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    In this episode Shawn dives into the Fueltech ft600 wiring, He starts with a ft450 series 4cyl harness and depins and installs into the ft600 plugs. This episode is full of great tech tips and a good time with friends

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    1. pFbSpecV

      That fuel tech is sick!!! One day I will afford cool parts like that!

    2. Thomas Meade

      Thats the one thing thats nice about the doen season you get to work on "wicked" projects not just jaming to keep things going

    3. Steven Glover

      sup frm new zealand

    4. ronald graham

      As always, Sean kills it. Sean makes it sound so "easy".

    5. Dan Chesterfield

      Please make more videos like this one!! I could watch these tips and tricks videos ALL day!! Love you guys, you are amazing! Thank you for being so cool and down to earth and for everything you do! So awesome, can't get enough! Thank you!

    6. kris jones

      So much good information!

    7. Barry scarlett

      I'm needing help .pinout .for a h22a engine in a prelude .for dirt track racing. To wire to the factory ecu

    8. Zack Hurst

      We need to see shawns Prelude

    9. Bubba Brown

      Shaun just made my fear of wiring seem foolish.... its not an evil dragon to be slain

    10. Anthony Estevez

      So awesome! Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing!

    11. Mr E

      It needs a name change... INSTIGATOR RSX!!

    12. Andrew Schuepfer

      You guys are rocking out! I can't wait to see everything running. #Talknerdytome

    13. Michael Kent

      Brent do you do remote tuning?

    14. David S

      18:21 "please dont smoke, please dont smoke, please dont smoke." Lol this is me every damn time I rewire something... although occasionally there's a "please dont explode" thrown in haha

    15. TC Jerzy

      Shawn is the best man....Such a smart dude

    16. theodore Dow-man

      I put a relay in my vtec circuit.

    17. Paul

      Look for Preston here soon. Please Brent give him some love.

    18. Dominic Bustamante

      Wicked Racing use to be a racing crew out of California Ron Bergenholtz is one of the members of that crew.

    19. mrjebbie420

      Is it crimp or krimp

    20. crazyjr

      we need more dancing Bret on the speed runs

    21. Christian R.

      Shaun the man! 💪💪

    22. Steven Mcc

      Lol phong doing plug wires ...Brent so you have done this before...lol yeah last week 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤗🤗

    23. Amanda Batistaa

      Não entendi nada, mas se tem FUELTECH tem Like

    24. Cerberrrus

      what can't shawn do?

    25. Whiskey 00

      That’s really good content thank you for all the info :D

    26. Tom Thumb

      This channel is the "This Old House" for racecars. That's why it's my fav :)

    27. Anderson Dick

      Man, this is the best video I've seen explaining real life wiring step by step, thank you guys, so glad to have you enjoying the FuelTech!

      1. Gunlover36

        Its awesome to see such a cool and innovative product come to fruition!!

    28. Colin Bissett

      Love Shawn's honesty, so nervous when you've done a big project weather it's wiring engine etc. That first fire up. But when you've done a good job it's a good buzz

    29. Christian De Vos

      I just wanna see shonuff

    30. Morgan Weast

      Welder, fabricator, wiring. Every shop needs a Shwan

    31. harass8

      shaun is next level

    32. Vinny D

      Shawn is awesome

    33. Danger Dave

      Lol... Please no smoke...please no smoke.....Ha haaa!! Shawn didn't let the magic smoke out... I live that life every day & I feel ya bro. : )

    34. Bearrett 50 Kal

      Man I need to learn to do automotive wiring, gonna have to buy a book on it. I know I know "yOu CAn leArn oN YoUtUbE" but I retain more from reading. I've spent $1500 on getting a car rewired because I couldn't do it myself, and now I have another car with wiring gremlins.


      I have a built H2B I wish I could do some remote tuning to see what power Brent could make her have. 208whp 158tq currently

    36. A Okay

      Fueltech and PFI. Awesome video Shawn, coming in hot with those ohm’s! It would be really cool to see a partnership 😉😉. That setup though! Looks great guys! Keep it up

    37. Chopdasesh RickFPS

      Could almost taste the jealousy when Brent sat in it and saw it all light up haha jk guys! Awesome job getting it all in and lookin as CLEAN as it does. Always amazing things happening at PFIspeed!

    38. BryDuhBikeGuy

      Shaun;The magician of "fabrimagification"!

    39. Keith Mahrle

      You should check out the super gauge from super tools make fabrication alot easier

    40. Skooba Steve

      I have never been one for listening at school BUT the simple way ol shauno explains stuff makes me wanna listen ... Must be his carefree nature.. Good job Shauno!!!

    41. dave warihay

      being in the pc world.. peels from a new part is priceless

    42. dallas richard

      Let's say if one of your subscribers was wanting to get into street/drag racing,would you help them get started?

    43. Michael Delgado


    44. David Blanck

      I love that the entirety of the class are helping each other with their builds. If you ever wanted to see why everyone calls the racing community a family..... This is it. The best of memories are built off this kind of support.

    45. Rick Scott

      Always learning something new on this channel and find it rather exciting even though I hate wiring. lol 😎👍💯

    46. Nando R

      Shawn did a awesome job

    47. oldfart43311

      Nice job!!

    48. Rafael Serrano

      I'm starting to think that IRvision has an algorithm to automatically include some "Dislikes" in every video and that those dislikes are not real....I mean, who would dislike a PFI Speed moment? Some of us wish were part of that team but here we are at the other end supporting our brothers who share their daily's with us. Thank you Brent for these PFI Speed moments. Blessings upon you brothers.

