PFI speed is performance shop owned by Brent Leivestad located in Frederick Colorado, just 25 min. north of the Denver metro area.
We specialize in Import modification, but have many domestic and Euro cars under our belt.

Brent is a former NHRA Pro driver from the import circuit. He comes equipped with a catalog of knowledge and a willingness to help. We don't have customers, we have family. PFISpeedTube is your place to learn, ask question, and join in the everyday fun. We are a shop about positivity and possibility.
Your not going to find us following the herd, we innovate, and we let people know how we do it. If you want to go fast, or make your ride unique, we can help. Thanks for coming along with us, welcome to the family.

Faces on the channel include:
and the Boosted Boiz

Visit us at WWW.PFISpeed.Com for parts and merch. We have you covered from injectors to hoodies and hats.

For quotes email [email protected]

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  1. Noel Sooley

    3 day’s since the last video I’m going through withdrawals 😳

  2. T1bud 42 Awesome shout out to Brent! @ 22:13

  3. Fredrik Johnsson

    Holly hell dat where a hug fire from the engine haha😂😛

  4. Dr. Mantis Toboggan

    Nice car but why j series for time attack? Seems like B or K would keep car better balanced weight wise.


    Love the videos. Building my 1998 Honda prelude h22 turbo now after the car been in storage for 16 years. Yuuup 16 years! May need to reach out for some advice!

  6. TheVilgy1

    Do you use headphones to listen to engine nose etc.. ?

  7. Jevan HoffMan

    What is the smallest t3

  8. Jevan HoffMan

    Maybe I just need to phong my head

  9. Jevan HoffMan

    And is there a set of stock springs I can pull out of something to give my 12 valve d15 more rev

  10. Jevan HoffMan

    I would like to add 120 horsepower to my d15a3 but I want to keep it quiet I like to drive on the back roads of 109 of the coast and I started doing that in my 2001 d17 a2 Civic with the MagnaFlow exhaust and they changed the speed limit speed limit was 55 and you couldn't go 55 unless you had a car that could hug the road now they dropped it to 45 but I don't

    1. Jevan HoffMan

      Anybody to hear me going by how can I make my car quieter but I want it to flow can I do like a 2.5 in to the muffler 4 in out or something to quiet it down add more resonators but I still want more power when I added ECU and tune it

  11. Jim Hiscott

    Not sure what look he's going for but Shawn needs to pull his damn pants up and use his belt properly. Its a bit concerning.

  12. Drd

    "That Goofy kid deserves it" - Hell Yes!

  13. Denis Teets

    Tom needs some pfi socks with thats awesome and lets get rad on them lol..

  14. d c

    hell yeah bro

  15. Drd

    We wanna see more of Sam's Civic! And can't wait to see more of Tom's hot rod performing. I'm a guy from the UK, and wish we had the scene other here, but with the current sit we gotta get through what we gotta get through. Love to see the Phong and Tom polishing Todd's car in background, full of good vibes. Best of wishes guys. Seriously, thanks for keeping me going.

  16. Alex p

    Anyone else watching this is 2021 realising much the PFI family & channel has grown! The guys as honest as ever, still loving & living life to the full to this day! Cant wait to see what the future holds for you all.. you deserve evey bit a greatness coming 🙌🏼

  17. R J

    ok now you gotta tell me what brand eBay turbo is this? lol

  18. Pedro

    Can you imagine where the car culture would be today if the internet and IRvision were around at the beginning in the 50's, 60's? Holy shit! We'd of had Smokey Yunick running for president in1968 and beating Nixon!

  19. Pedro

    "No commercials! No bullshit! No editing!" Brent, gotta love the dudes enthusiasm! #PFI

  20. Barry Thacker

    When your boss jumps your arse with a smile and story. You are at a good place.

  21. Nathan Woods

    That car looks completely ridiculous...I love it.

  22. SickVick

    Now this is awesome 🤙🏼


    Let's go!!!! Get some ...

  24. Slingingears Burningrubber

    You guys should really start a weekly live stream every Tuesday from 4-5pm or 5-6pm and call it “Tune Time With PFI”.

  25. pFbSpecV

    It's pretty awesome to see the owner of the prelude so happy about it!

  26. Goodballa

    2jz is one to many according to Beyonce.

  27. Jentonio Ramberg

    We should all give a big thanks to Josh for forcing these guys to start this channel. Without Josh we wouldn't have our daily dose of PFI. THANKS JOSH!!!

  28. Elias Melendez

    I would love to see Brent build a k24 running on nitromethane + splash some Hydrazine in there lol Brent if you need some I have afew bottles at my house!

  29. John Cruz

    I love you guys

  30. Doug Tond

    I can't help but think of this when you talk about your new shirt design 🤣

  31. Mike crystal robert

    That’s a spicy meataaa ball

  32. Jared THISDELLE

    Too rad 😎

  33. Gas Par

    @PFI Brent. You went M.I.A. 2 days no video. I’m going three withdrawals!!! I need to see the Bully Running again. Please!!

  34. jason massingale

    what can you do with a 2011 hunday?

