Budget Hemi Build makes Big Mopar Power!

PFI Speed

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    This is Not an Ls, or an S10 are the first words we heard as we were watching this little hot rod Dodge Dakota pickup being unloaded. This is a stock hemi on Megasquirt and twin turbos . First we tune it on pump gas and a few pounds which was awesome. Then we get rowdy and put some jam in it! Hold on tight friends because this tune up was a blast!
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    1. Mystical Beings

      Holy crap!! Over double the power it came in with that's awesome. Love how you guys know your shit so well and tune everything. Great job Brent and J dawg. See you soon with a few of my whips. Awesome episode boys! Great job on the build of this beast to the 2 guys that brought her in also.

    2. trat50

      @38:30 "...that thing got a HEMI in it?!?"

    3. kevin wicklund

      I have an 88 Dakota with a 360 swap. Loved seeing another Dakota making power!

    4. Adam Vanderbur

      that was cool

    5. Mike Brown

      FINALLY pfi or cleetus did somthing on a hemi

    6. Steel Man

      I have a 5.7 Hemi in my truck and I have a 6.2 LT in my SS Camaro right now and have had a few LS based trucks and an LS1 GTO. If it makes power it's good in my book.

    7. N Flores

      They got the challenger style hoods for those years too

    8. Pat McGinn

      what trans and gearing set up was it?

    9. Gregory Williams

      Is there anyone in central Florida who can help me put a Hemi in my Dakota RT or someone I can pay to do it? Facesturbo@gmail.com

    10. Dwayne Sangster

      I’d like to kno , what he has done to his motor ? Is it all stock ? If not hook me up please . And yes I have a hemi aswell , and I’d love to have some of that power

    11. Pedro Ortiz

      Let me get this straight. So you have a stock 5.7 hemi no forge internals with twin turbos, and you're making over 800 horsepower? I am impressed!! 👍

    12. claytonhaske

      When you say "you really need a driver for the coils" what are you talking about, and what one would you recommend?

    13. Jake Rheault

      WOULD Love to see some more HEMI CONTENT

    14. Kirk Georgatos

      Is this a 5.7 0r 6.1?

    15. Russell Moss

      more! More! MORE! Mine isnt quite the budget build, but great video

    16. Wheels-n-Tires

      Wth??? 99hp from plug gap???😲👍🤣

    17. Marky Mark 24/7


    18. Gary Stone

      So what part of this was a budget build?

    19. Doug Williams

      Turbos are to small 76-75 maybe bigger intercooler. I hope you put better pistons and gapped for boost.

    20. Thor Thumb

      no ring gap in that motor?

    21. Derro

      Glad to see some hemi stuff instead of LS and coyote swapping everything

    22. stinkinlincoln90

      Oh my God I love that truck

    23. Joe Momma

      Nice, got me in the mood again to work on my 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 and do upgrades Need to replace the headers first

    24. Carlito C

      great video, just 1 question tho, what tunning did you use? was it HP?

      1. PFI Speed

        Mega squirt

    25. choppps5858

      Holy crap IRvision gettin so selfish on ads. Cmon guys you're making enough money

    26. cavaleiro95

      Is it for sale?

    27. TheMrmax00000

      Awesome tuning job. I am building a similar engine for my 71 scamp. What do you recommend for the best tuneable electronics and fuel system?

    28. untold44

      If he didnt have the side exit exhaust, this would make a killer sleeper farm truck

    29. Red Ram

      I built a 49 F-1 with a 400 Pontiac from a 68 GTO. I was at a cruise night with my hood up. A guy walks up, takes a look under the hood and says “390”, and walks off. I wish I could have gotten my hands on whatever he was smoking to make him high enough to confuse a Pontiac engine for an FE

    30. Joshua Ellison

      What was all done to this 5.7? I am wanting to build mine.

    31. Willy Salinas

      Awesome What’s the motor ,transmission and rear end setup

    32. Felony D beats

      Is this a 5.7 or a 6.4?

    33. TheTazzman1968

      What transmission?

    34. Aaron Emberson

      34:23 poor guy left hanging

    35. SID

      Brent is an incredibly smart man. Much underestimated and under appreciated. But he keeps on quietly achieving some astonishing things, watch this guy in the future!