    49. rollinout2012

      Shawn is the best!

    50. Sound with Style

      You need to be careful using resistance readings on coils and inductors as their impedance can change. With a simple switched solenoid it should be fine but with coils operated with pwm or frequency inputs the impedance will change with frequency and can drop quite low at resonant frequencies.

    51. christopher mcnaughton

      I wish I had Shaun when I wired the H series up in my Veloster lol.

    52. Stephen Brown

      Nope nope nope I’ll just pay someone like you. Too do my wiring that way I know it’s right.

    53. Mark Norman

      Love watching the productivity of the whole squad here - you all are true assets

    54. DIY Racing

      Awesome job guys! I would recommend adding a relay to the vtec noid to be safe.As wired if the noid ever fails it will hurt the ecu driver. Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work 💪.

    55. cworden07

      That Goofy Built cover is legit!! Goofy gettin his name out there, can’t wait to see the kid rippin his own car soon

    56. william soucy

      shawn is the kevin of pfi

    57. Charging Sloth

      Love these videos, brings so much joy to my day. Thanks for putting the effort in! Cheers

    58. castmaster84

      Shaun is one of the cleverest fabricators I have come across. Clever=intelligent

    59. Capo A

      I’m still shocked is an H series instead of the normal K series engine 👀🧐🧐🧐

    60. Rwright_sk

      Shawn is awesome!!! Pfi has such great ppl with true passion!!!

    61. William Pierson

      Who’s neon is that with the white front end? That’s been in the background for a while now

    62. eVo 7

      Just waiting for Brent to announce that PFI is a authorized Fuel Tech dealer.

    63. Cyborg 4Real

      I had an 85' el camino ChooChoo custom edition and been a 8cyl. guy all my life but Brent, Jamie, Tom & Fong have some bad a$$ vehicle builds brother...🚗

    64. Kevin Mcgirt


    65. Chris Golding

      Everyone has their strengths at PFI. Great stuff Shawn!! The hardest part IMO. Wiring .

    66. Andrew Ferris

      One of my favorite videos to date. Really enjoy the technical information. Heck YA!

    67. indi grace

      Woke up to PFI 💕...

    68. Gas Par

      That was a Co€k tease. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Hopefully they start it.

    69. William T.

      Almost time for Brent to shave his head again. Ha!

    70. Jason James

      Y'all got a hell of an outfit running down there. Can't wait till y'all can make it back to the dragstrip! Especially with these projects being so close to ready!

    71. Karl Gamble

      Okay so are y’all going to see who the fastest when done H,J,K????

    72. dasburke

      Good video, wiring isn't hard. It's like a lite-brite, everyone can do that!

    73. Marcus Robinson

      Sho nuff!! wish I seen it when it was first posted though..

    74. Elijah Roach

      Look that ft 600. I have one on my neon. Is Jamie going FuelTech ?

    75. YVNG BRODY 470

      When i build a honda i will drive all the way to brent from atlanta to tune it

    76. cain sample

      Hell yeah👍

    77. Adam Trudeau

      Love the Shaun wiring content. Gonna be a sick car

    78. Joshuab9009

      Shawn should do a weekly tech/fabrication tip video, always great in front of the camera

    79. jsnider25

      You guys are crushin it nice work

    80. Diego

      so simple but yet so complicated for the wiring, only at PFI do you learn this type of stuff with no censorship. But overall everyone at PFI is awesome, i genuinely love watching these videos

    81. Jared THISDELLE

      Right on boiz

    82. Ronin

      shaun the wizard

    83. Terry Pickette


    84. Marcus Cooke

      This is one IRvision channel that needs a TV slot i could watch this for hour every day 😀 love pfi best youtube out Brent's a live legend

    85. maurice davis

      So much talent in one place 🙌

    86. ROB Rob

      I hate when Shawn is the biggest portion of the videos

    87. Cody Allen

      What size pins are those and are they good for ecu re pinning?

    88. Axelle Axl.

      Very nice tutorial from Shawn ! PFI 'got talent ;-)

    89. ron miller


    90. shane haws

      I was just using the same crimper's to rewire some relays

    91. K20 EG

      Where’s sho nuff at

    92. Tony Ross

      Sean is the man. Any update on the rehab s2k

    93. Adam Chapman

      The fun part of a build is wiring and automatic transmission rebuild. My buddy tuned my 2000 Honda prelude with H22a Turbo only making 419 whp.

    94. Jeff Omalley

      Yo i wish yas could/would talk ole Cleeter into putting an all 4 cylender Enduro race together. It can be both front and rwd cars together. Tell me that wouldn't friggen be so awesome.

    95. C D

      Always good to see Tom helping anyone who needs it, phong as well. Great group of guys on an awesome channel-

    96. Shawn Taft

      Meticulous work for sure

    97. the other Brent

      I understand that moment of being anxious when powering up something after a complete rewire. Thinking over every connection 14 times but at some point you just gotta do it. Happy Happy when it is perfect. Sucks when it goes bad cause ya can't put the smoke back in once it burns.

    98. TufGriz

      These are what i really like watching. Tips and tricks on the stand alone side and tuning tips

    99. Miguel A Cruz Jr

      Complete shop everything is done there I love it, good things is the all work together. 🏁🏎

    100. Gros chef bandit

      Hi ! Good job guys ! But you forgot to put your lock on the deutz connector for te cam/crank sensor ! ;)