New Turbo on the NSX! Let’s test it!

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    In this episode we get the NSX back on the dyno with a new Turbo. When we had it on the dyno the last time we didn't get the results we were looking for with the turbo we were testing so we got a Pulsar gtx35/84rs and decided we would try it out. I have to say so far I'm impressed. It Spools Supr fast and made just a rad powerband! This car is shaping up to be one wicked ride, Join us now and lets go!
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    1. A & A Boosted Performance

      Wow I have so much content to watch brent lol ... the nsx is ripping bro ..

    2. pFbSpecV

      Finally content on the nsx!! Cant wait to see it fly down the track!

    3. AzyPebble

      holy honda heaven

    4. Carlos Ramirez

      I wish you guys can tune my type s :( too bad y’all are too far

    5. TokenTombstone

      Dang how did I miss this video? Nice car!

    6. Andys709

      Love that car .

    7. Derek g

      Nsx so lucky I wish I had that car you should race it get the power higher face that thing rear engine rear wheel drive Honda sounds like a dream come.true

    8. Norm

      Jaime gets a stiffy from this king of ricers....

    9. Swift_

      Super nasty🤘🏻🤘🏻 .. gotta get a new air filter on that bad bish, it’s so dusty it’s pulling in on itself trying to get the air it needs. But still so sick🏎🙌🏻

    10. Akon Masillam

      Yoooo help a brother out what kind of turbo do you guys use on that nsx I wanna know the brand and the model I'm just a beginner car enthusiast so I don't really know I just wanna reach between 300 - 500 hp so if you guys can help me I'll appreciate this knowledge

    11. Cory Curtis

      Brent's hair grows faster then anyone I've ever seen

    12. Colin Clarke

      you should roll race it brent! so sick

    13. Saab_lyfe190

      I would love for you guys to K-Swap my 2009 Saab 9-3.... Would be some epic reactions for sure.

    14. Technician Unlimited

      Really enjoyed this one cool to see the NSX again

    15. Jacob Toy

      Shane dont you know not to close a knife you didnt open haha

    16. michael bradford

      Is it a good thing or bad when you see it smoking at the end of the pull

      1. Jason S

        Its a race car thing.

    17. Samantha Broome

      I never emagined it would make that much power crazy let's go!!!!

    18. Hector Reyes


    19. Turbo World

      Max Booty Trap!!

    20. Jack Mihof

      And the s2k in the background 🤙🤙🤙 bro you’ve worked hard and have a couple of the baddest rides a Honda fan can buy. What a fucking g

    21. Jack Mihof

      My favorite car in the world. Very cool that you own one. I feel like that’s probably the luckiest nsx in the world being owned by Brent. Very cool brotha

    22. Matthew Moore

      CRAZY to see KS tuned. They are outta my home town here in Washington state..

    23. Johnathan Romano

      What RPM does it see full boost?

    24. VanPelt408

      I never hear you talk about air/fuel ratio when tuning. I assume you look at that, but I never see/hear it.

    25. Diggs72

      Does Tom have a job?...

    26. MrReversao

      I'd like to see the nsx doing the rocky mountain race week! That would be cool!

    27. Timothy Muncy

      Your NSX needs the V8 K series that neutronengines is designing and building in it one day.

    28. Jonas Pareja

      When are you going to K swap this thing?? 1000 HP 🔥🔥🔥

    29. Ken Willis

      Right before they discovered the broken vband on the last rip prior you could see the flames under the car where it was leaking!

    30. BeamRider100

      You should do a track day with the NSX when you're happy with the tune.

    31. Noor Mohammed

      C30 or c32?

    32. David Skwara

      This is my favorite car Brent owns

    33. Steven Plaskett

      I love the cars that fight u on the dyno and we learn from you guys where to start looking for what is wrong

    34. Mason Matthews

      I’m a muscle car guy but I will own one of these one day. You guys are cool as it gets btw

    35. hector vazquez

      Y’all guys are the best keep up the good work 💯🔥👍🙏

    36. Charles Mooney

      Great job guys

    37. MickleMackleMor

      "i got it", "yea but you film wrong" *CUE OLD DAD VIDEO* me: He wasnt wrong tho

    38. JayJay Stolte

      Watching these vids makes me jones for my 96 Integra back

    39. Eric Sanchez

      the best part of the day is the pfispeed!

    40. tyler238

      Good to see the nsx get some love.. those cars are underrated

    41. Reality Cognizant

      Have you ever seen gone in 60seconds? Well, your cars on my list 😂

    42. paul ezay

      Ay tom love to see him in the vlogs

    43. Dylan Rio

      What abt the s2k rehab build!?

    44. YRGshotta#616#313#SSBX

      Congrats on 300k

    45. Klip One

      Dude I really enjoyd this video, looking forward to the cruise. I had no idea this thing was making over 700. I thought it was like 400ish.

    46. viking king

      Aaron lewis in the house!!!!!!!!!!

    47. jesus saves cars s

      This has to be the highest hp nsx no one ever does anything to these lol let’s see 1000hp

    48. RAWR Motorsports

      Still my favorite channel on IRvision 🤘 where that bully at ?!