    36. Skyler Wheat

      Im in the middle of a fun build. 1987 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 5.7 Hemi swap. Small little truck I want to do a nice single turbo in.


      I want a 150 hp car or 500 horsepower. Can you help?.What should I change? Just tell me..l want to make my own car..I have an old car. I want to experiment with it.,I'm removing the engine now,,I need your information. Renault laguna 2 2007 year 268000km 110kw M9R engine.help me please..

    38. MoMo 300S

      AWESOME🔥😎..5.7 handling RED EYES 🤩😲. I need my 5.7 hyped up to around 500hp 👍🏽

    39. fat guy phatmoto

      Mopar or no car!!!!!!!

    40. fat guy phatmoto

      Tell Jamie to put a hemi in srt-4

    41. 392 Hemi

      Wow mopar stuff love it

    42. Sloopy Bires

      Hello Spokane!!

    43. Andrew Douglas

      I need my build to come close to that

    44. Aaron Warren

      Thank you. I'm tired of seeing mopar bodies with chevy engines. This dude has a 49 dodge pickup with a ls motor . Crap if you ask me. I'm building a 1950 dodge truck with a 98 durango frame 5.9l magnum motor 4x4.

    45. Mike Gordon

      is there a video of the build ?

      1. Krazy House Performance

        we have a few videos of it over on our channel. @krazyhouseperformance

    46. Duke

      What exactly is budget? Lol

    47. radster87

      Really hope they at least took the engine down to recap the rings, or it was over 150k miles to have wore down enough to open them up. I've seen numerous Hemis pull the pistons apart because the ring gaps were too tight for boost.

    48. Daniel Johnson

      Just out of curiosity, why don't you see any gassers running compounds? Here in the diesel world any twin or more set up, it is always compounds, you can build so much more boost, the shop truck is running a 5 compound set up, yes 5, 2 sets of very built "factory" 4.5 turbos, which are compound from the factory, which are feeding a 108mm single, it was a just because we can so we are deal, lol, but even the 4.5 powerstroke and the 6.4 powerstroke are compound twin turbo set ups from the factory, like I said just curious

    49. Mike White

      Thank God it isn't an LS swap.. love Chevies but dammit, old school shit needs old school engines, without a laptop interface..

    50. Ruthlsss

      Nice tuning Brent. Awesome video. Keep it up!

    51. Paul M Bylbie

      Nice guys.......way nice

    52. samuel corwin

      What computer are you running microsquirt

      1. Krazy House Performance

        megasquirt gold box MS3X

    53. Ramon Bauza

      Wow how u get that power gain is that a 5.7 ?

    54. Tim Atwell

      Great video but where can I get a hemi for $200.00 I will take 3 for starters and couple more in a month or two lol

    55. kbnguy

      What kind of Fiat is that?

    56. Kenneth Ware

      what trans ? 727?

    57. Marko MuayThai

      5.7 Hemi?

    58. chris jamieson

      L$ are fantastic motors! But, they're not what this cool AF dude wanted! Lol get over it! I love LS swapped anything as much or more than most, but it IS getting a bit played out, to say the least... I'm happy to see someone use their own original ideas and build something badass! Phuk-da-h8ers brother!

    59. L B

      Them tires are just wanting to CRANK. look at that ripple

    60. Chris Edge

      Spokane county raceway! That's our hometown track. It's an hour and a half away but that's where we go every year except this year unfortunately

    61. Steven Conley

      Great job guys. We go way back when they built my first 600 hp back in 2003. Guys are hands down a great bunch of guys and knowledgeable. Had issues a year later and they actually flew to me and helped the tune on the new upgrades! This guys is real genuine just like what you see on this video! Wow didn’t know you guys had a page. You have my subscription.

    62. Restos & Rebuilds

      Power doesn't surprise me... but how nice that truck looks does because you don't see them anymore, at least not here in the rust belt.

    63. Pétur Stefánsson

      That was fun to watch 👍🏻

    64. WelcomeTo Bobs

      Sick ass build!

    65. Arthur Sperotto

      Awesome episode as always! What cam does that thing have? Sounds great.

