PFI speed is performance shop owned by Brent Leivestad located in Frederick Colorado, just 25 min. north of the Denver metro area.
We specialize in Import modification, but have many domestic and Euro cars under our belt.

Brent is a former NHRA Pro driver from the import circuit. He comes equipped with a catalog of knowledge and a willingness to help. We don't have customers, we have family. PFISpeedTube is your place to learn, ask question, and join in the everyday fun. We are a shop about positivity and possibility.
Your not going to find us following the herd, we innovate, and we let people know how we do it. If you want to go fast, or make your ride unique, we can help. Thanks for coming along with us, welcome to the family.

Faces on the channel include:
and the Boosted Boiz

Visit us at WWW.PFISpeed.Com for parts and merch. We have you covered from injectors to hoodies and hats.

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  1. chad rathbone

    Hope yall enjoyed Virginia. That's some of our best scenery. Come back in the fall for the leaf change.

  2. Redman147

    Putting on my beanie, chillin while eating some breakfast tacos with chic-fi-la sauce cause I'm like that, getting my daily dose of PFI speed with Brent and the crew. YEET continuing to love the videos and I'm stoked to be here watching ya'll work.

  3. J T

    Not just tune you teach them so they might become the future tuners.

  4. Derek Rogers

    PFI Speed~will tune for food 🤘🤘🤘

  5. Daniel Higley

    This is awesome! Way to go guys. Spreading knowledge and helping those guys out. How did you like my part of the country? I only live 30 minute from where you were.

  6. James Sims


  7. Ross Hamilton

    Ah man I wish I had known you were here!

  8. That Auto Garage

    That’s so heart warming, you’re the man Brent!

  9. GordoWG1 WG1

    As an old-school carbie guy, checking the vehicle was actually getting full throttle is one of the first checks I made - had some with a 1/2", or more, slack which made my tuning efforts even more noticable to the customer when it was taken out 😉

  10. Thorn Matthew

    So amazing to witness the enthusiasm in this group of young men. Great job sharing the knowledge and fostering the next generation of gear heads. ⚙️

  11. Jared Spear

    Awesome job Brent and Jamie! Teaching the next generation is always a blast and a great public service. These young men will never forget the experience they had building this car and then tuning with PFI!!

  12. Brayden

    Wow that made a lot or torque!! I wish the PFI dyno would read torque properly

  13. Joshua Knowles

    Welcome to VA Brother!!!!

  14. Redman147

    Brent's laugh is contagious. I'd love to see more videos like this. Spreading knowledge and seeing young minds meld into one to accomplish a single goal for their school and themselves.

  15. Redman147

    VA Tech on point with getting parts they need. Almost like Brent's back in his own shop. So smooth with all the work. Boys on point. Hope they do well in their race.

  16. 402CarKid

    What a dream for them. I wish I had that opportunity shit. Lol

  17. Fight Till Death

    Great job VT gentlemen! All the luck to ya!!!!

  18. Zach Ballzach

    Awesome video guys! Y'all are awesome...

  19. Scott Zaracki

    Come back to Virginia, I live in Roanoke Virginia and need your help

  20. RatRaceProducing

    When Brent saw the buffet...... He was rippin faster than he's ripped before 😂

  21. Jamie Quesenberry

    I lived about 10 minutes from there about 30 years ago and now I’m in Delaware

  22. GoldFish Ninja

    Everyone in a circle whispering quiet and awkward. Lmao

  23. will larson

    Not knocking VT but those boys probably learned more in this dyno session then all the schooling that have been forced to sit through

  24. julien betoux

    You can be so proud guys !! Virginia Tech ! 🤪

  25. Cameron Hicks

    How much does it run you to dyno your car at your shop I’m wanting to do the same with my car

  26. Curtis Farr

    Best of luck boys go getem

  27. yeahitskimmel

    13:10 "You guys got that stuff" Kids quick draw Mcgraw with that bag Already got his hand on it in his pocket lol

  28. Hank Burton

    Jamie if you keep going you will fade away looking sharp mate keep up the good work mate you’re looking good

  29. jwright650

    Oh man I wish I knew you guys were over here in Virginia....

  30. Rob C

    Your content guys.....Is a must watch thanks...

  31. Roadlizardcu

    Sharing the knowledge, priceless!

  32. chad slagg

    Man I would have brought my car up to have you tune!! next time you are on the east coast hit me up!

