Let’s Fit Some jazzy Horsepower!

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    I rarely get a Honda Fit in the shop so when I do I have to enjoy it. This little hot rod is a car show stopper with custom interior and a turbo kit and a plethora of body mods it truly is something to appreciate. Join us now while we find some small engine horse power and enjoy this rad ride!
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    1. Andrew

      Awesome build!

    2. Daniel Spehar

      Is there a build thread on it ?

      1. A.Q Performance

        Not on this but mine is k swaped Fit and a cr-z.bith are also turbo now.k24Turbos :D i have written complete guide on crzforum.i you want i can share link.meanwhile check.out my builds,you will love irvision.info/tree/hFmAqSWj_RGA1MRDH_ZJFQ

    3. Yanko Dimitrov

      Does anyone know where I can find that rear wing for the Fit?

    4. Luke Thorsen

      I'd love a rag top on my 2013 fit sport post a link to site

    5. Rob Amason

      I remember when this car was originally built. The original owner did a lot of the interior work himself & the manifold work was all one off. It's nice to see that it still on the road albeit in Colorado now.


      Ken and Barbie's Power Wheels Jeep is just as cool.

    7. ramairgt2

      I suddenly want to fit in

    8. rjjii1980

      I really like the Fit platform. We used to have one, it was painfully slow but still fun to drive..........

      1. rjjii1980

        @Luke Thorsen Ford Focus’ aren’t exactly a good test of speed. You probably lose 2-3 seconds in the 0-60 because of the shit transmission and slipping clutches......

      2. Luke Thorsen

        How was it slow my 13' sport auto is faster then my 12' focus titanium hatchback 6 speed automatic

    9. Jigga Man

      I had a fit for a few years and it was actually a fun little car. They should come with turbos from the factory.

    10. T danh

      That is sick

      1. A.Q Performance

        Wanna see more sick,mine is k24 and turbo Fit and a CR-Z irvision.info/tree/hFmAqSWj_RGA1MRDH_ZJFQ

    11. justin gembara

      This thing looks like a mini, mini van, I weirdly love it!

    12. Oleg. Sterk.

      На хрен ухи заткнул боишься что из ушей гавно полесит😆

      1. A.Q Performance


    13. Matthew Valentine

      So would a 06 accord beable to be awd swapped like civics?

    14. Silverio Barboza

      I have a fit as a daily and an ek hatch im so surprised how similar they feel they feel with some suspension mods

    15. Rj Echols

      Fit gang represent!!!

    16. 22Mangles

      I don’t remember seeing that shape for a Jazz in AUS


        We got that shape in the UK

    17. Cruzin711


    18. Cruzin711

      That's a FiTune!

    19. Asylumental

      That ride is super slick, could totally see it in a fast and furious movie. Just needs an extravagant wrap, lol, for the movie I mean, I like it how it is now.

      1. A.Q Performance

        A k20 swap Fit would suit the fast and furious.this is tad slow for that movei 🙃

    20. BryDuhBikeGuy

      That sounded Sweet!That young man,waiting,was my size when I started building a rally Willy's.Great time to start.

    21. Sean Tinston

      sweet little car

    22. Lakeside motorsports

      Looking at a eg with a b20z2 swap. Should I pull the trigger and if I build it do you do remote tunes? Like just to get it where I could work the bugs out before I brought it to you

    23. TFETTER

      300k subs! Right on man! Thus is one of my favorite channels.

    24. Simon

      what is the point of this, just FIT a k20 in this babay

      1. A.Q Performance

        Me too m.irvision.info/home/o6W5podqlNircJc/fy-lm-h-y.html

    25. John Ogle

      What happened to your big screen TVs?

    26. Jessey Jacobs

      Unique is an understatement. Beautiful build

    27. Wanita Chand

      Is this man on instagram

    28. TheGothra

      This Honda model was going to be called FITTA in the EU but the thing is that in Swedish that mean´s "female reproductive organ" so they changed it. Imagine coming to work in your new car and your collegue saying "wow what a nice FITTA, its much bigger than i thought"...

    29. Nicholas Rodrigues

      Cool to see something a little different. I've seen a few K swapped but I don't think I've seen anyone work with the stock Fit engine.

    30. Mike Matthews

      What does PFI stand for???

    31. Logan Wolfe

      Holy Fit

    32. kshepthedrummer

      My girlfriend has an 07 fit and I love it. It's got some cheap coilovers and it handles amazing for that being the only modification lol. The first generation look so good

    33. BeansRGood07

      5:57 🤣

    34. Krankenwagon

      Very cool. It just goes to show that you don’t 1000hp to have fun. Would like to see some road pulls.