    66. harri manni

      Damn that's impressive, specially considering what's been spent on the build!

    67. Pornhub Official

      If that thing was a true awd it would fucking hop on a launch at the track that would be sick

    68. osmosis 01

      Damn I want a 200 buck 6.1 hemi

    69. osmosis 01

      From what I can tell from the video this old dakota has really nice paint and body lines which is awesome to see on an older dakota like this and obviously the bed is going to get some dings and dents but that is to be expected. I remember one of my buddies growing up bought a used dakota maybe a 91 or so with a 4 speed and a small v6

    70. osmosis 01

      Love too see some Mopar muscle for a change and to see what these new-age hemi motors can do with some boost

    71. Mark Alton

      Where does a person learn this?

    72. Metal Gear Head

      Budget and hemi don't belong together

    73. WelcomeTo Bobs

      The smile on his face when he drives it for the first time is priceless

    74. indi grace

      Strange graduation, I'd say because of the masonic ceremony they make people participate in to receive a certificate...

    75. 1am570yl3z

      great to see a megasquirt. dash is a raspberry pi. pidash maybe.

    76. Bill Williams

      Instant smile machine

    77. MotorSubduedTelevision

      Welll I didn’t expect to see this here though I was reading something wrong at first

    78. gary mathews

      you will get kicked out of the drag strip for running 8s

    79. jpiz224

      That man was content with 800🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    80. scott tim

      This video was one of the gnarliest gains/trial and error tunes I’ve ever witnessed. So happy for the owner!!! You can see it in his and his buddies faces when they rip it lol Brents the MAN!!!! LETS GOOOO..... also shout out to that portion of the video where buddy gets a passenger ride with ride on the rollers and doesn’t know where toooooooo look lol So happy for all those involved, again, PFI Speed killing it on the rollers. “It’s simple, push air in move air out” Brent circa the beginning of time!!!! So dope

    81. Sid McMullen

      don't worry it'll gap its own spark plugs soon enough with piston material

    82. Joe Tucker

      LS swap is the new run of the mill small block swap for this generation of those with no original ideas. Mopar! For men who like women!

    83. Jeremy Mailloux

      When your tuner can get you an extra 500rwhp that guy knows his shit!

    84. V8pwr

      Omg stock 5.7 bottom end over 600whp its gonna blow. It's all in the tune

    85. Brandon Johnson

      Nice! Love Those hemis.

    86. KerbyEP3

      Horsepower he’s looking for can be found in an air to water setup.

    87. Alandriel


    88. Joe Flint

      Well, at least I know I won't be the first to do a turbo hemi 1st Gen Dakota.

    89. D MOPAR

      Love it! love his attitude too!

    90. RODley Pumpkins

      I’ve noticed that any of these channels or tv series shows that have “budget” in the title of that episode is not a budget for a normal person lol.

    91. Jasen Worrell

      My first truck was a dodge Dakota 90

    92. PizzaLog

      So did the upgrade the internals or just replace them I've always wondering how much abuse those hemis can take

      1. pob000

        Stock bottom

    93. John Conner

      A sloppy mopar love it

    94. EC Food Luv

      I got a 2005 Chrysler 300C 5.7 hemi.. with predator tuner, cold air intake, headers and exhaust. I believe I rolled a lobe on the cam so I'm looking into a stage 2 cam, also e85. Any advice would be great!

    95. willbreaker 21

      390hp that's weak considering it's a twin turbo

      1. willbreaker 21

        Well 780hp is no joke great job

      2. willbreaker 21

        As test kept going gp kept going up loved it

      3. willbreaker 21

        But 460hp now those are good numbers

    96. orfeous

      I thought it only was going to make 400 horsepower at first.

    97. D P


    98. claytonhaske

      Anyone know the final tune specs? Timing, duty cycle, boost level to achieve 800+ hp, plug gap?

      1. Krazy House Performance

        plug gap was .012. 20 psi netted the 800+. injectors were around 73 percent. dont recall timing numbers off the top of my head

    99. srslash901

      so i see a raspberry pi restarting with his screen..

    100. 79tazman

      The good thing about a hemi is the plugs are easy to get to the bad part is there is 2 per cylinder lol!!