  35. Alex Brooks

    #PFI 🔥 💪🏽 you guys should be the first one to come up with more j series support

  36. Mohammed Khan


  37. Jade Morris

    I feel like Shawn could weld the world back together. Good work Shawn you do some killer stuff brother

  38. James Witt

    With peace and love, where did Samantha pick up that accent lol?? I live in Broomfield, CO but grew up in east TN and my, "y'all", doesn't have that much twang lol.

  39. Sam

    Always sick to see brent getting amped Live format turned out killer 👍👍

  40. James Witt

    has Phong considered a single air intake ran to and through the front bumper?

  41. James Witt

    Best believe Kyles coming up in May. ( for my YMH fans )

  42. AjR

    as someone else edited this video ? felt choppy

  43. michael Clouse

    i kinda want brent to tune my eclipse but it has dsm link

  44. Daniel Reed

    I have 2001 prelude I want to redo the head and replace the Val es on a vtech 2.2 black top do I want dome pistons or Plat ones

  45. Joe Anderson

    You guys need a Discord server to get all these great people connected and sharing things with each other

  46. RahmannNoodles

    Sad I missed the live stream but glad I got to still watch it! There needs to be an update walkthrough video or series of personal cars from everyone at PFI cause I totally forgot about Todd’s car! Keep up the rad content!

  47. FourLeafClover

    Anyone in virginia that can tune like Brent? I need my 1G dsm tuned.

  48. FourLeafClover

    That's awesome. He's 17 and doing it.

  49. Penny Copperhatch

    Did RicerMiata Roknuckle build this RSX??.....Some ghetto build stuff going on....LoL

  50. Liten Fara

    Du U run the car in reverse gear on the dyno? I see U fixed it to the head.

  51. S N

    Damnnn Goofy sounding like a straight up Honda pro already! Good lad.

  52. Brandon Carter

    idc what kind of car it is everyone loves power

  53. jean luc Dubinator

    Id like see someone build a mid engined V6 civic.

  54. Tyler Jones

    Grinding everyday and still pumping out the vids! Everyone loves the PFI family!! Going to order a new shirt right now!

  55. Alex Goodchild

    Damn wish I’d known this was happening Would have been there for sure

  56. 504 Owner official

    good work

  57. Robert Holland

    You thought about doing the air to water on the Bully?

  58. Ben Packer

    That drone shot while on the dyno is killer!

  59. Doug Tond

    I really want to see an AWD early 90s Accord rally build. And I really want to see a late 90s Accord RWD prerunner build 🙅 And I want to see what's up with the Bug! I apologize; I haven't been able to watch the channel regularly so I haven't been able to keep up with the Bug progress. Do you think you guys could collab with Wilkey to do some gnarly Bug stuff together?????? I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS! 🧡 Thank you for all that you do!

  60. Eduard Ivan

    I feel the stress Brent, youre radiating it. Everything's gonna be rad dude, you got it

  61. Samimightbe -

    Random but you need to hook up neutron engines k48 project

  62. Saulo Ramos

    Couldn’t watch it live, but of course I’m watching it till the last second. Hope meeting you guys some day. Representing PR🇵🇷 from Topeka KS

  63. shaggy Daz Ashby

    Some cool aggressive motors their boys😎 the workshop is looking like a new shop🥳 love watching keep it coming boys wow lets go 😁👍🇬🇧

  64. Hank Hill

    Sam is fucking gorgeous sheesh

  65. Aaron Linder

    There are some simulators for drone flying where Gordo could get some practice without worrying about destroying the copter. Might be worth a try. Keep killing it all of you guys!

  66. Corey Sleap

    What’s the redline on the j?

  67. john doe

    hey brent dont know if you heard. there is a guy smashing 2 k24's together on a cnc. @

  68. Corey Sleap

    Goofy with the knowledge.

  69. ReadySetGo

    hey guys james from ReadySetGo from ohio . i heard you say something about a 3000gt vr4 , well i have a few of them . i would like to come see u guys it to you guys so u can ckeck it out .

  70. Harold Hoyt

    Brent you the man

  71. xxrider69 This would be a great project for one of your hot rods

  72. Devon Rudaitis

    Awesome video guys....

  73. Fabian Teka

    Why is my name in the seats tho😂👌

  74. Branden Childers

    Sorry pfi speed and everybody that the stupid weather ruined the cleetus and cars here in Texas this month. Our state just ain't used to y'all's weather lol😂. We're in the process of having to have our entire house re plumed inside and under🤦. won't have water for two weeks🤮. But hopefully the delay gives everyone a chance to catch up on a few things they thought they wouldn't get to bring out. Y'all are killing it as usual! My favorite channel and best group of guys ❤️🤘

  75. PHKJohnny Walker

    The #5 in Thai is "Ha" so we write 555 for Hahaha.. 😂 another quality vid boys...

  76. MR.WOLF's

    Tom is suuper baked!

  77. WXOOXDS09

    Put them pro fronts on the damn rings lettem eat

  78. WXOOXDS09

    I smell a little pro front grudge race coming at cleetus and cars lol