    35. colt

      200WHP doesn't sound like much but ya gotta remember that stock makes 82hp LOL

    36. Rodney Balines

      Finally a Fit this is amazing cuz I have one too

    37. Ron Buckner

      Get your BIG tv mounted back on the wall. We can't see the curve

    38. lonny self

      200 for that is like putting a v8 in a go cart what a blast 400 would be my goal

    39. Love2fish Live2fish

      Badass as always, I have always wanted to see a tune on a Honda fit. Definetly a good time

    40. WingManGT

      time to build one of these boys. You know your good friends at hasport have some K mounts ;). Also there is an AWD version of the fit.

      1. A.Q Performance

        @WingManGT by the way ibhave JDM Fit now k25 swapped and on Gt3076.i dont feel a need to go awd i just love it the way it is.320 wheels.mean machine.unless you wana go to drag strip etc otherwise no need.check my channel for that Fit vids and a crz alao k swapped and turbo

      2. WingManGT

        @A.Q Performance there are 4wd GD's also - GD2/GD4

      3. A.Q Performance

        Yeah JDM GE9 Fit is AWD.would love to k swap it and turbo

    41. A.Q Performance

      I also own a Fit.This one is sure nice.i tried the turbo too but Fit engine is weak.blown that up. K- swapper and happy ever since.Now k24a2 Turbo😁 Check out the acceleration m.irvision.info/home/aISWX4SbmrR_ftY/fy-lm-h-y.html

    42. sean carroll

      Nice Jazz!!! Go back to the junkyard and get a K24A2, 600HP no waiting!!!

    43. Richard Bostick

      There is a kid in my town with a turbo K24 honda fit. Its super fast

      1. Richard Bostick

        Nice. Looks like a bad ass car. And I really like the Cr z they look so much like the Crx and those are some of my favorite cars before I got into mustangs

      2. A.Q Performance

        Me too.K24a2Turbo. Gt3076 😁 Its an ego killer.i also swapped my CR-z to k24.its GtX 3582. 511 hp 400 Tq irvision.info/tree/hFmAqSWj_RGA1MRDH_ZJFQ

    44. Rizuan Jeffri_

      Totally same as my wife’s car, blue colour fully JDM parts. Maybe soon i will turbo her car 😝

    45. Benny T

      This was really interesting and different car from the usual drag/track racing cars. Really liked it and was unique and great looking car.

    46. AKASPEEDY cubley

      Epic little jazz 🤘

    47. Andrew Willis

      Very interesting build!

    48. Sean Stubbs

      rolls out with double the output it come in with customer goals 👌

    49. Medz Garage

      Kyle should buy a fit an kswap it

    50. thomas hixson

      I wonder if the newer L15 internals could work isn't the fit a 1.5 that would be cool to find out

    51. Parabolic Labs / Joy Tec

      And I thought my JDM Swapped 2011 Civic Sedan was cool. This thing fucks.

    52. Denny

      This car need an engine swap k20 or b20 forget boost at 200hp waste of time.

    53. Daniel Sumner

      I think you guys at PFI should build a jazz, maybe squeeze a b18 into it 😂😂

    54. Pitmaster4Lyfe

      Love the Bov! Sounds effin RAD!👍🏼💯

    55. Cristobal Arredondo

      Wut motors do these come with wuts the size

    56. Rude Dogg

      to the owner of the fit: check out renault twingo ragtop, you have them powered and here in europa we put them in everything. in v-dubs, opels and hondas too. and they look sweet (on the inside too) really like the blue

    57. Debra Wilson

      Wonderful! 💝😋

    58. Erwin Knapen

      Thats some Nice sounding blow off valve 👍🏼

    59. joshs199

      That was a really cool little car. I love the JDM details. It would be fun to daily.😁👍

    60. Sir Forsa

      Fun fact: when Honda launched the Fit, it was called the "Fitta". However, in swedish that literally means "c*nt" or "p*ssy"so it got changed pretty quick. It's a big company, and they could've done a google search before launching, just saying. =)

    61. james dalton

      I wish you'd FIT the TV back on the wall 😂

    62. Andrew Stoffel

      Nice to see a car put together and finished instead of the usual finger tight specials😂

      1. Sideways G

        No kidding, haha. I'm trying to have my car ready to take to them by this summer and am doing whatever I can to keep it from being another basket case, in case it ends up on the channel!

    63. MArcin91

      Distance between turbo and master cylinder scares me. 😨 5:06

    64. Rodney J.

      Man, I wonder how much it would made if there's a forged internals made for that car... Might be 300hp-400hp with full racecar setup & turbos...



    65. Doomed To destroy

      This Is The Way.

    66. everyday fishing

      Yeah love this car...used to own one back in 04 when its first launch in my country....very fun car ..and now with 3rd gen of this model..people here start to mod them seriously...

    67. 94XJ

      That blue color is pretty crazy. From some angles it almost looks like the front clip doesn't match and then other angles kinda looking down, it looks like the car is 2 tone at the body line.

    68. RODZILLA

      He can throw a Fit on the way home. 201hp, got to be some nice power to weight ratio.