  33. Tony Griffiths

    I hope that extra 60WHP you gave them pays off and they get a good result. Always cool to build networks. You could see how pleased they were to get an expert helping them. Brilliant, thanks :)

  34. Ike

    12:03 Mr Beast sitting there with his 1320 video tshirt

  35. Goaty McGoatface

    "You didn't have to do that" "Well you didn't have to do all this" now that kid was raised right

  36. John G

    So cool! Awesome job guys!

  37. Gary the snail

    So sick PFI!!!!

  38. Mark Thomas

    I thought it was a different type of Champ Car.

  39. Rob Gieseke

    True hot rodders always give back, much respect gentleman 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  40. Bran Done

    For da kids

  41. UserCid

    this is absolutely incredible

  42. UserCid

    I don't mean to beat a deat horse but Jaime is looking good

  43. UserCid

    this is *so* awesome

  44. caleb dean

    So awesome! Brent you HAVE to work with the students over at Genius Garage, I think it’d be some collaboration 👍🏻

  45. nissanv8FTW

    I'm 30 min away from Blue Ridge Motorsports and I need a tune in my civic. Build is capable of north of 700. Wish I knew this was happening and we could've spiced up this video

  46. Dustin Waterham

    That thing sounds so good!

  47. Nick Ferraina

    Seeing my bmx buddy red beard there taking photos just made me spit soda. That’s so awesome

  48. bseriesonly

    Jamie at 26:36 🤣 giggles at the stripper glitter

  49. Emil Magday

    Salute pfi.teaching the young generation

  50. matt c

    Really awesome video!! Them young men will never forget that day!!! Best of luck at there race!!

  51. Larry Hall

    I hope they learned something from the pros. BRENT AND JAMIE

  52. Benjamin Sparks

    Brent you and Jamie helping those young men out like that just proves that yall are heros to them! They will remember that for ever! Love the channel and content keep up the great work! I'm here for the algorithm!

  53. Mark Heine II

    Awesome job boys

  54. AJ

    Using TeamViewer to show the tuning was a great idea. Both guys teaching not just tuning 🤘

  55. DJ Crazy Canuck

    That trademark maniacal laugh after Brent surprises them all with a vicious little 2-step.... 🤣 🤣 🤣

  56. jamie clarkin

    well done a day to remember

  57. NomyTehOtter

    Bro y'all were in town and didn't even say hi! I'll catch y'all next time though!


    That’s torque is freakin impressive

  59. Mick Holden

    Jamie you should be a mechanic teacher very good communication

  60. hondatrix

    1600 miles full of smiles....

  61. Dave Froman

    I have to wonder if the Champ car series they are in has restrictions on what kind of fuel they can run? I hope they know that information.

  62. Aaron Coy

    So great to see these young guys getting into cars!!! Like I said on IG. Teach a man to tune and he will race for life. 🙂

  63. james dalton

    brent n jamie out there inspiring another generation of v-tech warriors 👍

  64. Jadajada

    here they are again , PFI is helping people out as always, you guys are awesome.

  65. Hector Villatoro

    You guys are awesome 👏🏼

  66. martin wicksterd

    thats so good of you Brent and Jamie to do that

  67. Terry Pickette

    Nice job Brent and Jamie

  68. Bart Rutledge

    I wonder if these kids realize this will be the best automotive memory of their careers? .. and if it isn’t - then they will be killing it. I’m rootin for em. We need more mechanics and automotive professionals.

  69. huidc2

    Love the video and so awesome to help out the kids. I'm just confused as to why it didn't make more power?

    1. PFI Speed

      Very small turbo

  70. justin d

    thats my hometown its great to see yall made it out here and had fun with the guys at virginia tech

  71. Gw Builder

    Awesome build!👍Good luck on Saturday!!🏁🏁🏁

  72. gullreefclub

    Way cool for you guys to fly to Virgina and tune these Hoki’s Champ endurance racing series Hotrod as well as a big shout out to Blue Ridge Motorsportz of Salem, Virginia for opening up their doors and Dyno to you all. Let’s Go! Hoki Hoki Hoki Hi

  73. Steve Beavers

    Does my heart good to see a bunch of young guys follow their passion.

  74. Blair Read

    Yes very cool...Legends..provideing time to The Future Tuners..🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙👌👌👌💯

  75. Diabolico_ 123

    Genuinely great content. I hope they win there race

  76. Jameson Hardcastle

    I must be a honda boy if I hear a b-series scream and I get disappointed when VTech never cracks... 😞

  77. Danger Dave

    Let's Goooooo Virginia Tech! Brent and Jamie spreading the knowledge and good vibes... : )

  78. Terry Pickette


  79. Jaime Noriega El Cano

    Great work guys, those kids surely looking up to your guys. Keep it up

  80. Steven Glover

    any updates on your nsx