    49. BSpeakman80

      Always need to set your target booty. :)

    50. Justin Yates

      10 years ago in an auto trader magazine I saw a white NSX for sale for $4k, unfortunately I was working a crap job and commuting back and forth to school. I'll probably never run across another deal like that again 😞

    51. COVolcom

      Love the Donate Life plates!!! I'm a living kidney donor and am a huge supporter of Donate Life! Love the NSX too

    52. SFF RACING

      damn i love this car

    53. Mika Allard

      All of Brent's cars love to bully him. Lol

    54. dipwad

      If you guys did a compilation each year of wildest dyno runs, it'd get a ton of views.

    55. GARAGE IdiotS

      That 713hp pully was so smooooth and the BANG pop POW

    56. GARAGE IdiotS

      Get it boys! This was wonderful!

    57. David Rohrer

      Yooo, let Tom know our shower door turned out fantastic! Also, that I made a few little changes on the 911 turbo and lost his number, I owe him a ride! DR -Tennessee.

    58. ssportugal

      Next is a fueltech ecu 👌

    59. Kyle Fry

      That NSX needs coilovers HARDCORE

    60. Bacsey Kerm

      Finally some NSX Content

    61. MikeOrkid

      Those AEM ecu's are pretty good computers. I ran an AEM EMS back in 2003 and made a healthy 727hp with 31psi on a fully built TSI Talon.

    62. Alex Goodchild

      Brent please treat yourself to some track time in this You know you wanna And it would make an awesome video

    63. Alex Goodchild

      Yeeeeeah yes yes yes! Nsx time Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa

    64. Garrett Hilton

      Map sensor?

    65. minor0confusion

      the intro is PERFECT dude :D leave it like that

    66. Taz’s Taxi

      Love those cars Brent I use to love watching them take on Ferrari and win most of the time gl getting it to where it’s ment to be

    67. Nate Hamilton

      I know I say this all the time. But I love how you guys all come together to figure out ANY problems that's so awesome. You guys inspire me and the kids all the time. Shoot you guys inspire AMERICA!!! Let's go

    68. Miguel Sanchez

      I wonder that drive by wire throttle body is maybe not holding the wot position with all that air rushing in and sounding worn out but what do I know 🤷🏽‍♂️

    69. BryDuhBikeGuy

      It took 16 mins before I realized that Sho-Nuff was in the garage.I was so intent on the NSX.725HP is pretty sweet for street.

    70. hmong337

      Yea, I'm on an aem v1 too! Og!

    71. Greg greg

      What happened to the intro??

    72. J. Harker83

      Did we ever get the back story on this car?

    73. Caleb Dougherty

      “You film the wrong way” Cuts to clip of video sideways Yep, that’s the wrong way😂 Jamie already knew😂😂

    74. joshs199

      Understatement of the year Brent. "I think a NSX with 800 hp would be fun". Yeah it would be.!. Your damn straight. That's nothing less than my dream come true. 🤘👍

    75. Dan H

      1/2 mile??? A custom PFI wrap would look so good on that gem!

    76. BVMotorSports

      FD and NSX are the the most sexy cars Japan ever produced.

    77. Gillster X

      Uhg, this video hit the spot. All those times seeing the NSX sitting in the background lookin’ purty.

    78. Ekant

      U need k the nsx 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    79. _johnpm

      Max booty hahah

    80. Beau Mancini

      Guys. That's the Turbo all in on this vehicle with whatever leaks/efficiency you've got. Power plateaus and then after leak abatement it's the same curve just an order higher. It's a little scary after thousands not dynos you're not seeing this.

    81. Kyle Brace

      We need a video on all the cars you own Bret and the gang

    82. P Kuudsk

      Come on guys ,, the boss asked you to go over his car and you didn't throw a smoke machine on it . SAD. Are the tie rods about to fall off too?

    83. The 5.0 Baker

      I still want to work for you...keep my info if you're ever hiring..I'll pack my stuff and head on down

    84. Shane Church

      I need to understand the 700+hp w/only 140ish ft/# torque

    85. Justin Litz

      I'd pick this as is over a 1000hp c7

    86. Corey Cleary

      Goofy rematch needs to happen again

    87. 240sxRule

      Wait what! You have an Nsx. Man, build the fuck out of that thing. You would get so many views with a sick mint Nsx.

    88. BighomieJ5x -

      Turbo NSX is one of my wildest dreams 😁😁

    89. Timothy Wright

      867 would be a good number.....👍🏻

    90. Maxwell Clark

      Such a cool car look forward to seeing it more on the channel 800hp NSX daily would be a bad ass ride for sure good 😌 luck with your power goals and keep up the good content

    91. STA

      Sick torque numbers

    92. Goodballa

      You remind me of my friend who lost a bunch of chromosomes on a bet in Vegas. Love you brother, hope things work out for you in the end.

    93. Benny T

      Cool looking car

    94. Genaro Colunga

      Rad to the bone amigos !!!!!!

    95. mookie wilson

      hey I will pay money to see somebody wash the windows inside and out of the nsx with like spray way by jet way or similar. 🙏🏻

    96. Chris Golding

      That flame and pop when you let out is beautifully crafted. Very nice Brent. What a Beauty!

    97. mookie wilson

      that was fantastic. would imagine Tiff gonna thumbs up dis too.

    98. Buliwyf

      Gawd I Luv that car!

    99. JAG JAG

      Did you film the wrong way 🤣🤣🤣

    100. Nick Schoenborn

      I really like the channel and these guys are great but does anyone else think their dyno reads REALLY high?