    69. Fit4TrackSailem

      next time you come down to socal Brent let me know I would love to see how much power you can make with my setup.

    70. Tim Austin

      We got the same bumper here in Australia

    71. AMLagonda

      Isnt this a Honda Jazz? They were calling it a "Fit" (ok, doing some reading a "fit" is a Japan import and jazz is locally bought)

      1. Hunter Green

        Fit in US. Jazz in Asia.

    72. Brett Caldwell

      That Fit says JDM in the front, party in the back. Just dont kick the Nitrous! Lol


        He said JDM front from the Jazz but there is no such thing. Jazz wasn’t JDM

    73. Shane Armfield

      I want to fit one of those motors in the back of my 72 Honda Z600.

    74. Llama Cebu

      I think the building series really do something for your channel. I'd milk that in titles and show a little then do your dynos.. People like that HGTV bs

    75. Rafael Acosta

      I would love to see one of those with a good turbo k24 and cage doing mid 9's or a low 10. Talk about sleeper 😴😴😴. I also noticed plenty of Room for a helmet 👍🏼

      1. Rafael Acosta

        Pretty sweet I would definitely drive around in that hurting feelings to those who judge a book by its cover. 👍🏼

      2. A.Q Performance

        I already have swapped mine kk24 and now Gt3076.side winder manifold.was pain to fit all that in JDM Fit which has shortest nose.but its hell of a sleeper now.i soon will make a derailed video series how to do swap and that turbo,wiring etc.check it out here.you will love.i own a CR-Z too.also k24a2 at GTX 3582. 511 hp and 400 Tq irvision.info/tree/hFmAqSWj_RGA1MRDH_ZJFQ

    76. Steven Glover

      how bad is covid in Colorado

    77. Richie's Life

      brent you should rename the bully to cyiber bully 2021

    78. MisterRyan

      Really cool car. A stock Honda Fit weighs 2568lb. this one probably weighs about 100 more than that with the turbo and intercooler piping. 200 hp is a lot for such a little car.

    79. Smooth_Ops

      Damn.. Brent's really "jazzed" up.

    80. Nacho Slave

      Speaking of fit, has Jamie slimmed down a bit?

    81. Op1 zilla

      Nice Tune there brother, bless ☝

    82. D. T.

      5:43 Pun Intended. Lol

    83. Mr Ahhsum

      This little car is Ahhsum. Well done!! Great video too!

    84. Teg Gisser

      Totttotoooo tooootttooooitooo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    85. Samuel Allott

      So I'm going to do this to my 09 Fit!! You can always build mine for me and get some epic content. Course I'd keep her when you finished lmao! Dreams are the best and so are you guys!!

    86. Hector Reyes

      Air ride on the Honda... what a Dream

    87. Blaine Reeve

      It's a looker for a Fit, love the rag top. NIcely done little toy with really good details on the interior and exterior.

    88. Joel P

      You needed to say, I’m going to have a FIT if we don’t hit 200! 😝😬

    89. Anthony Estevez

      Very cool ride! Fun stuff.

    90. Tommy G

      The fit is go. I think that's what the commercial used to say.

    91. Dekari Ancrum

      Miss the sho noff content

    92. oldfart43311

      Beautiful color and build. 200 hp. That will be zippy!! Great job PFI and congrats to the family and Happy Birthday to the Dad!!!

    93. Kenny Kayoss

      Nice colour on this Honda Jazz

    94. Mike Horb

      I have a GE8 Fit, Takeda intake and Yonaka exhaust, and soon I’ll finally have enough money to turn it from my daily into an auto cross car. Question is, K swap or Turbo kit?

      1. A.Q Performance

        Do both.i went with turbo.blown the motor.building them is too exoensive.if you are power hungry like me,i went with k24a2 and now alao turboed it.right now on low boost making near 320 whp.will upgrade the pump and 1 bar.near 400 wheel. irvision.info/tree/hFmAqSWj_RGA1MRDH_ZJFQ Mine was alao JDM.it has shortest nose.USDM Fit have longer engine compartment to meat the safety rules but JDM are mean machine.light and short.check mine out. irvision.info/tree/hFmAqSWj_RGA1MRDH_ZJFQ I am.planning on maki g a detailed vidoe series anout how to do k swap and turbo with all the wiring etc etc.stay tuned for that

    95. CMTech

      Mugen MF10 would Fit this just fine

    96. Joseph Bright

      I truly cant wait to have the privilege of you guys helping me with my build...keep up the great work..peace

    97. Michael Reszneki Trolling4Truth

      That's how I would strap down tires when towing on a flatbed

    98. Mitchell Pierce

      That fit rod is super small. Uses smaller rods bolts then your conventional rod

    99. Lee Ward

      Need to clean the laptop screen

    100. Dave Roy

      Bisi did a build on the crz same l15a1 engine 500hp