

    76. Salvador Morales

      If there’s anybody who could pull that off and bring that together it would be you Brent, I mean you already got some of the guys already coming out for Cletis and cars it would be awesome if you could get a lot more of them to come out that would just be the most amazing event battle of the imports for one night only I could see it now everybody throws down just like the good old times

    77. Salvador Morales

      I just have to say thank you Brent and the boys for being such a motivation that you have a few og’s to come out and play dust off the ol toys again and THAT!! My friend is what the hell im talking about, hey Brent re start the battle of the imports for maybe like one event and have all the og’s from back then who still have toys and call them all out.Lisa kubo,bisi moto, skunk Dr.Charles, Stephan Papadakis well ya get where I’m going with this that would be absolutely mind blowing adrenaline pumping amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

    78. ThatS1kguy

      I've always liked these FK8 type R's. Honda made a good decision the FK8 crate engine too..

    79. Tony Ross

      Let's go pfi crew

    80. Alex Harshman

      Is the type R a 2020?

    81. Bobby McCraw

      Need to give Stephen Papadakis, Lisa Kubo, Adam Saruwatari, Peter Ferrel, Busher racing a call

    82. rendub

      yo what's the intro song called?

    83. Neg Ative

      So happy the TV is back. I had no idea the new Type R’s were that fat in the torque curve.

      1. Wayne Sligar

        I know i can see the horse power numbers again

    84. Hanks Technical Corner

      Gotta love the prl parts. Local to me guys and all great people and products

    85. T1bud 42

      Make one of these awd and it would be killer.

    86. liljordy tv

      I'm hoping yall get all your cars done an there

    87. Jim Hiscott

      I'm ok with the new TypeR. Would i own one. No. They are of a very acquired taste. What I cant get past is it weighs 1100 pounds more then my current build !!

    88. Mathew Turfan

      What happened to the rehab s2k

    89. 831vtc t2

      The bully is cool but we want to see a 7sec s2000 lol

      1. Bubba Brown

        Bet its a 6er

    90. Mike oneill

      cant beleve that type r sounded so sedate for the power and the no pop bang on the 2step its krazy how tec has changed over the yrs truly sick

    91. L Grasso

      UK built Type R! Shame Honda are shutting the factory down 😔

    92. Erik Larson


    93. matt ajib

      Can someone tell me why they put fan in front the car when on dyno???

      1. Phillip Warner

        When driving u have air going through the rad and intercooler when sitting still u still need that air circulating or it would heatsoak pretty quick

    94. thomas girdwood

      Do the new type r come with lower power standard in the US compared to the UK?

      1. Nicholas Rodrigues

        The UK spec has 316bhp while the US spec has 306hp which is basicly the same

    95. oldfart43311

      Boys, I think you got yourselves a CONVOY to Cleetus and cars.. Ohh yeh!!!! Cannot wait to see it all come around. Looking forward to days of videos brother. Put a camera in everyones hands that show.


      Couldn’t watch it that aspect ratio was killing my eyes

    97. Zaccari Ricard

      Why do I hear about these blowing up all the time?

      1. ThatS1kguy

        Because most tuners dont know much about them. Stock they dont suffer any issues

    98. Hector Reyes

      Let's GO

    99. Macdaddy

      Awe yeah making some JAM!!

    100. hondatrix

      How can such a great bunch of guys only have 305k subs?

      1. Uber Pro

        You tube Vampires! The suck the soul from good content, leaving nothing else behind.